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Many foreign gentlemen dream of beautiful Asian women. These girls fascinate them with their unique appearance, slim figures, and excellent personal traits. Hot Indonesian women are modest and calm, and they respect their husbands. They are honest and loyal – local girls believe that these features help them build healthy relationships. Calm nature and tender beauty make Indonesian ladies the best choice for men striving to have a peaceful family life.

However, many other qualities make foreign guys go crazy about girls from this country. Keep on reading our article to find out why they are so popular among men from abroad. The list of top 10 hot Indonesian women will be the cherry on top.

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Why Are Indonesian Girls Considered to Look So Hot?

Although the beauty of Indonesian women is incomparable, men marry them not only because of their gorgeous appearance. Successful relationships are built thanks to the personal qualities of partners. Hot Indonesian women are an excellent example of superwomen because they have features every man wants his future wife to have.


Local women take care of their skin and body. Beauty and SPA salons are an integral part of hot Indonesian women’s lives. They also like to buy different creams, face masks, and essential oils. Shelves in an Indonesian girl’s bathroom are filled with these products.

Sexy Indonesian women seem to know the secret of everlasting youth. Their skin looks excellent even when ladies turn 50 or 60 years old. Sometimes it’s hard to guess how old a local woman is because of her stunning appearance.

Indonesian women also take care of their hair. They spend a lot of money on quality shampoo, masks, and other cosmetic products. That’s why their hair is thick, healthy, and glossy.

Hot Indonesian women are fashion divas. They track the latest trends and love shopping. Girls from Indonesia excellently combine clothes and look gorgeous in any situation.

Physical features

Hot Indonesian girls have dark, thick hair, light beige or porcelain skin, tender lips, and deep, black eyes. Although they are petite, they have feminine forms. Indonesian women use light makeup to accentuate their beauty. Of course, you can meet girls who like red lipstick and heavy eyeshadow, but most of them prefer to appear like this in the evening.

Girls from Indonesia don’t even need to visit a gym to look great. They have perfect bodies even without physical exercises. However, many women do yoga, run every day, and play different sports games to improve their health.


Family ties are highly valued in Asia. Indonesian girls respect elders and help their parents after getting married. They always take into account the opinion of their family members when they need to make an important decision. If a local girl’s parents don’t like her boyfriend, chances are she will even finish their relationship.

Indonesian family traditions clearly specify the roles of a man and a woman. Typically, a husband is a head of a family – he earns money, makes important decisions, and protects his spouse and kids. A woman dedicates herself to her man and kids. She knows she has to spend much time with children, teach them, and instill moral values in them. An Indonesian woman can even quit her job to take care of her husband and children.

Popularity among men

Asian brides are in high demand among European, western, and eastern men. Women from Indonesia are calm, respectful, and modest. They try to avoid conflict situations and prefer to agree with their partners than to prove a point. Hot Indonesian women become the best life partners for those searching for peace in relationships. Moreover, these ladies impress foreign men with their unique appearance.

Top 10 Hottest Indonesian Girls

10. Acha Septriasa

Acha Septriasa

Acha Septriasa opens our list of the top 10 hottest Indonesian girls. She became famous as an actress playing the girl next door roles. Born on September 1, 1989 Acha Sptriasa also released a few music albums and appeared in different advertisements.

This beautiful Indonesian girl started her career as a model. Soon, she appeared in a few movies. Her selected filmography includes “Heart,” “Love is Cinta,” and “Kartini.” Acha Septriasa was named one of the highest-paid Indonesian actresses.

9. Yuki Kato

Yuki Kato

It’s easy to fall in love with the cute smile of this pretty girl. Yuki Kato is a successful Indonesian actress and model. She was born on April 2, 1995 to a Japanese father and Indonesian mother.

Yuki Kato appeared in a number of movies and TV series. She debuted as an actress in 2003. Yuki Kato got numerous awards throughout her career, including the Indonesian Film Festival Vidia Award and SCTV award. Yuki was interested in music, and she even recorded a soundtrack for the film she starred in. The movie is called “Operation Wedding.”

8. Anggika Bolsterli

Anggika Bolsterli

Although this beauty is rather young, she is a famous actress in her native country. One of the hottest Indonesian women has Javanese and Swiss roots. Anggika was born on the 21st of June in 1995. She starred in numerous Indonesian films and TV series.

Anggika appeared in a TV series in 2013 for the first time. She became famous after starring in “Terbang Bersamamu.” As an actress, Anggika was nominated for many awards.

7. Nadine Chandrawinata

Nadine Chandrawinata

Nadine is another pretty representative of hot Indonesian women on our list. It’s hard to imagine how many talents she hides because this girl is involved in several industries. Nadine is a model, actress, and producer. Born on May 8, 1984 Nadine participated in the Miss Universe beauty contest in 2006.

As an actress, Nadine debuted in the film “Reality, Love, and Rock’n Roll” in 2005. She produced the film “The Mirror Never Lies” and received the 6th Edition – Asia Pacific Screen Awards in the category Best Youth Feature Film in 2012. As a beauty contest participant, Nadine won the title of Miss Universe Indonesia in 2006.

6. Dian Sastrowardoyo

Dian Sastrowardoyo

Dian is a successful Indonesian actress and model. She started her modeling career way back in 1996 and won the beauty contest at the age of 14. Dian Sastrowardoyo was born on the 16th of March in 1982.

This pretty woman became famous after starring in the Indonesian film “Pasir Berbisik.” The movie brought her many awards. Her other recognizable role is the character Cinta in “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?” Dian has been collaborating with L’Oreal Paris since 2010.

5. Bunga Lestari

Bunga Lestari

Bunga Lestari is one of the most talented and hottest Indonesian women. She is an actress, model, singer, and TV presenter. The beautiful girl was born on March 22, 1983.

Her modeling career started with the collaboration with HAI Magazine. She appeared in a music video for Jikustik and the TV series “Tujuh Tanda Cinta.” Bunga joined the PAS band as a singer in 2004. Her first solo album brought her success – 75.000 copies were sold in Indonesia during the first week after release. Nowadays, Bunga Lestari is one of the most successful celebrities in Indonesia. She was honored with numerous music awards.

4. Luna Maya

Luna Maya

Luna Maya is the next representative of hot Indonesian women on our list. Born on August 26, 1983 she started her career as a model. However, this pretty girl also managed to reach success as a singer and actress.

Luna Maya got her first role in a movie in 2004. Her talent was highly praised, and she decided to focus on her acting career. She appeared in a number of Indonesian movies and TV series. Luna also appeared in advertising campaigns for different companies. As a singer, she released one studio album.

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3. Farah Quinn

Farah Quinn

Farah Quinn proves that hot Indonesian women are excellent cooks. This gorgeous woman is a celebrity chef, TV personality, and restaurateur. She was born on April 8 in 1980.

Farah Quinn was fond of cooking ever since she was a child. She even decided to change her profession. At first, Farah studied finances at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the USA. But she switched to culinary arts and got a degree in pastry. In 2003, Farah opened her first restaurant. She came back to Indonesia in 2008 and began to appear in different TV shows. She became an ambassador for different products. An Indonesian TV program named her the Sexiest Female Celebrity in 2011.

2. Ratu Felisha

Ratu Felisha

Ratu Felisha has won all hearts in Indonesia. The gorgeous girl is an actress and model. Ratu Felisha was born on October 16, 1982.

She entered the entertainment industry as a model. Ratu Felisha appeared on pages of a popular magazine FHM. This beautiful representative of sexy Indonesian girls debuted in a movie in 2004. However, her acting talent brought her real recognition in 2006. She starred in the horror movie “The Chating.”

1. Sherina Munaf

Sherina Munaf

Sherina Munaf is another talented girl on our top hot Indonesian women list. This girl has an excellent voice and impressive acting skills. Sherina Munaf was born on June 11, 1990.

She started to take singing classes when she was a child. Sherina won a karaoke contest in 1997 and a singing contest in 1998. It’s hard to believe but she released her first album when she was nine, and it became Platinum. More than 250.000 copies were sold. The album brought Sherina two Indonesian Music Awards. Her next album also went Platinum. She released six studio albums during her music career. She joined judges at The Voice and hosted different TV programs in Indonesia. Sherina became the ambassador for many brands and organizations, including UNICEF, WWF, Maybelline, Panasonic, MTV Staying Alive, and KakaoTalk. As an actress, she starred in three films.

Bottom Line

It’s hard to find a better potential wife than an Indonesian woman. She is calm by nature and family-oriented. If you dream of turning your house into a family oasis, you should consider dating hot Indonesian women. They treat their men as if they are kings and take care of their kids. Besides, our list of the top 10 sexiest Indonesian women proves that these ladies are talented and smart. So, they are the best choice for marriage.

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