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What Makes Chinese Mail Order Brides So Irresistible?

chinese brides

Chinese brides have more advantages than we can list in a single article, but if you want to know why they are so popular among foreign men, these five best qualities should give you an idea.

They are incredibly pretty

Chinese women are some of the prettiest girls among Asian brides. They have a very distinctive appearance that you will never mix with Japanese or Korean women once you get to know Chinese brides better. They have sleek black hair, captivating eyes, flawless pale skin, and a face that looks exactly the same no matter how old a Chinese woman is. Chinese girls are usually petite and skinny, but they often have subtle curves that will make you want to see them every day for the rest of your life.

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They are utterly feminine

Femininity is one of the most noticeable qualities of Chinese brides. These are not the women who will smoke and drink as much as men, laugh too loudly or make crude jokes, or generally display manly qualities. Chinese mail-order brides are aware of their femininity and proud of it. They talk quietly and move gracefully, making you feel incredibly proud when you enter a venue with a Chinese wife by your side.

They are always sincere

Chinese women are always sincere and truthful in their relationships. They know that concealing the truth or straight-up lying can ruin even the strongest romance, and they will avoid it at all costs. When there is any disagreement in your couple, a Chinese bride will prefer to discuss it there and then and look for an optimal solution rather than to sweep it under a rug. She knows that it will come up sooner or later and lead to great disappointment and resentment, which is why she will always be sincere with you.

They are not interested in a big number of partners

Like most women on the planet, Chinese girls are free to date whoever they want and don’t face any restrictions to only marry once in their lifetime. However, Chinese women are naturally monogamous and will never be romantically interested in more than one partner. Moreover, they are not interested in dating just for the sake of not being alone and will only get together with someone they can see as a potential husband. That is why your Chinese mail-order bride will probably have very little dating history and no baggage of previous marriages.

They are very easy to date

Dating a Chinese bride won’t require you any more effort than a relationship with a woman from your own country. Despite the difference in your origins and dating experience, you will get along perfectly with your Chinese bride from the first day and will never feel like you are dating a foreign woman. She will laugh at your jokes, surprise you with little romantic gestures, and calmly explain what she wants to make the relationship perfect. After such a happy period of dating, there’s no doubt you will want to make it eternal by marrying your Chinese bride.

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Why Should You Choose A Chinese Mail Order Bride For Marriage?

chinese brides

Chinese mail-order brides make very popular dating partners for Western men, but they are even more popular as wives. Getting a Chinese mail-order wife will give you the following benefits.

She is an amazing cook

A Chinese wife may be the busiest woman on the planet, but she will always find the time to whip up a fresh and healthy meal for her family. Chinese women care a lot about the taste and nutritional value of the food their families are eating, which is why they are strictly opposed to junk food and frozen meals. Chinese cuisine has millions of fans around the world, and once you taste a feast prepared by your Chinese wife herself, you will also turn into a fan.

She knows the value of money

One of the most unexpected things about Chinese brides is how smart they are with money. This is rooted in the fact that many Chinese women work from an early age and support themselves and sometimes their parents if they don’t make enough money on their own. No matter how much or how little money your family may have, a Chinese wife will always make the best of them, spending every dollar with a purpose and helping the family save for something important.

She is prepared to work

In each family, the situation is different and you may afford to have your wife stay at home and take care of the house and the children. However, if you feel like you cannot support your family on your own, you can always count on your Chinese wife’s assistance. Most Chinese mail-order wives have a degree and a profession. They have no problem with working full-time for the sake of their families and they won’t resent you for not being able to provide for the family on your own.

She won’t constrain you

Chinese wives know how important freedom is in a relationship and marriage. Your Chinese wife will likely have a life outside of marriage with her own friends, hobbies, and activities, and she certainly won’t prevent you from doing the same. Marriage to a Chinese mail-order wife doesn’t mean you will need to spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week together, and a little time apart can do wonders for your relationship.

She will make the perfect mother

Chinese women have a special attitude to motherhood. After witnessing their government interfere in family life for generations, Chinese wives really appreciate being able to make their own decisions. Most of them want at least two kids, although some want three or even more. A Chinese woman is a perfect mother who is nurturing and caring but also knows when to give her kids some space and let them learn from their own mistakes.

Which Qualities Are Chinese Wives Looking For In Men?

chinese brides

With over 700 men of all ages living in China, Chinese women clearly don’t have a shortage of local men to marry. However, throughout their early years, Chinese brides learn that local guys lack some of the most essential qualities that they are looking for in men. A Chinese mail order bride will only agree to marry a man that has the following traits:

  • Responsibility. Chinese mail-order brides are naturally serious and responsible. They never get married or start a family if they are not ready for it, and they expect the man to be the same. When you marry a Chinese bride, you need to assume responsibility for your family and always make your promises come true. Irresponsible behavior and broken promises are the biggest red flags for Chinese brides.
  • Open-mindedness. China is a very traditional country in many aspects, but Chinese women are gradually becoming more and more open-minded. They are ready to accept their partners with all their flaws and imperfections, and you should be ready for it too. A Chinese mail-order bride may not be perfect, but she will be willing to become better for you, and you need to be open-minded enough to accept her quirks.
  • Active outlook. Chinese mail-order brides are not the kind of women who will only spend their time at work and at home doing nothing. They have an active view of life and they try to get as much from it as possible. That is why Chinese wives want to see an equally active person by their side. You may not want to share all the experiences with your wife, but you need to support her and give her space to do what she wants.
  • Generosity. Chinese mail-order wives are perfectly capable of making money and providing for their families, but they don’t want to become the main provider. In Chinese culture, men are seen as the ones who ensure a comfortable life for their families. To achieve that, a man needs to not only have a steady job and good career prospects, but also a generous and caring nature.
  • Right priorities. Many Chinese men work too hard to make money for their families, but while they are doing it, they can forget that they actually have a family to take care of. Chinese wives are patient and understanding beyond belief, but if a man only cares about his job, they will never be able to accept it. No matter how prestigious and demanding your job is, you always need to put family first.

Dating A Chinese Mail Order Bride: 5 Helpful Tips

Whether you meet your Chinese girl for marriage online or in person, you will need to date her to make sure she’s the one for you and to let her realize the same. It can take you anywhere between a few months and a few years, and before you begin to date a Chinese bride, you need to know how to make the best possible impression on her. Here are 5 tips to help you build a great relationship with a Chinese mail-order bride.

Make it clear that you’re a catch

Chinese girls are used to the attention from men in their home country, as well as foreigners. They are very meticulous about finding a suitable partner and will never date or marry someone who doesn’t impress them. That is why, when you first get to know your Chinese mail order bride, you need to demonstrate your best qualities as a potential boyfriend and husband. It includes always looking presentable, having an interesting personality, being a valued employee or having your own business, and treating your woman the way she deserves. When a Chinese woman sees how positively different you are from other men, she will be more likely to choose you.

Take the reins in the relationship

The slightly outdated dating culture in China prevents women from making the first move or directing the relationship once it gets serious. Chinese mail order brides may indicate their interest non-verbally or even reach out to you first if you are both using the same dating site, but other than that, your Chinese bride will expect you to make the move first. However, Chinese girls are gradually becoming more open to the idea of the woman being proactive in her love life, so you might as well meet a Chinese bride who is willing to make the first step.

Show her you’re not cheap

Since you are both adults, the issue of money will come up sooner or later. You already know that Chinese mail-order brides love generous men, but what exactly does it mean for a new relationship? First of all, the men should always pay for dates in Chinese dating culture. When the relationship progresses, your Chinese bride may treat you to coffee, drinks, or a dinner, but when you are still getting to know each other, you should never suggest splitting the bill. Second, Chinese women love gifts. They don’t need to be expensive, but they need to be thoughtful. Third, taking your Chinese mail order bride shopping will make you look even more attractive.

Be a complete romantic

Chinese women are big fans of romantic gestures and romance in a relationship. Even after they are no longer teens or even in their twenties, they are still impartial to romantic moves by a man. And whether you are still dating online, already see each other in person, or are getting ready for marriage, you can still find plenty of ways to impress your Chinese bride. From a lovely text in the morning to a bouquet of flowers delivered to her office, and from a custom mug with your couple’s photo on it to the most romantic marriage proposal, there are lots of things you can do.

Get as close to her as possible

To a Chinese mail order bride, you are not just a foreigner in a legal or geographical sense. You are also completely foreign to her language and culture, but there is a possibility to correct that if you want to spend a lifetime with your Chinese bride. Simply immerse yourself in her life and culture as much as possible. Start learning Mandarin, meet her family and friends, and find out more about the way she lives. You can discover a whole new side of your Chinese mail order bride and your relationship will only get better from it.

How to impress the parents of Chinese girls for marriage

Chinese culture upholds family, and although the women are independent, Chinese girls for marriage will always get family approval before making tough life decisions. Getting married to a foreigner is one of those decisions that can’t be taken alone because they consider marriage an intentional and essential journey. Before embarking on that journey of marital union with your Chinese bride, you need to visit her parents and relate with them. If you’re going to meet your date’s family, here are some tips to get them to like you.

Bring gifts from your home country

Do not come empty-handed. If you are traveling from your country, buy souvenirs or gifts. The Chinese consider it rude for people to visit for the first time without a gift. However, you don’t need expensive gifts. Just bring something that relates to your home country.

Visit the Extended Family

Chinese extended families usually live together or close to each other. When you visit, do not just focus on the lady’s parents. Ask after her grandparents and other relatives. That will endear you to them.

Show that you’re serious

Chinese people are naturally cautious. If you want to get the parents to approve your relationship, they need to trust you first. Show them that your intentions are genuine. Tell them the plans you have for their daughter because it creates a bond and affection between you and the family.

Important Marriage Traditions in China

Here are some essential marriage rites you will be required to perform before settling with Chinese brides for marriage. Bear in mind that you will have to participate fully in these traditions if a Chinese woman accepts your proposal:

The Betrothal

As soon as a Chinese couple decides to marry, they organize a betrothal ceremony. The groom receives symbolic gifts like wine, tea, gold jewelry, and other packages from the bride’s parents. If the family accepts the proposal, half of the presents are usually returned.

The perfect wedding date

The wedding date is not an instant decision. Couples have to let an astrologist guide them. If that is not feasible, they consider their birthdays and some good dates in China to help them find the best date. Couples intending to wed in China do not just do it on a whim as the wedding date needs to be perfect.

Hopeful colors and symbols

At every Chinese wedding, the desired colors are red and gold. These are symbolic. The couple also uses other symbols like dragons, gold pigs, mandarin ducks, including the double happiness symbol.

Tea ceremony

The tea ceremony is one of the main parts of a Chinese wedding. The couple prepares black sweetened tea and serves it to the family members present, beginning with the groom’s parents and ending with the bride’s aunts and uncles.

The wedding reception

Only very few parties are as lavish as a Chinese wedding reception. The families prepare many dishes for the ceremony, including an 8-course meal. Any other meals offered usually have a symbolic meaning, and they include toasts to the new couples, dancing, and other activities.

There is a reason why Chinese brides for marriage are some of the most popular foreign women on the planet. Chinese women possess a special kind of beauty, they are hard-working, devoted, and perfect partners for starting a family. If you are enamored with China brides but don’t know where to look for them or how to make sure your relationship works, check out our detailed guides and reviews and make your experience a success.



What Chinese Brides Like About American Men?

Yes, Chinese brides admire Western men, especially American ones. They believe that they have a good education and are more open-minded than Chinese men. They are also sure that American men do more sports and enjoy traveling more than Asian men.

Is It Possible To Find English-speaking Chinese Brides?

Yes, it is. The majority of Chinese brides get a high-quality education, that is why they speak English well. However, not all Chinese women have an opportunity to practice it daily so they may need some time to improve their speaking skills.

Where Can You Meet Chinese Brides Easily?

Today, the best place for meeting a Chinese bride is a dating website. Asian dating platforms offer a wide range of services and features so that you can hear, see, and talk to the person you admire without the need to travel to China.

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