Top 10 Hot Malaysian Girls

Alex Harvey
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Malaysia is one of the most popular destinations for single foreign men. Hot Malaysian women have some magnetic beauty that attracts guys from all over the globe. Moreover, local girls are shy, kind, and loyal – these features make them a perfect choice for guys striving to have a calm family life. Women from Malaysia focus on their husbands and kids after the wedding. They do their best to comfort their family members and take care of them.

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What else makes hot Malaysian women the best brides? You’ll find the explanation below. Besides, we’ve prepared the list of the most beautiful famous Malaysian women, so keep on reading.

Why Are Malaysian Girls Considered to Look So Hot?

Once a Malaysian woman has entered a room, all eyes will be on her. Her unique appearance makes men lose their minds and forget what they wanted to say. Although a girl from Malaysia is modest and calm by nature, she manages to grab the attention of everyone. Some mysterious power acts like a magnet and makes guys fall in love at first sight with ladies from this country. Perfect physical features and inner beauty turn hot Malaysian girls into ideal life partners.


No doubt that hot Malaysian women belong to the most beautiful Asian girls. Foreign men can’t resist their special charm and exotic appearance. They love to highlight their eyes, so it seems like a girl from Malaysia looks into your soul and knows all your secrets.

Like women from other Asian countries, Malaysian females age beautifully. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how old a local woman is because of the absence of wrinkles on her face and gray hair. Ladies from Malaysia have good genes, so they are protected from aging. Besides, these women take care of their skin and bodies. They are regular visitors at beauty salons. Sexy Malaysian girls prefer to eat healthy food rather than to buy fast food. They also regularly do physical exercises to keep their bodies fit.

Physical features

Although girls from Malaysia have many common features, they still differ from each other. So, every foreign man can find a woman meeting his preferences. You can meet petite Malaysian women who look like cute dolls and tall girls with feminine forms. However, there are common characteristics in the appearance of local girls. For example, they have deep brown eyes, dark straight hair, and sun-kissed skin.


Most Malaysians are Muslims, so local women follow strict rules concerning their behavior and clothes. They don’t flirt with men and they don’t show romantic feelings in public. Besides, one date is not enough to get a kiss from a Malaysian girl. You’ll have to show that you have serious intentions because she is focused on the idea of building a long-term relationship with a reliable man.

Malaysians follow traditional gender roles which means that a man earns the money while a woman raises kids and arranges comfort at home. A husband makes major decisions, and a woman supports him unconditionally and agrees with his ideas. Malaysian women highly respect their men and surround them with love and care.

Popularity among men

Foreign men are charmed by the beauty of hot Malaysian women. However, their appearance is only the tip of the iceberg. Western, eastern, and European men choose Asian brides because these ladies don’t care about their financial situation. They aren’t searching for rich husbands who would solve their money problems and give them expensive gifts. Malaysian beauties are looking for honest, kind men, and it doesn’t matter how much money they earn. Besides, women of Malaysia put their families first. They can leave their professional goals behind to focus on their kids and husbands.

Top 10 Hottest Malaysian Girls

10. Hannah Tan

Hannah Tan

Hannah Tan opens our list of the top hot Malaysian women. She is a popular celebrity in Malaysia known for her singing, songwriting, and acting talents. Hannah Tan was born on October 25, 1981.

Her debut album contained three songs she wrote by herself. Hannah became the first Malaysian to sign a multimillion-dollar contract with a Japanese entertainment company. She debuted as an actress in 2008 by appearing in the film “Bezanya Cinta.”

9. Diana Danielle

Diana Danielle

Born on 22 November, 1991 in the USA, Diana Danielle has Malaysian roots. She moved to Malaysia when her parents divorced. Diana became famous as a singer and actress.

Diana Danielle was discovered when she was 9. She got a supporting role in the Malaysian film “Idola.” Nowadays, Diana is often invited to star in different movies, TV series, and commercial advertisements. As a singer, she released one single.

8. Juliana Evans

Juliana Evans

No doubt that Juliana Evans is one of the hottest Malaysian women. She is a famous actress, model, and TV personality. She was born on July 5, 1989.

Juliana debuted on TV at the age of 12. She was invited to host a popular Malaysian show Remaja. Juliana appeared in numerous films, TV series, and shows throughout her career. She entered the list of 100 Most Wanted Women in the World by FHM in 2010.

7. Carmen Soo

Carmen Soo

Carmen Soo has won all hearts in her native country and abroad. She is a talented model and actress. Carmen was born on 14 October, 1977.

She entered the modeling world at the age of 17. She moved to Hong Kong when she was 20 to develop her career. She appeared on covers of different local magazines, including V Mag, New Man, Nu You, and New Tide Glam. Carmen collaborated with different companies, such as Longines, Celcom, and Uniqlo. As an actress, she debuted on TV in 1999. Carmen starred in many films, TV series, and a few theater performances. She got the Most Promising Actress Award at the Malaysian Film Festival in 2006.

6. Nur Fazura

Nur Fazura

Nur Fazura is one of the most successful representatives of the Malaysian entertainment world. She is a TV host, actress, singer, and entrepreneur. Born on 27 September, 1983 she started her career by hosting different Malaysian TV shows and playing minor roles in films.

In 2004, Nur Fazura appeared in “Bicara Hati” which brought her recognition and award nomination. She starred in numerous TV shows, movies, and TV series throughout her career. Her acting talent was honored by different awards. Nur Fazura also released one album and a few singles as a singer. She is a successful entrepreneur. Nur Fazura opened a boutique and presented her mist spray collection.

5. Angie Ng

Angie Ng

Angie Ng is one of the hottest Malaysian girls. The modeling world would miss a lot without this beautiful woman. Angie Ng was born in 1978.

She started her modeling career at the age of 16. She was noticed by a local fashion designer at a mall. Angie Ng managed to collaborate with famous brands during the early years of her career. She worked for Marc Jacobs and DKNY. Angie was the first Malaysian girl to collaborate with Lady Gaga’s designer Marko Mitanovski. She also worked for Vivienne Westwood, Max Mara, Club Monaco, etc. Angie Ng appeared on pages of numerous magazines, including Elle, Marie Claire HK, GLAM, and Cosmopolitan HK.

4. Nora Danish

Nora Danish

Nora Danish is one of the most demanded actresses among hot Malaysian women. However, she is also a successful singer, model, TV personality, and businesswoman. Nora Danish was born on March 7, 1982.

She debuted in the entertainment world in 2004 in a commercial advertisement. A lead role in the sitcom “Puteri” made her famous. Nora Danish appeared in numerous films and TV series. She was also invited to host a TV program and become a judge at a show. Nora Danish got several awards, including the Hot Chick Award.

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3. Sheena Liam

Sheena Liam

Sheena Liam is another talented representative of hot Malaysian women. She is known as a model and embroidery artist. Born on May 7, 1991 she won the second season of Asia’s Next Top Model.

Sheena Liam at the fashion week 2014. She walked for Simone Rocha, Fashion East, Ones to Watch, and Mariana Jungmann. She appeared on the covers of Harper’s Bazaar, DesignScene, Cleo, and HerWorld. As an embroidery artist, Sheena Liam held an exhibition in Paris in 2018. The Art Gorgeous included her in the list of the Art World’s Top 200 Influencers in 2019.

2. Lisa Surihani

Lisa Surihani

Lisa Surihani couldn’t escape our attention and the sexy Malaysian women list. This gorgeous girl is a famous celebrity in Malaysia. She is an actress, TV host, and model. Born on the 23rd of March, 1986 she won several awards throughout her acting career. Lisa Surihani received the Malaysian Film Festival Award as the best actress.

She started to appear in commercials when she was 11 years old. Lisa collaborated with different brands throughout her career. They include Rexona, McDonald’s, Garnier, and Johnson & Johnson. Lisa appeared in numerous films, TV series, and shows.

1. Julie Woon

Julie Woon

Julie Woon is one of the most successful and recognizable personalities in the Malaysian entertainment world. This pretty woman is an actress, model, and TV host. Born on July 21, 1984 she became the national icon in Malaysia.

The lead role in the TV series “Blogger Boy” made her famous. Since then, she has appeared in a large number of Malaysian films, TV series, and shows. Julie Woon collaborated with different brands throughout her career. She became the ambassador for Puma Malaysia and participated in the campaigns of Bayer and Watsons.

The Bottom Line

Exploring Malaysian culture is a fascinating journey, so if you want to learn it you should get acquainted with local girls. One of them can become your faithful friend or wife. Hot Malaysian women are the best choice for foreign men because they differ a lot from other countries. They are shy, respectful, and family-oriented. Moreover, the unique appearance of women from Malaysia is like a breath of fresh air for foreign guys. You should only take a glance at a local girl, and you’ll fall in love at first sight. Every man in your native country will envy you because of her incomparable beauty and manners. A Malaysian lady is like precious jewelry for a gentleman from abroad.

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