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More About Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is the country in the middle between Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It borders Russia, Iran, Turkey, Georgia, and Armenia.

The good news is that Azerbaijan has the coastal line of the Caspian Sea, allowing its tourists to enjoy luxurious beach resorts. So gorgeous Azerbaijan brides will be waiting for you at the beach.

But what’s the best time to visit Azerbaijan? You can start your journey in May and stay in the country until late September. The temperatures will be comfortable – about 25-30°C.

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Visa Policy of Azerbaijan

Visiting Azerbaijan requires an ASAN visa. You have to apply either electronically or receive the visa on departure. Note that you can stay in the country for 30 days only, which is insufficient to find a wife.

The good news is that the visa is valid for 90 days. So you can visit the country twice without any extra paperwork.

Is Dating Azerbaijan Girl Safe?

In 2020, Azerbaijan and Armenia initiated an armed conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, right in the middle of the southern border between the two states. So you would want to avoid this region due to increased danger. After all, these lands were flooded with firearms. So it’s better to search for an Azerbaijan bride from Baku primarily.

Other than that, Azerbaijan is a relatively safe destination. In general, it’s more peaceful than the United States, according to the latest global safety reports.

How Much Does Dating Azerbaijan Brides Cost?

Azerbaijan is an affordable destination, and the cost of living there is almost 60% lower compared to the United States. Yet, traveling, and most importantly, dating Asian brides will require around $160 per day for a couple.

As for mail order brides, you may spend around $100 per month on online dating (including some digital gifts, international calls, delivery services, etc.)

Top Three Reasons Why Foreigners Choose Azerbaijani Women

There are a few things that make Azerbaijani women stand out from all other women in the world.

They are fantastically beautiful

The first and foremost thing that makes foreign men want Azerbaijani brides is their appearance. Women from Azerbaijan have tiny foot and hands and slim body shapes. Their hair is mostly black and glossy, although some women have brown or even blonde-dyed hair. Their eyes are either hazel or dark brown. Azerbaijani brides come in different heights and weight, but usually, they are subtle and not very tall.

They love to emphasize their beauty with bright colored clothes and fancy jewelry. Although Azerbaijani women are not into fashion trends, they know still look stunning in their outfits. Their love for doing hair and applying different kinds of makeup contributes to their impressive everyday looks. Does it all sound like a woman of your dreams? Do not hesitate to start dating Azerbaijani mail order brides then.

azerbaijan brides

They value family above all

One of the most important things in life of any Azerbaijani woman is her family. Local ladies appreciate the family that they were born in and cherish one they create with their husbands. The respect they express to their parents is seen in the way the talk and obey the parents until they get married. Once a daughter has left the house of her parents, she starts to build a family with her husband. Now, the husband is the major person in her life. An Azerbaijan mail order bride does her best to create a relationship of mutual understanding and support in her family and raise kids accordingly to these principles. A husband is her support while kids and grandchildren are the continuation of their lives. In the end, the whole life of the Azerbaijani woman is dedicated to her offsprings.

They obey their men

As we already noticed above, a man becomes the main person for Azerbaijani bride after marriage. She supports every decision that he makes, accompanies him in his business trips if needed, and rarely expresses her disagreement with him. You can hardly ever find a more obedient candidate for marriage than an Azerbaijani woman. Ladies from this country never fight in public or demonstrate disrespect to their men. They also never discuss their family issues with other people. Gossiping and spreading rumors is not a hobby of Azerbaijani mail order brides so if you want a wife who can keep things private, marrying a girl from Azerbaijan will be the best decision for you.

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The Features of Azerbaijani Brides

They are kind

Azerbaijani girls are kind and helpful to other people. They will never leave a child or an older person without their attention if they have got lost or are in trouble. They are also very caring to tourists who come to their country and need help. Consequently, you can turn to an Azerbaijani woman with any question on the street and start your acquaintance this way. Be sure to thank her and ask for her phone number after the small talk but do not insist on a date immediately.

They are modest

Azerbaijani women are not arrogant when it comes to their personalities. Although they are aware of their beauty, they never use it as a way of breaking men’s hearts. They are not gold-diggers either so you should not be afraid that they will rip you off if you start dating. The culture of Azerbaijan presupposes women to be humble and polite towards others.

azerbaijan brides

They are friendly

You will hardly ever notice Azerbaijani brides in a pessimistic mood. They are always smiling, fun, and calm. Even if they have any problems, they will not demonstrate it to other people. Only their closest friends and relatives know what is going on in their lives so if you are just colleagues or acquaintances, you will not notice her low mood.

They are not hard to get

Azerbaijani women do not demand much from men and do not need to be conquered. Instead, they take into account parents’ opinions about their boyfriends, so if you want her to love you, be sure to persuade her family that you are a perfect fit for their daughter. To do that, get to know her relatives soon after you start dating and keep in touch with them.

Places To Meet Azerbaijani Women

There are a few places where you can meet an Azerbaijani mail order bride today. It can even happen on the street if you live in Baku or other cities of Azerbaijan. Yet, if you live far from this magnificent country, the most convenient option for you will be online dating. Such communication platforms allow you to contact the girl of your dreams through chat, video, or voice calls. Also, you can send flowers or virtual gifts to your Azerbaijan bride if you want to express your feelings to her more openly. The pros of this dating method include not only multiple means of communication but also reasonable prices, the ability to stay home while meeting new girls, and the chance of communicating with a few of them without being caught.

A Few Words About The Reliability of Azerbaijani Dating Websites

If you have finally made up your mind to start dating an Azerbaijan girl for marriage online, you need to know how to differentiate trustworthy dating websites from the scamming ones. To do that, please take the following steps before registering and upgrading your account to any prepaid membership plans:

  1. Customer Support. It should be available 24/7 every day so that you could report any problems and have them resolved quickly. If you cannot find any information regarding the working hours of the Customer Support, do not trust such a website;
  2. Reviews. Those you can find on the dating site are not always authentic, so feel free to use websites like TrustPilot to collect as many reviews as you can. Pay special attention to the recent testimonials. Thus, you will know how the website is doing business at the moment;
  3. Quality of profiles. On some websites, you can check it yourself after registration: if you see any empty profiles or receive a lot of similar messages from a few accounts, be sure that they are fake. You will not find your Azerbaijani mail order bride here. If there is no possibility to view profiles of other users until you a prepaid member, browse more website testimonials. Usually, they contain a lot of information about the authenticity of users on a dating site;
  4. Payment methods and prices. Remember two things: online dating is not expensive and paying for it is safe. Therefore, take your time to check the price list on the website. If the prices look too high, cross this website out of your list of dating platforms and move on. Also, if the website does not offer safe payment methods like Skrill, PayPal and so on, it is probably a scam;
  5. Website usability. If the buttons do not work and pages are crashing all the time, the website was not updated for a long time and cannot be considered reliable. Also, if the design of the website reminds you of the Internet of 2007, it is not a good sign as well.

How to Avoid Dating Scams?

Even the safest and the most reliable dating websites might miss some scammers. These girls and guys might set up believable profiles, so check these professional online security tips:

Use Google Reverse Image Search

If you’re not sure whether a girl you chat with is real or her profile looks too beautiful, you can copy some of her pictures, paste them in Google Image Search, and see the results. If Google finds the same image on a different website, the girl is likely a fake.

Suspect Lovely Yes-Women

Annual GDP per capita in Azerbaijan is only about $4,800. It implies that you will have a higher chance of meeting gold diggers. If you believe your potential Azerbaijan girl for marriage agrees on everything and pushes your relationship, she might be one of those dating scammers. On the contrary, a reliable and well-mannered girl won’t declare love to a stranger so quickly.

Don’t Share Sensitive Information

Resist the temptation to share some hot pictures while dating Azerbaijan girl online because you might become a subject to extortion. Also, don’t share any information related to your bank account or other financial details. If you notice that your Azerbaijan mail order bride shows an unusual interest in such information, case communication immediately.

Seducing Azerbaijani Girls: The Most Effective Tips

azerbaijan brides

Please follow the tips below to get the best results of seducing Azerbaijani mail order brides:

  • Do not be pushy. Forcing a relationship will not take you any farther. Instead, she will be scared to communicate with you. Remember, Azerbaijani women are conservative so make her trust you first before insisting on sex;
  • Be attentive. She will appreciate it if you listen to her and pay attention to her tastes and hobbies. Try to remember everything she is saying about her favorite flowers, places, dishes, etc. You will need this information for further seduction;
  • Make your intentions clear. The majority of Azerbaijani brides aim at long-term relationships that end with a marriage. Even if you do not intend to marry soon, make her believe you are serious about her and want to date her longer than a few dates;
  • Tell compliments but not too much. Azerbaijani men know how to make a woman dizzy with their words so you should keep up with them. However, there is no need to sing the praises to her in every message you are typing. Make sure your words are sophisticated and not vulgar so she could remember them;
  • Make gifts. After dating for some time, send her a gift or a bouquet. Do that occasionally to show your feelings and respect and choose them with care. She will be impressed by your attention.


Wrapping up

As you can see, attracting Azerbaijani brides is not a tough task if you know the right approach. In this guide, we collected the most effective tips for you to try so do not hesitate to apply them next time you are dating an Azerbaijani woman.


Do Azerbaijani Brides Want to Meet American Men?

Yes, they do. Azerbaijani women like American men and think that they are more reliable and loyal than their countrymen.

What Is The Level of English Of Azerbaijani Brides?

Unfortunately, not all Azerbaijani brides speak English well but they can keep a simple conversation in English.

Where Can You Meet Azerbaijani Brides?

Online dating websites are the best places to start your search for the Azerbaijani bride.

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