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About Israel

Is Israel worth visiting? In short, it is, even if you won’t meet Israeli brides there.

This country is located on the eastern shore of the warm Mediterranean Sea and offers plenty of luxurious sea resorts.

The weather is also pretty comfortable in the country all year round. Even in winter, the average temperature can reach up to 22°C.

Still, you may want to visit this county in spring, early fall, and summer due to warmer temperatures and plenty of girls in revealing clothes at the beach.

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Are There Any Specific Requirements to Go for Israeli Girls for Marriage?

Although you don’t require a visa to go to Israel, you will still need to do some procedures before packing your bags to meet Israeli girl. First and foremost, you should do a PCR COVID-19 test no earlier than 120 hours before the entry. If you don’t do the test or a vaccine, you will have to go into isolation.

Is Israel a Safe Destination to Meet Israeli Wives?

Despite terrifying news about rockets bombarding the Iron Dome of Israel, the main tourist destinations remain out of danger. Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and other spots are 100% safe and secure.

As for crime rates and general safety, Israel is also ahead of the pack. It’s safer than the United States and Canada overall. You can aim for Israeli girls for marriage from northern Israel cities if you prefer to stay as far away from Gaza Strip as possible.

How Much Does It Cost to Date Israeli Brides?

Compared to other Asian countries, Israel is quite an expensive destination. The estimated average monthly traveling costs can reach up to $7,000. So you would want to meet Israeli mail order brides online before visiting the country.

If you are not a limited budget, you can expect to spend around $2,000-$2,500 per month. But you would want to do something more than walk along the streets with Asian brides anyway.

Sure, your Israeli girl for marriage will cover some expenses herself. But you will better meet a lady online to make sure your dating trip will have a purpose.

Why Western Guys Marry Israeli Women?

israeli brides

Straightforward Nature

While dating Israeli women, you will wonder how easily you can discuss various things. A typical girl from Israel will always express her feelings directly. And you will be the one to be red in the face when talking about sexual preferences with her.

Many American guys wish the US women were so straightforward. That is why lots of men dream of having a relationship with an Israeli girl.

Being so frank is exceptionally convenient in a relationship. You will forget about any kind of misunderstanding because you will always be able to ask your girlfriend directly about your worries, and she will do the same for hers.

An Israeli woman will tell you what she wants for her birthday, what sex position she wants to try today, what she wants you to improve in the relationship, etc. An Israeli woman will prefer to resolve any disputes straight away rather than hold grudges for days.

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Charming Beauty

Do you know that Gal Gadot, one of the hottest Hollywood actresses, is Israeli? She won a national beauty pageant at the age of 18. Israeli women are indeed some of the hottest in the world. How can that be? Historically, the Israeli nation consisted of mixed ethnic groups. They traveled a lot, married, had children, and returned home.

Mixed genetics comprising the European, Middle Eastern, and Slavic traits contribute to the astonishing Israeli beauty. Many Israeli people have Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish roots. As a result, lots of local women have exotic yet stunning facial features, bronze skin, and thick, long hair.

But genetics is not the only reason explaining the gorgeous appearance of local women. It is a combination of the flourishing beauty industry and high living standards since Israel ranks 31st in the world by the nominal GDP. It is famous for the advanced healthcare industry, and many people from all over the globe prefer to have treatments and do plastic surgeries in Israeli clinics.

Israel is among the top 12 countries with the highest life expectancy – the locals live for 83.49 years on average. All these features make the Israeli women stunningly beautiful.


Israeli brides are super loyal. Most women aim at long-lasting relationships. If an Israeli woman dates you, she thinks of you as of her future husband. It is especially true for women above 20. As a rule, by the age of 23-24, they already know what kind of person they need to connect their life to. Due to this, Israeli people are incredibly loyal and have stable relationships in general.

Only teen couples tend to break up after several months together. Mature women, on the contrary, aim at marriage.

Therefore, while dating, you can be sure that your woman does not set her sights on other men. Moreover, your lady will never allow other guys to flirt with her.

On top of that, the divorce marriage ratio in Israel is 28%. It means that 72% of couples remain together till death do them apart, while in the US, only 47% of couples stay together in the long run.

What are Israeli Girls Like?

israeli brides

They Serve in Army

In Israel, women serve in the army. Israel is one of the few countries where military service is mandatory for both men and women. Besides, being a soldier is highly appreciated and respected in society. It is entirely acceptable and normal for Israeli women to deal with firearms.

Women serve in the army for two to three years. They are enlisted at the age of 18. Therefore, there is a 99% chance that you will date a girl who has already finished military service and can kill humans professionally.

If you have military experience, you know what it means to follow the discipline, wake up at first light, train hard, and shoot firearms.

Due to military service, Israeli women value true friendship and love. Lots of them taste the bitterness of losing their soulmates on the battlefield.

They like Manliness

Because of military service, Israeli women prefer manly guys. If you whine about your boss, lack of sleep, hard work, it is nothing compared to whistling bullets flying above the girls’ heads on the battlefield. Therefore, many women seek brave, decisive, and ambitious guys.

Sure, it does not mean that Israeli women prefer to date veterans, but they tend to fall in love with physically and mentally masculine guys.

They are Caring

Despite being tempered in the army, Israeli women are incredibly attentive and caring in the relationship. It is more of a national trait. Israeli will always give you a helping hand. If you catch a cold, an Israeli girl will pamper you, preparing as much medicine and hot tea as possible.

They are Well-educated

In 2014, more than 60% of Master’s graduates were women. So they receive a well-rounded education and apply for quite prestigious positions.

As for spoken languages, about 2% of Israeli are English native speakers. Most people can communicate and read in English, so you will not experience any obstacles in interacting with the local people. Therefore, an Israeli girl will probably switch to English if you approach her. At the same time, Russian is a more popular foreign language in the country.

The Best Places to Meet Israeli Women?

israeli brides

If you live in the US, you can search for Israeli women in your area. About 150,000 Israeli currently live in the United States. Alternatively, you can buy a plane ticket to Israel. You can stay in the country for three months without a Visa if you are a tourist.

However, trying to meet Israeli girl on the American streets, clubs, and malls is quite challenging. Visiting Israel and picking up a woman of your dream will hardly be possible at the first try as well. Therefore, no matter whether you search for Israeli brides in the US or Israel, it would be much better to register on dating sites. Besides, you will meet more Israeli women interested in foreigners online rather than on the streets.

The Best Dating Destinations in Tel Aviv

About 4.3 million people live in Tel Aviv. So you will find thousands of Israeli girls for marriage there, literally. The city is far from the potential Israeli-Palestinian conflict zones as well. Besides, it offers plenty of daytime and nightlife opportunities. We picked the best places to date Israeli brides in Tel Aviv:

  • The beach. No doubt, the beaches of Tel Aviv are the best places to date Israeli women because all girls on the beach are free of makeup, and you can check whether their true appearances fit your preferences.
  • Eretz Israel Museum – an excellent place to arrange a date.
  • Rothschild Boulevard – the main street of Tel Aviv. It’s also an excellent place for the first date because you can get to the nearest restaurants, museums, and other attractions in a couple of minutes.

The best nightlife spots to meet Israeli women include:

  • Radio E.P.G.B – 9PM-6AM.
  • Kuli Alma – 9 PM-5 AM.
  • Spicehaus – 6 PM-3 AM.

How to Date Israeli Women Online Safely?

It is no secret that there are lots of poor-quality or scam dating platforms on the web.

You should find a trustworthy dating site to date Israeli mail order brides safely. So, check these tips on selecting a reliable platform:

1. Check the Profile Quality

You want to chat with real people on a dating site, don’t you? Many dating platforms feature fantasy profiles to “increase user activity and involvement in the services.” In practice, fantasy profiles are designed to launder money from trustful customers. Chatting with interned bots is pointless, so you should avoid such dating sites. They have to mention entertaining profiles in their terms and conditions to operate legally. So check the terms of use.

2. Learn about Safety Features

Lack of digital security is a prominent sign of an unreliable dating website. Check the internet connection. If the site uses an HTTPS protocol, your data will be encrypted and therefore stored securely. Reliable dating platforms also display digital security badges.

3. Find Customer Testimonials

Checking customer testimonials on the web will help you find plenty of details about a particular dating site. People often mention the features that you will not be able to check without registering on the website and using the full spectrum of services.

4. Check the Dating Reviews

Dating service reviews will allow you to learn about the quality of profiles, safety features, customer service, communication features, prices, and more. So, before registering on a particular dating site, it would be better to read a couple of review articles. It will help you define whether this platform is suitable for you or not.

How to Pick Up an Israeli Girl?

israeli brides

1. Make an Appealing Dating Profile

Unfortunately, many guys make fatal mistakes when completing their dating profiles. So, here is the list of things you should not do:

  • Don’t post pictures of other people, animals, or something else. Upload only your photos.
  • Don’t complain. No matter what drives you mad, don’t write about it on your dating profile. Be positive instead.
  • Don’t write things that can turn people off, pointing out at exact height, weight, and breast size in your dating preferences.
  • Don’t include generic adjectives when describing yourself.

To make your dating profile appealing, upload a couple of your pictures with good lighting somewhere outdoors. Bring positive energy to your profile and emphasize your best qualities.

2. Learn Hebrew

If you talk to an Israeli woman in her native language, you will show a high appreciation of her personality and culture. She will be glad to give you some language lessons. Besides, it will help you get closer to each other. So, you should learn at least basic phrases in Hebrew, which will help you understand Israeli wives in the future.

3. Be Neat and Tidy

Israeli girls love masculine but not messy guys. So, make sure you use a good-smelling perfume and dress well.

4. Be Respectful

Polite and well-mannered men always attract women’s attention. You should treat an Israeli woman with respect. Don’t try to show off (even if you have a collection of Lamborghini cars to drive a different one every day). Israeli women have always been equal to men, so there is no “woman is a servant” mentality in Israel.

5. No Politics or Religion Discussions

Avoid talking about politics and relations with Palestine. You will also get slapped instantly for joking about Hitler and Jews. Israeli people are very protective of their country, religion, and nationality and may interpret political discussions as a personal insult.

6. Pay for the First Date

Although Israeli are used to splitting the bills, it would be better to pay for the first date. Your Israeli girl for marriage will be glad for this kind of attention and respect.

7. Don’t Rush with Sex

Israeli women differ from American ones when it comes to sex. For them, it is much more intimate. So you should not push your woman into bed. It will take some time before she is ready for love-making. You should remember that most of the Israeli women aim at long-lasting relationships. Casual dating is taboo for an Israeli bride.

Final Thoughts

Many Western guys are obsessed with Israeli women due to their honesty, loyalty, carefulness, and charming beauty. Israeli women become some of the most reliable and devoted wives. If you want to date or marry one, you need to be a respectful, supporting, and loving partner. Also, Israeli women prefer masculine men. Therefore, you need to be a decisive, responsible, and mentally mature person. Dating these marvelous women is worth the effort since you will always be surrounded by love and care.


Do Israeli Brides Prefer Dating American Guys?

Your nationality does not play a significant role in a relationship with an Israeli woman. These girls value personal qualities in the first place. If you are loyal, loving, respectful, and honest, an Israeli woman will fall in love with you. Besides, if you can spark your girlfriend’s interest in your culture, it will strengthen your bond.

Are Israeli Women Fluent in English?

English is the second most popular foreign language in Israel. Therefore, many people speak it on an intermediate level at least. You have very high chances of meeting a girl with fluent knowledge of English.

What is the Best Israeli Dating Site?

There are plenty of satisfactory dating platforms on the web. But the best ones combine a safe environment, affordable subscription prices, and a real community.

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