Popular Cities With Brides 🌐Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung
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Average Age of Marriage for Women 💍30.4

Why You Will Want to Date Taiwanese Women

Cute Appearance

Among all Asian girls, the Taiwanese ones are some of the sweetest. If you walked along the streets of Taiwan, you would see plenty of girls who look like teens in their late 20s. Due to exceptional genetics and a healthy lifestyle, they manage to look very cute and young.

Moreover, lots of Taiwanese brides are fond of sports, which allows them to keep themselves in shape year-round. Exercising, adhering to the diet (many Taiwanese are vegetarians), and jogging have been traditionally popular activities in Taiwan.

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The developed healthcare industry also contributes to the well-being of the population. The average life expectancy in Taiwan is 80.53 years, while in China, people live for 76.96 years on average.

On top of that, Taiwan is famous for its rich cosmetics market, with beauty treatments being incredibly popular among Taiwanese women. In fact, a typical Taiwanese girl store numerous cosmetics sets that allow her to preserve natural beauty. All in all, Taiwanese women are some of the most beautiful and feminine in Asia.

Sexual Appeal

Despite their childlike appearance, Taiwanese women can be super sexy. Nobody knows how they combine these two features, but they can seduce men in seconds, with their graceful movements, curvy bodies, and tempting voices.

Traditional Values

Many consider Taiwan the last stand of traditional Asian values. China, Japan, or Singapore have stepped towards modern feminist tendencies, while Taiwan has preserved the traditional views on family and relationships between women and men.

Taiwanese women are viewed as mild-tempered, obedient wives, and mothers in the first place. Lots of them follow these customs and indeed want their future husband to become family ruler.

Western men are obsessed with this, which makes Taiwanese women ultimately more desirable than European brides.

As a result, you have a very high chance of meeting a kind, patient, and caring woman who will listen to your advice, prepare delicious meals for you, and always support you. A typical Taiwanese girl will never try to question her authority or stand for the trendy feminist views.

Money-Saving Nature

Shortly speaking, Taiwanese women know how to dress without draining the budget. When shopping, they will prioritize a cheaper but more practical garment over a fancy branded one. Generally, you would not call the Taiwanese women irritatingly whimsy princesses.

Their money-saving nature does not allow them to make silly purchases. If a Taiwanese woman plans to obtain a new smartphone, she will aim at the reasonable quality-price ratio rather than an overly advertised piece of junk. Therefore, if you marry such a woman, you will be sure she buys only valuable things that are really necessary for your family.

Taiwan brides are Good at Housing

While planning to marry a girl, men usually think of how well they can handle domestic chores. Since Taiwanese women are generally nurtured in a traditional environment, they are exceptionally good at housing.

As a rule, a Taiwanese girl helps her mother clean the house and cook. When women enroll in university, they usually have to rent an apartment, where they can test all their skills in practice. Thus, they become independent of their parents at an early age (compared to European girls). As a result, a girl studying in the university can handle all possible household chores from cleaning the house to paying the bills independently.

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What are Taiwanese Women Like?


Taiwanese universities are ranked among the top 500 best educational institutions in the world. According to Statista, about 127,000 international students arrive in Taiwan to study in the local universities yearly. The country’s educational system is thriving, which results in incredibly intelligent people—no wonder the Taiwanese tech sector is so developed.

What about women in Taiwan’s tertiary education? Around 97% of women graduate from universities yearly. Besides, the Taiwanese are some of the most intellectually developed Asian nations, with the lowest illiteracy rate.

English is the most spoken foreign language in Taiwan. It is widely studied in schools, colleges, and universities. On top of that, Taiwan’s government plans to make English a second native language by 2030. Therefore, you will have no trouble speaking to Taiwanese and traveling to the island.

They Love Foreigners

A considerable amount of Taiwanese brides don’t mind dating foreigners from Europe and the US. At the same time, they fall in love with Americans for their personal qualities mostly. You should not expect to pick up some of these women just because of your skin color. They are quite picky, and your origin does not make much sense.

They Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

If you prefer women who drink tea or coffee instead of beer or something more potent, you can pack the bags, buy the ring and arrive in Taiwan. Taiwanese don’t drink much alcohol. They are scientifically proven to be unable to metabolize alcohol. Therefore, local women simply cannot consume alcoholic beverages. When it comes to smoking, only 2.3% of women consume tobacco production.

The Best Places to Meet Taiwanese Brides?

You can go to Taiwan right now if you like. China allows residents of North America, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and the European Union to stay in Taiwan for 90 days Visa-free. At the same time, you may not want to go to the unknown and try to pick up a local girl since you will likely fail.

Taiwanese people are very cautious with strangers, so picking up women on the street, in the malls or in nightclubs is a bad idea. Online dating may become a much better option.

Searching for Taiwanese mail-order brides is incredibly simple. More than that, you may not even need to visit Taiwan since you can meet a Taiwanese girl in your area. In fact, over a million Taiwanese live in the United States.

How to Date Online Securely?

Although meeting a woman online is quite simple, you have to address the right dating platform to maximize your success. Check these tips to choose the best dating site:

  • Browse the testimonials on the web. Real feedback can tell you a lot about a particular dating site. Former users usually mention some drawbacks of a specific dating site, which will help you make a final decision.
  • Learn about the quality of profiles. Usually, you will meet people with average-quality, natural pictures on trustworthy dating platforms. Scammers, to the contrary, will force newcomers to spend money on fantasy profiles.
  • Check the security measures. Note that reliable dating sites fight against scammers by applying various safety features such as SSL data encryption, identity verification, content moderation, etc.
  • If you want to benefit from the best service quality at a reasonable price, you should compare the dating platforms’ prices and features on the web. While registering on each of them may be too tiring, online reviews may help. You can read dating review articles to get comprehensive information on communication features, audience, etc.

How to Pick Up a Taiwanese Woman?

1. Be Patient

As mentioned before, Taiwanese women are difficult to pick up or invite going out. Unlike Americans, Taiwanese usually aim at long-lasting relationships, and therefore, select their partners carefully. You have to develop the bond for some time until the local girl agrees to a date. In this case, an online dating site can be ideal for meeting a woman from Taiwan.

2. Make the First Move

A traditional Taiwanese girl will expect you to be decisive and make the first move. A guy should ask the woman out. Even if she misses you, she will wait for your initiative instead of asking you out. That is why deciding on the time and place of the date will become your responsibility.

3. Be a Gentleman

Taiwanese girls are used not to paying for the date. Some may say that they are gold diggers, but covering the dating expenses is entirely acceptable for Taiwanese men. So, the women will consider splitting the bills an insult. Even if she offers to pay 50/50, she will hope for you to pay for dinner.

4. Think of Appropriate Flirting

Blatant flirting and expressing your plans about a particular woman is considered inappropriate. Instead of openly emphasizing a woman’s magnificent curves, compliment her hair, eyes, dress, etc.

Indeed, it may be difficult not to sexualize Taiwanese women, but you should hold back at least while meeting them for the first time. Also, avoid using typical pick-up phrases since they discourage nine women out of ten.

5. Think of your Look

Many guys pay no attention to how they look, which is a common mistake. Make sure you look stylish, tidy, and smell good. Taiwan is a warm country, so you have to pick up an appropriate summer outfit. Taiwanese women don’t like men in sleeveless shirts with low necks. To make an excellent first impression, you need to dress more neatly.

Final Thoughts

Taiwan women for marriage are some of the best Asian wives. If you seek a traditional relationship with an Asian lady, you will surely find happiness with a girl from Taiwan. Being beautiful, sexy, down-to-earth, and loyal at the same time, they become reliable life partners. Although attracting these women may be tough, with enough persistence, you can achieve all your goals.


Do Taiwanese Women Date Americans?

Taiwanese girls don’t mind dating foreign men, but you should not think your skin color will help you seduce these women. It does not matter whether you are American, Canadian or German, or Japanese. A Taiwan bride will fall in love with you if you are a nice person.

Is there a Language Barrier?

English is the most common language among Taiwanese. Most of them can speak English freely. Therefore, a language barrier is very unlikely to occur.

What is the Best Taiwanese Dating Site?

There are thousands of high-quality international dating sites where you can meet Taiwanese women. The best of them offer plenty of communication options, a safe environment, and a real community at affordable prices.

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