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Why are Lebanese Women so Desirable?

lebanese brides

Gorgeous Appearance

If you are crazy about stunning sexy brunette girls, Lebanon will become your country of choice. Lebanese girls have some of the most beautiful Arabic features. Most of them have very gentle facial features, sexy tanned skin, and thick curly hair.

Hair curves are not the only seductive thing in Lebanese girls. Genetically, they have very developed gluteal muscles, hour-glass figures, and full breasts. Therefore, you have a high chance of meeting a stunningly curvy girl. Moreover, the obesity rate in Lebanon is one of the lowest among Mediterranean countries.

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Besides, these girls tend to be very feminine in general. They prefer having long hair, doing makeup, and dressing in a way to emphasize their curves. Also, Lebanon is famous for the developed plastic surgery industry, which adds to the local women’s perfect looks.

On top of that, due to a higher amount of dark pigment, their skin is more resistant to aging. Due to this, Lebanese women remain pretty and desirable in their late 40s.

If you are tired of women defending their right to look messy and unattractive, you can visit Lebanon to enjoy the aesthetics of true womanhood.


Only 16.84% of Lebanese couples get divorced. The rest remain together no matter what happens. Both Lebanese men and women are incredibly devoted to their spouses. It also reflects their dating culture.

Casual dating is infrequent in Lebanon. When Lebanese date someone, they will not dare flirting with someone else or having a one-night-stand. A quick affair will result in a dramatic end of the relationship. Lebanese women are extremely possessive. If you flirt with someone, you will regret that.

It sounds like a disadvantage, but extreme possessiveness is caused by immense loyalty, which makes these women some of the best wives. If you marry a Lebanese woman, you will hardly ever question her devotion. Adultery is also unacceptable in Lebanese culture.

Housing Skills

Lebanese are wholly independent and often start living apart from their parents in their early 20s. In childhood, they help their parents do the housework. Boys usually learn to repair stuff, while girls master cooking national dishes.

As a result, Lebanese prefer to do all the housework by themselves, from fixing sanitary ware to baking a mouth-watering lemon-marinated fish covered with a spicy sesame seeds sauce. Therefore, you can be sure that your woman will greet you with tasty dishes and warm hugs.

Besides, these girls will do all the cleaning, ironing, and laundering. At the same time, a Lebanese woman will expect you to repair gadgetry, sanitary ware, and other appliances. Does your washing machine leak? She will ask you to dismantle and fix it.

Traditional Values

A Lebanese family is patriarchal, with the husband being a breadwinner. As for women, they are viewed as mothers. Besides, Lebanese people are quite religious and adhere either to Christianity or Islam. Both religions teach their followers traditional gender roles.

Lebanese society is patriarchal too. Therefore, men are highly appreciated. A Lebanese bride will listen to your advice and expect you to be a decisive, responsible, and ambitious husband.

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What are Lebanese Girls Like?

lebanese brides


In 2014, about 55% of students enrolling in universities were girls. Thus, Lebanese women are more educated than men, graduating with at least a Bachelor’s degree. They are broad-minded and can support a conversation on many topics. However, it is better not to talk about politics and religion since Lebanese are protective of their culture, government, and religion.

As for English skills, about 30% of the population speaks English as a foreign language.

Therefore, you can meet a girl speaking English fluently. Still, you may experience a sort of language barrier when visiting the country since signboards, restaurant menus, news, etc. are in Arabic.


Although only 24.4% of women have a permanent job, the rest deal with day-to-day domestic chores. Many employed women return home to do housekeeping, therefore working twice as much as their husbands.


Lebanese girls are straightforward. They express their wishes, opinions, happiness, and displeasure directly. There will be no need for you to guess in what spirits your woman has woken up.

This quality also contributes to such a low divorce rate in the country. The couples tend to resolve all the disputes through a peaceful discussion rather than throw thunderbolts of accumulated aggression into each other.


Lebanese brides spend much time in the family circle. They celebrate holidays and travel together.

It is an excellent thing since your lady will introduce you to her family very quickly, so you will become a family member, therefore strengthening your relationship. However, if you speak disrespectfully about her parents, it will put your bond in trouble. Also, her parents will likely influence her opinion on you. If they dislike you, you will have to apply much effort to regain your reputation.

The Best Place to Meet Lebanese Brides?

Lebanese diaspora enumerates from eight to 14 million people, while Lebanon’s population comprises about seven million citizens. It is expected to reach 7.2 million by the end of 2020. About a million Lebanese currently live in the United States. Therefore, you may not need to plan a dating trip to Lebanon. You have a high chance of meeting a Lebanese girl in your state if you address online dating sites. Just create an account, adjust the appropriate search criteria, and you are welcome to choose from thousands of Lebanese mail order brides.

How to Avoid Dating Scams?

Online dating is wonderfully effective. At the same time, to make the dating experience as positive as possible, you need to address a reliable dating platform. Check these tips to browse Lebanese women for marriage safely:

1. Check Security Features

Before registering on any dating site, pay attention to its safety measures. Make sure the website has a valid SSL certificate. This kind of protection allows the dating agency to process sensitive information safely. Besides, a trustworthy dating site has to feature a digital security badge (McAfee, for instance). Such a logo means that the website does not contain malware or phishing links.

2. Evaluate Dating Profiles

You will not be able to browse website users before registration most of the time. You will have to create a free account to get access to the community. Spend some time browsing the dating profiles. The real users usually post several photos of average quality and in different environments. On the contrary, fakes typically use a single lovely picture. If most of the profiles look unnaturally attractive, they might appear to be scams.

Also, if you receive tons of messages from attractive women right after registration, it is better to leave such a website. The ladies who send robotic-sounding messages are 99% fakes or fantasy profiles.

Some dating sites use internet bots to make real users pay for the subscription. To make sure a dating platform does not contain fantasy users, read its terms and conditions.

3. Testimonials Matter

Feedback can tell you a lot about a particular dating platform. Checking testimonials is incredibly easy. You need to visit several review platforms and read what people say about a specific dating site. Pay attention to negative reviews first since they often reflect the real quality of services.

Then, pay attention to praising reviews. Ordering fake testimonials is a common practice among unreliable dating services. So, focus on comments that mention lots of specific details and personal experience since they are more likely to be written by real customers.

4. Check Review Articles

You can also read some of the review articles about a dating site you are interested in. It will save you time on your research since such materials usually contain lots of information about dating service prices, reputation, safety features, profile quality, etc.

How to Pick Up a Lebanese Girl?

lebanese brides

1. Make a Nice-looking Dating Profile

An appealing dating profile makes 80% of your success. So, spend some time on completing profile questionnaires, uploading photos, and writing a profile description. The main point is to make your profile real-looking and attractive. Take pictures of yourself with proper lighting and background. Avoid posting too many selfies since you can make an impression of an unsociable individual. Write something positive in your profile and be specific when describing yourself.

After completing your profile in this way, you will instantly get more attention. People will be sure that you are a real person.

1. Pay for your Lady

Lebanese guys are used to paying for their women. Many girls will expect the same from you. At the same time, you should not be pushy and insist on it if your girl wants to pay for herself in the restaurant. But generally, Lebanese women expect their men to be breadwinners, which involves covering the dating expenses.

2. Be a Gentleman

Show your woman that chivalry has not died yet. She will feel valuable and desirable if you open the door for her, kiss her hand, give her flowers, etc. Sure, girls are all different, and some may not be excited with such gestures at all. But in general, chivalry does its job for Lebanese women.

3. Dress Well

Lebanese girls use makeup and dress stylishly, therefore looking irresistible. You have to pay much attention to your look to impress a Lebanese lady. It does not mean that you have to put on the most expensive and fancy outfit.

You should find a balance between price and style. Pick up the garments that fit your age, status, and financial position. If you have no idea about fashion trends, just check the outfits David Beckham usually wears.

4. Be Attentive and Respectful

Lebanese girls value attention and support. So buy some small gifts, compliment your lady and be a good listener. Respect her views and opinions. Mutual respect is crucial in any relationship.

Why Are Lebanese Brides Looking For a Foreign Husband?

Although Lebanon is an Arabic and Muslim country, the rights of Lebanese women are respected. Lebanese girls for marriage have the freedom to get a great education and have an impactful career. The women can choose to be ambitious or laid back and take up traditional family roles. The family does not prevent them from doing what they want. Lebanon is however conservative on some issues and the women still face limitations, unlike their western counterparts. Lebanese girls for marriage mainly choose to be married to foreigners because they want access to opportunities that elude them in their home country. Some of the women also do it because they want to see the world from the perspective of another culture.

Tips on dating a Lebanese girl for marriage

Here are some tips to help your relationship with a Lebanese girlfriend thrive:

State your intentions clearly

Lebanese brides do not like being lied to. For them, lying is a red flag and may cost you your relationship. For attraction to a Lebanon bride to come, your intentions towards her have to be clear. Don’t expect to have an arranged marriage with a Lebanese bride because the women prefer to spend time with their potential husbands and figure out if they’re compatible before they commit to the relationship.

Ignore the stereotypes

There are probably a lot of things you have heard about Lebanese women. If you intend to have a good relationship with your woman, ensure that you don’t pay heed to preconceptions. Only form an opinion about a Lebanese woman after you have met her and not before.

Offer gifts and dates to show her your attention

One way to get your Lebanese girlfriend to be happy with you is by buying her gifts and taking her on dates. These compliments and love declarations make her feel like an important part of your life.

Be supportive

Although Lebanese women are intelligent they do not believe in being independent like western women. If you want to be her partner, she needs to know that she can rely on you and you need to prove that you’re dependable.

Spend time with her

It may be challenging to date or enjoy your relationship when you and your girlfriend live in different countries. But if you show that you’re serious by going to visit her, she’ll appreciate your efforts. Let her know that you want to spend your life with her and have kids with her. Discuss important life changes and decisions with your Lebanese wife. This will make her happy and have more trust in you.

Follow fashion trends

If you want to date a Lebanese lady you’ll have to be up-to-date with fashion. This includes having a good dress sense and looking nice.

Don’t force intimacy

If you want a relationship with a Lebanese woman, you have to understand that casual intimacy is out of the question. A Lebanese woman can only accept your advances if she loves and knows you. Don’t attempt to rush her and wait for her to be comfortable.

Reduce the complaints

Lebanese women uphold the traditional roles of men. Men are supposed to be strong and dependable and she will see it as a sign of weakness if you complain too frequently.

Final Thoughts

Lebanese girls are stunningly beautiful, loving, devoted, and caring life partners. These Asian brides become some of the best wives. Their magnificent charm, hot passion, and ultimate support will fuel your love till death do you apart. If you want to marry a Lebanese girl, registering on dating sites is the easiest way to do it. It will allow you to find a woman of your dream as quickly as possible.


Do Lebanese Women Prefer Dating Americans? 

Lebanese women don’t mind dating foreigners. For them, your nationality does not matter as much as your personality. A Lebanese mail-order bride will fall in love with your personal qualities such as kindness, carefulness, etc. If you are a kind and reliable person, you will be able to conquer any woman’s heart.

Is English Widespread in Lebanon?

As mentioned before, about 30% of the Lebanese population speaks English. Most of the women receive Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and have advanced knowledge of English upon graduation. Therefore, you might not experience any communication difficulties at all.

What is the Best Lebanese Dating Website?

Finding the best dating site among thousands of platforms on the web might be quite challenging. The best Lebanese dating site should have a good reputation, apply reliable safety measures, and offer high-quality services at a reasonable price.

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