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Why Are Syrian Women In High Demand?

syrian brides

Suppose European and American girls no longer attract you, and you search for exotic and Asian brides. In that case, Syrian women for marriage might well become a focus of your attention. Despite the horrors of war, these beauties are still optimistic, cheerful, and energetic like most girls of the Middle East. You will undoubtedly be shocked by the fact that Syrian girls can be highly teasing, romantic, and seductive. However, it is challenging to be a famous young woman and model in Syria these days since it does not correspond to the traditions of Muslim society.

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The Appearance of These Oriental Ladies

Today, when crowds of refugees are fleeing in the hope of saving themselves and their families because of the war, the credo of Syrian women is to remain beautiful and make people forget about the actual atrocities and shortages. The first thing you may notice when you meet a Syrian girl is the expressive and magnetic gaze of her brown eyes. These girls have beautiful facial traits, captivating eyes, gorgeous lips, and shiny, well-groomed hair.

Dark-haired girls from large cities often dye their hair in blonde color. Many people outside this country think that all Syrian girls are dark-skinned. However, this is not so. They are a bit tanned, but they have fair and light-color skin from birth. The typical Syrian woman has a small stature with a tendency towards corpulence.

These ladies have feminine body shapes, although they typically cover their bodies with clothing. When you meet Syrian women on the city streets, you will see a lot of variety. Some of the women wear burkas hiding absolutely everything except eyes, others walk with an open face, and young girls may not adhere to traditional customs at all and flaunt in jeans and light tops.

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The Harmony of Inner World and Outer Beauty

The inner integrity of Syrian girls becomes evident after you start talking with one of them. Syrian women for marriage know how to combine their inner beauty and outer elegance. Many people who have never encountered Syrian girls may think that Syrian females are closed-minded, sinister, and too serious.

However, Syrian women have big souls and open hearts. Syrians are very lovely, kind, and helpful. They deeply respect men and older people and place their family responsibilities on top. They can also express genuine compassion toward all people who live in their country. They are always ready to come to aid in difficult times.

The Importance of Family for Syrian Girls

Most of the women in this country adhere to Islam, and this makes them all incredibly devoted wives and excellent homemakers. From childhood, all Syrian girls dream of marrying a loved man and becoming mothers. Young Syrian women strive to find their life companions and avoid fleeting acquaintances and romances. When they are still young, Syrian girls prefer to hang out and have fun until they meet a man they will be able to respect and love forever.

Only in marriage Syrian women can show all their best character traits and demonstrate all their advantages. They become wonderful wives because they have all the essential qualities to love and care for all members of their families, as well as to make their men happy and satisfied at every moment. They are ready to give their love to their husbands, feed them with delicious dishes, and keep their homes always clean and cozy. The hospitality of Syrian women is legendary.

Particularity and Uniqueness

Syrian women for marriage may not be as traditional as you might think of them. Syrian girls love to look beautiful. Although women of Syria respect the traditional foundations of their country, they feature their individuality and ambitions. Being real coquettes, contemporary Syrian brides try to follow the latest fashion trends in clothing, cosmetics, hairstyle, and jewelry. They love makeup, bright clothes, and sometimes resort to plastic surgery.

Many eminent singers were born in Syria, and this country has always been famous for its beautiful female voices. Besides, Syrian women can dance amazingly. Their relaxed and sexy movements smoothly start from the shoulders and end with the toes. Many of the girls in Damascus are very sociable, and they love to dance on tables in nightclubs. However, Syrian girls very rarely visit such places with their girlfriends. Most often, they go there either with their boyfriends or male relatives.

How Do Syrian Brides Look Like?

syrian brides

Syrian women and girls are mainly subordinate to the traditions of the conservative society. In Syria, it is not customary to meet with a girl only because of pure sympathy. The young man must meet her family and announce his serious intentions. Only when her parents and brothers express consent, young people can meet in public places from time to time. However, the man should be ready that somebody from her family will look after what the lovers are doing.

Obedient daughters can marry only with the consent of their parents. In Syria, a man is not obliged to send flowers and present gold rings to a girl before marriage. Attempting to give too many gifts to the Syrian bride is considered disrespectful to her and her family. So, you can present your Syrian bride something small that matters and make sure she will really cherish it.

It should be noted that Syrian brides are well-mannered, unlike girls from other Muslim countries. The man is considered the leader and breadwinner of the family. A woman cannot freely make her own decisions and go her own way. Also, your Syrian bride will not demand your money. If you intend to impress her, you will have to observe numerous religious and everyday traditions.

How Can You Come Across Syrian Brides?

Meeting a girl from Syria can be a brand new part of your life. Sure, it can be challenging to have relationships with a woman belonging to a different nationality and religion. Still, you can certainly learn what it means to be loved by a passionate woman at every moment of your life.

If you want to meet such a woman, it is hardly worth going to this country. While there is still military fighting in Syria in different areas, it is not safe. The best option would be to look for amazing and charming Syrian brides for marriage on dating sites. Be sure that these gorgeous females like to use social media and chat on specialized online platforms.

How to Find Out Which Syrian Dating Site Is Trusty?

If you want to meet an attractive Syrian woman and fall in love with her, use an opportunity to do it online. Before you go on a virtual trip for finding a girl of your dreams, check out the dating sites in Syria. Read reviews and learn safety policies. Pay attention to ongoing expenses, because reliable websites are paid. When you finish with the preliminary work, you can select a dating website, view photos of Syrian brides for marriage on its pages, and start chatting with them today.

You can specify your demands according to the desired region, age, education, profession, and also hobbies. You will see profiles of girls that match your requirements. Pay the required fee to be able to send messages, make phone calls, use a video chat, and present both virtual and real gifts. All that can be done on such dating platforms as AsiaMe, LoveHabibi, ArabLounge, MatchTuly, and LoverWhirl.

How to Fascinate a Syrian Girl?

syrian brides

Not all tricks that worked with other girls are suitable for meeting a Syrian bride for marriage. However, we can give you some helpful tips to win your Syrian girl’s heart.

1. Be Nice and Respectful to Her Parents

You can make it clear what your parents mean for you and what they have done for your education, career, and private life. If you are invited to visit her home, be polite, kind, and respectful to her parents. You can also bring beautifully decorated flowers and sweets with you. Thus, you will pleasantly surprise your Syrian girl.

2. Tell Her about Your Religion or Your Readiness to Become Muslim

Religion is of great importance in Syrian society. The local girls are very religious, and this implies that they follow honest and human principles. If you are not religious, then consider converting to Islam for the sake of living happily with your chosen one.

4. Mention Your Serious Intentions

Typically, Syrian brides for marriage avoid meeting with men who have no intention to marry them. Talk to her about marriage and that your parents want to see her. Let her know that you take her seriously, and you will never step back.

5. Do Not Try to Touch or Kiss Her

Your desire to be closer to your Syrian girlfriend is quite clear. However, you have to be able to keep the distance first to be more intimate a bit later. There are two rules for your safety: no touching and no kissing. Arab culture condemns sexual behavior before marriage.

Why Syrian Girls for Marriage Want Foreign Husbands

Syrian women have greatly suffered the consequences of war in their country. So, Syrian mail-order brides who are no longer comfortable with the situation choose to marry foreign men for the opportunity of moving to a better place.

People may describe that as gold-digging, but the Syrian brides online are not focused on monetary gains.  Syrian girls for marriage are only interested in finding a stable life for themselves and their kids. The constant conflicts and instability in the country make it hard for women to live comfortably. Also, because society is patriarchal, women are not usually treated well. The men often do not respect them, and in some cases, they have to fight against their families to follow their wishes. Syrian brides online choose foreign men because they know better how to love and care for their women. If they find a kind foreign man to marry them, they are often grateful.

Syrian mail-order brides love single foreign men because of their western values; these men let their wives have free reins in the marriage.

Of course, the need to have a better life is great, but Syrian girls for marriage also marry foreign men to get a good education. The ladies who desire more education get married to foreign men because, after relocation, they have access to the university.

Generally, Syrian women who choose to find foreign husbands just want better chances than their own home country can give them.

The Kind of Men Syrian Brides Desire

When you meet Syrian women, they quickly highlight the kind of man they want in their lives. Syrian ladies always want a responsible and committed man. Many of the Syrian women on dating platforms are seriously looking for a husband. Although some want long-term relationships without building a family, most of the women you’ll meet want commitment.

For this reason, they only favor single men who have traits of loyalty, honesty and are loving, passionate, and caring.

Wedding Customs In Syria

Civil marriages in Syria don’t get official registration except in their religious communities. The wedding traditions are not the same in the entire country because of several major religions like Christianity, Druze, and Islam. So, find out from your bride the customs that pertain to her region. Here are the traditions for the Christian’s and Muslims:

Christian Wedding

The weddings of Christian couples in Syria are similar to those of the westerners. The groom and the guests travel to the bride’s house for the wedding. In this case, however, the bride’s family does not release the bride to the groom until he has paid some money. The money is regarded as symbolic, and the family plays different Syrian songs and dances to celebrate.

Muslim weddings

Muslim wedding ceremonies in Syria usually include separate parties for the bride and groom. And, the only common gathering is for the engagement ceremony and marriage registration. On the engagement day, the wedding contract, “a ktab” and the bride price (“mahr”) are settled on the. After the couple’s marriage celebration, the bride has to do a new tradition before entering her husband’s house. The new bride has to attach a piece of bread to the door. If it stays firm, then it signifies that her marriage will be happy and strong.

The Bottom Line

Perhaps you have never really thought about marrying a woman from Syria. However, Syrian women can be considered the most beautiful women in Asia. Modern Syrian women tend to be free-minded. They drive cars, use public transport, study, and try to make a career. In many ways, Syrian women are a pleasant blend of classic and modern tendencies. Any man who gets to know a Syrian mail-order bride better will be definitely surprised by her subtlety, truthfulness, and simplicity. Therefore, you may well use one of the dating websites and look for your ideal Syrian bride.


Do Syrian Girls Like American Guys?

Yes, Syrian women generally treat American guys with respect. Most of these girls do not count on financial support from American men. Instead, they need a sincere relationship, love, and mutual concern.

Do Syrian Women Know English?

In general, Syrian girls speak English well. Syria is located at the crossroads between East and West, Europe and the Middle East. Great Britain had an influence on these lands for many years. Therefore, English is an international language used for communication in Syria.

What Is The Most Popular Site To Find a Syrian Bride?

Today, there is no shortage of various international dating sites. Some of them specialize in Asia and the Middle East. You may try to use AsiaMe. A lot of Syrian mail-order brides can be found on this website. The atmosphere is friendly and safe here. However, this website does not provide services for meeting in person.

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