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Average Age of Marriage for Women 💍30.4

Korean Women Traits

Beauty plays a vital role for South Korean women, perhaps even higher than for Europeans and Americans. They believe that a Korean woman’s success, chances of a good marriage, and a well-paid job depend directly on how she looks. Moreover, Korean girls believe that the more they take care of their appearance, the more they are appreciated by people around them.

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Perfect skin

The main feature that distinguishes Korean girls from other Asian brides is their perfect skin. There is a real cult of smooth, good-looking skin in Korea, so there are so many beauty shops, salons, and plastic surgery clinics. Once you meet a girl with perfect skin in Asia, it is most likely a Korean mail-order bride.

Eternal youth

One can hardly determine the age of Korean women due to their daily care. It is a widespread phenomenon for ladies of 40 years old and young girls of 17-18 years old to look pretty much the same.

The very first factor is, of course, genetic heredity. Yet, all Korean girls are taught to follow a healthy lifestyle and intake proper nutrition since childhood.

Healthy lifestyle

Korean diet usually includes a lot of fiber. Even if a Korean girl eats a good piece of steak, the vegetables that come in the same meal help to digest the meat quickly.

Sport is also an essential part of being in good shape. Korean girls install special applications on their cell phones, following their weight and eating a definite amount of calories every day.

Another significant factor of a healthy Korean lifestyle is, of course, energizing activities. They walk, ride a bike, and dance a lot.

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What Is a Typical Image of Korean Women?

Emotional character

It is crucial for Korean girls to tell others about their feelings. There is no such strict taboo to express emotions in public as in Korea.

Korean girls buy the same clothes as their boyfriends, make cute knick-knacks with their partners’ image, always get presents, and go to the lovers’ cafes. Moreover, they believe that men’s masculinity does not suffer in such moments.

It is a common thing to treat a partner with special care and tenderness. Korean girls even change the tone of their voices when they talk to their beloved men.

Non-conflict nature

The pursuit of non-conflict and harmony characterizes the Korean mentality. Korean girls aim to avoid open-ended confrontation by all means. For that reason, it is not common for Korean brides to keep conflicts outside their families.

Lack of smileyness

If you are a tourist and have never been to Korea before, don’t be surprised that almost none of the local girls smile on the streets. Yet, that doesn’t mean they all hate you or something.

Korean girls are well known for their generosity and willingness to help. However, these traits are not expressed by them through their facial expressions. They are very serious in real life. If you smile at girls in Korea, don’t get upset and take it easy if they do not respond in the same way.

The Best Places to Meet Korean Brides

Whether you are already in Korea or far away from the country, it is quite easy to meet Korean brides. There are a few ways to get in touch with local girls: offline and online.


If you are a big fan of Asian culture, you would likely decide to visit Korea and meet local girls. You can meet Korean girls at the local restaurants, nightclubs, or with the help of one of your friends.

One of the most popular areas where Korean mail order brides spend the sleepless night is Itaewon, Seoul. That place is well-known for wild parties, food restaurants, and bars.

Korean girls often go on blind dates called sogetting. Such a kind of dating has a third person involved who hookups two people together. That is a popular way to meet someone special in Korea that often ends up with a long-term happy relationship or even marriage.


Don’t get upset if you are far away from South Korea but still want to meet Korean girls. There are dozens of dating websites out there. Korean mail order wives can hardly imagine their lives without digital technologies. Hence, most of them prefer online dating over traditional one.

If you are interested in dating women from Korea, consider meeting them on the net. With a wide variety of dating platforms, you will surely find the one to your liking. Most Korean girls, who are registered on dating sites, look for a serious relationship and marriage. Besides, many services offer free registration to enjoy the company of Korean girls right away.

Top Tips for Choosing a Trustworthy Korean Dating Site

Virtual reality has become one of the most commonly used places to meet someone special. Yet, many singles experience fraudulent activities on the net and stop relying on the online dating industry.

Whether you are a newcomer or a proficient user, our professional recommendations will lead you in the right direction and help you distinguish a trustworthy Korean dating service from a pile:

Set up your requirements

Before looking for the top-rated dating platform, it is worth setting up your main goal and requirements. Decide if you seek a serious relationship or a low-term commitment and determine how a perfect dating service should look.

Some people pay attention to the website’s interface, while others need 24/7 support to be available. You will considerably downsize the list of dating services and concentrate on your needs only by having a goal.

Check professional review

If you are a newbie to the industry and have no idea how dating websites operate, we recommend checking a professional review. That way, you will better understand the critical quality aspects, pricing, and security of the site.

Another good idea would be to review the users’ feedback. Although most dating websites display their ratings on the official sites, they are often fake and don’t reflect reality. Hence, always check users’ reviews on third party websites.

Choose the service with a free registration

While some online dating services charge their customers for registration, we recommend choosing ones with a free sign up. That way, you can overview the website’s usability, profile quality, and main options.

Once you ensure the dating site meets all your requirements, you can feel free to upgrade your membership.

Pay attention to the security statements

When talking about a reliable online dating platform, one cannot but mention its security. Although it takes some time to overview the privacy policy and accompanying documents, it is worth making sure your personal information is protected.

A trustworthy dating website is supposed to use the latest security technologies, ensure safe connection between the site and customer’s device, and encrypt credit card details during the payment process.

How to Prepare for a Date with Korean Girl?

Whether you choose online dating apps or being in Korea to meet local girls, you will likely want to succeed in attracting them. The following tips will come in handy for both newbies and pros:

Learn Korean culture

It is not a big surprise that Korean culture is distinguished from Western one. Thus, if you are looking for a serious relationship with a Korean girl, it is worth learning the beliefs and social rules established in the country.

When dating Korean girls, you will discover that many of their life values are based on Confucianism. Most Korean ladies are raised to respect elders, become perfect hostesses, and always support their men.

Respect her roots

Although most Korean parents have become more liberal in accepting their daughter marrying a Western man, your potential life partner still wants you to respect her roots and family.

Korean culture is based on strong family ties, so your well-established relationship with the girl’s parents play a vital role.

Take it slow

If Korean girls attract you, take it slow. You have to talk and get to know her before moving to the next level. Korean girls like having long eye contact with men.

Develop your feelings for each other, and once you are close enough, you can make a move. Contact her on social media and ask her out regularly. Yet, do it slowly and don’t be pushy.

The Bottom Line

Dating Korean girls can be challenging but exciting for Western men. Due to the different cultural backgrounds and lifestyles, it is worth taking some time and exploring local beliefs and social rules. Yet, meeting a Korean bride will become one of the best happenings in your life. Exotic beauty, strong family values, and endless support of men make Korean women the number one choice of foreigners. 


Do Korean Brides Like American Men?

Many American men interested in dating South Korean women wonder what their attitude to international marriages is. In contrast to many countries where girls are much more likely to date Western men, some Korean women choose local males as their life partners. Yet, it does not exclude the possibility of international marriages of Korean women to foreigners. They never pay attention to men’s origins, but their personalities.

Do the Korean Brides Speak English?

Korean girls are raised to be well-educated and intelligent. Apart from the Korean language, most local girls speak English fluently. So if Korean women attract you, you will never mention a language barrier.

What Is The Best Site To Meet Korean Brides?

Korean dating sites are trendy worldwide. Everyone interested in meeting Korean girls uses a dating service to get in touch with local beauties. Among the most popular apps are Korean Cupid, UB Love, OK Cupid Korea, and Sky People.

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