• Interface 6
  • Audience 6
  • Prices 6
  • Safety 6
  • Professional support
  • Abundance of feature
  • Refund policy
  • User-friendly interface
  • Profile quality
  • Absence of a mobile app
  • Not so many free features


Is Orchid Romance a good dating site? Orchid Romance is a great dating website where you can meet myriads of ladies from Asian countries. Thanks to the profile quality, top-notch services, and professional support, it is one of the best Asian dating websites. So if you’re into Asian women, why not start registering?

Orchid Romance Review: Learn Why It’s Worth Your Time And Money

I can assure you that many factors make Orchid Romance legit. It’s a dating website with impressive profile quality, great services, and even more. There’s nothing that can make Orchid Romance fake or a scam. Thus, if you’re looking for a great platform where you can meet ladies without the fear of being scammed, the Orchid Romance app is what you need. Learn more with my Orchid Romance review.

Orchid Romance Overview

It’s a professional website that allows access to its features and ladies online only after creating a new account. The Orchid Romance legit site is known for offering exclusive features; thus, it’s not a free dating site. Orchid Romance dating platform works on credits you can get any time you wish. Although there are great features, you can use them for free, but the best ones are paid. Get to know more in detail.

My experience of using Orchid Romance

When I first discovered this site, I was surprised by its popularity which I found on platforms where people shared their reviews. But what is Orchid Romance? It’s a cool dating site full of Asian women who are seeking the right person for more serious relationships. I decided to check out how it functions and what it can offer to its users.

Is Orchid Romance scam or a real place for meeting real women? This is the first thing I tried to find out. Once I registered, I looked through the top features of the site. As a result, I can say that it’s one of the best dating sites you can discover when it comes to dating Asian women for marriage. Here are the best things I liked about this place:

  • User-friendly interface. The most practical aspect of dating on this site is that you can easily understand how the site works. Thus, it’s not challenging to navigate online.
  • Great features. There are many useful features that you can find on this website. You can find anything from communication tools to other social media-like content.
  • Profile quality. The best aspect of dating on Orchid Romance is a chance to meet real women. As a result, the site is known for offering great profile quality.
  • Professional support. I also like how responsive and professional support is. This site offers great support online that’s never late in giving responses.

How does Orchid Romance work?

The site is quite direct in what it offers and how it functions. After Orchid Romance login, you can start looking for ladies online. For this, you’ll get access to search filters, which are offered for free. If you’re a new member of this site, don’t forget the free credits you’ll get. After that, you can start chatting with any lady who can be interesting to you.

Based on the information you’ll provide online, the site will offer some profiles you can look through. To make contact with ladies, you can visit their profiles and benefit from the buttons you’ll find. Thanks to the high response rate of Asian women, you won’t have to wait long to get responses. Overall, it’s really convenient to date on this platform.

Sign-Up Process

Now it’s time to understand how you can become an official member of this site. I can say that the process of creating a new account doesn’t take much time. It’s about 20 minutes. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Registration form. On the site’s official page, you can find a registration form that requires basic information like your age, country, and email address.
  • Answering the questions. You’ll be asked some questions about your preferences. The good news is that you can skip all of these questions.
  • Profile page. Once you’re done, you’ll be redirected to this page. It’s where Orchid Romance delete account options, settings, and your balance are located.   
  • Building an informative profile. Don’t forget that an informative profile makes your profile more appealing to other ladies. You should add some photos as well.

Members & Messaging

How to make contact with women? As I already said, it’s quite easy. Here are some ways of doing so:

  • Searching. You simply set the needed parameters and find the right person to talk to. It’s one of the basic ways of reaching out to ladies.
  • Correspondence. Instead of chatting, you can send mails to ladies you discover on the site. It’s an alternative to live chat.
  • Newsfeed. By visiting this section, you can find many ladies who share posts. It’s like a Facebook feature built into this site. You can discover hot ladies and follow them.

Safety & Security

The site is really advanced when it comes to ensuring higher levels of security with a variety of software tools. Besides, the professional team online constantly monitors the platform to detect suspicious profiles. And thanks to encryption technology, you can be sure about your data protection. So, overall, it’s a really safe place to meet real women.   


While trying to make one of the most objective Orchid Romance dating site reviews, I tried to collect all useful information. The good point is that I discovered great features making it one of the most popular dating sites. You can also find Orchid Romance Reddit reviews, which were quite insightful as well. So, I tried the features popular among users, and I can say that the following ones will be quite practical to try:

  • Sending real gifts and flowers. It can be quite an expensive feature to try, but it’s always worth spoiling ladies you’re dating. You’ll discover a great online shop and have an impressive range of exciting things you can send to your lady.
  • Sending stickers and virtual gifts. With Orchid Romance free credits, you can check out how you can send stickers and virtual gifts. They’re quite diverse. This is how you can show that you’re interested in your lady.
  • People. This is a fun feature. You’ll be offered a wide range of profiles by clicking on it. You just need to swipe until you find someone appealing. This is something like a Tinder-like feature. It’s a fun way of discovering hot ladies online.
  • Live streams. This is one of the recent features offered by Orchid Romance. It’s an exciting feature that you can use for free. Still, you can be generous to make donations. Live streams make the Orchid Romance dating app more appealing to use.
  • Profile browsing. The good news I’d like to share is that you can browse profiles for free. So if you’re interested in looking through profiles of Asian women manually, you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t need to pay. What’s more, you’ll get access to public galleries as well.

Prices of Orchid Romance

Is Orchid Romance legitimate? I’m sure that you can easily agree that it’s one of the best and most reputable dating platforms, given the information above. But now, I should consider explaining the Orchid Romance cost details. Actually, I can assure you that it’s one of the most affordable places to meet hot women for marriage. You can buy 20 credits for $2.99, a one-time purchase option. But why do you need credits? Here are the features that credits are needed for:

  • Online communication;
  • Donating in streams;
  • Sending and receiving media content;
  • Sending mails;
  • Getting access to videos sent to you;
  • Sending real gifts and flowers;
  • Getting access to private photos.

The site offers a great online shop to buy real gifts and flowers. The prices of goods are indicated in credits. Moreover, you should know that the delivery fee is 100 credits.


What is an Orchid Romance Dating Site?

It’s a professional dating site offering a wide range of ladies from Asian countries. This site is also great regarding profile quality, making it even more appealing. Thanks to the free credits you can get after the registration, you can easily check out how Orchid Romance works before making a real purchase.

How Much Does it Cost?

When talking about the prices, it’s worth mentioning that you can start your online journey with the 20 credits that you’ll get. Later, you’ll have to make a real purchase. Your first purchase comes with a discount. You can get 20 credits for $2.99. Overall, this site’s prices are quite affordable compared to other professional dating sites.

Is Orchid Romance safe?

There’s no doubt that Orchid Romance is one of the safest platforms you can find. It ensures complete data protection. Constant monitoring is one of the best aspects of this platform. It tries to eliminate problematic accounts to ensure an even better atmosphere for dating. Thus, there’s no need to worry about the platform’s security.

Is Orchid Romance a scam?

The good news is that this website isn’t a scam. The main reason that explains that is the profile quality that it ensures. Indeed, Orchid Romance is one of the top platforms guaranteeing you’ll communicate with real ladies online. In addition, it offers very detailed profiles of ladies so you can learn more about any person before dating her.

Who owns Orchid Romance?

There’s no clear data on who owns this amazing website. But it can be said that there’s a professional team of experts behind such a platform. Moreover, it offers top-notch quality, great features, and a real chance to meet Asian women for marriage. Thus, you can be sure that it’s one of the top dating sites offering Asian women for marriage.

What security features does Orchid Romance have?

First of all, one of the main tools for ensuring higher levels of security is the verification of members online. Secondly, the site uses various software tools to ensure that everything is protected. And don’t forget that encryption technology is used to provide data protection.

Does Orchid Romance have a mobile app?

Orchid Romance doesn’t have any downloadable app. Still, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be dating on the go. To compensate for this setback, the site offers a great mobile-friendly dating site compatible with all gadgets. Thus, you can start meeting ladies without needing the desktop version.

How do I delete my Orchid Romance account?

This is quite easy. You’ll have to access your profile page and find the settings. There, you’ll get an option for deleting your account. The process is quick and hassle-free.

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