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A Little More About the Country

Before we begin our journey into dating Malaysian women, let’s start with the country itself. After all, you will eventually visit this land, and you need to know whether it’s worth your effort.

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Malaysia’s Location and Climate

Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia and borders Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Brunei.

What can you expect from the local weather? Since Malaysia sits close to the equator, it’s warm all year around there.

The mean annual temperature of Malaysia doesn’t fall below 25°C (77°F), so it’s hot out there, and you can chill at beautiful Malaysian beaches literally from January to December.

Visa Policy of Malaysia

We have good news for you – you don’t need a visa to fly to Malaysia. People living in North America and most European countries can stay in Malaysia for 90 days without a visa.

Indeed, 90 days is pretty enough to find a couple of Malaysian women and decide which one will brighten your family till death do you apart.

Is It Safe to Go for Malaysian Women for Marriage?

Generally, you can travel to Malaysia safely. It’s only a couple of positions lower than Los Angeles, the USA, on the global safety listing. Sure, you may want to avoid some suburbs after midnight, but nothing will ever go to extremes. Follow general safety recommendations, and you will be okay:

  • Don’t drink like a fish.
  • Don’t wear flashy clothes.
  • Don’t carry a lot of cash.
  • Learn how to call the local emergency service.
  • Notify your family and friends about your journey.

Why Western Men Want to Date Malaysian Women?

malaysian brides

Irresistible Asian Beauty

Among Asian girls, Malaysian ones are some of the most beautiful. It is because indigenous Malaysian people have been mixing with other Asian ethnic groups and developing unique features that make them so attractive. Malaysian women have distinctive Chinese traits, but they are much softer, which makes them cute and childish, similarly to Japanese girls.

Thanks to Asian genetics, the local women rarely put on weight and therefore remain slim and fit even in their 40s. Only 15% of Malaysian people are obese, which is twice as low as in the US.

At the same time, the girls are so fit not only due to genetics but also to healthy foods and active pastimes. Fortunately, lots of people in Malaysia prefer to eat balanced food, saturated with nutrients necessary for maintaining quick metabolism.

On top of that, these women remain feminine due to cultural values. About 60% of the Malaysian population adheres to Islam. According to the Quran, God created humans beautifully. Beauty is highly appreciated in Islam, and women are used to paying much attention to their appearance.

High Moral Values

Wearing a hijab and other garments veiling the body is common among Malaysian women. While there are many reasons for that, many girls wear a hijab to preserve their beauty for their husbands.

Islam teaches followers to maintain high morality, patience, tolerance, and respect for each other. The Quran teaches you to sacrifice your needs for the sake of the people you love. That is why Western men are so excited about women grown in an Islamic environment. If you manage to marry a Malaysian woman, you will likely call your relationship ideal.

Traditional Values

While the feminist movement actively influences and shapes the Malaysian society, traditional values still prevail. In general, young Malaysian girls are taught to appreciate and respect male family members. Boys are taught to become future family leaders and take full responsibility for the well-being of their wives. Men become breadwinners while their wives take care of the house. Most Malaysian families follow these patterns, and both men and women are glad to do their part of work.

Domestic Skills

Traditional upbringing involves teaching Malaysian brides to do all the housework perfectly. Unlike Western women, the Malaysian ones will be eager to prepare delicious meals, bear children, and clean the house. That is why if you visit Malaysia for dating, you will likely meet women who can do the housework. Sure, you should not expect the local girl to be your servant, but she will do most domestic chores.

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What are Malaysia Women Like?


According to recent statistics, 96% of Malaysian women consider that they have to obey their husbands. Most of the girls will never cheat on their dates because infidelity is unacceptable in the Malaysian culture. While dating a local woman, you can be sure that she will devote herself to you without hesitation−choosing between men while dating is a taboo for her.


Several decades ago, Malaysian men were more educated than women. The tendency shifted towards women in 2010. Nowadays, more women are engaged in tertiary education. In 2018, 49% of women enrolled in universities, outnumbering men by 9%. Moreover, many girls study abroad.

Also, Malaysians are fluent in English. About 90% of the population could speak English in 2002. This trend has intensified, so you will face no difficulties flirting with the local women.

Want to be more Independent

Traditional societies, especially those under Islamic influence, apply certain limitations to women. Although Malaysia belongs to countries where human rights are highly developed, the local women still lack independence.

They struggle to gain more financial freedom and job opportunities. While big cities can provide women with enough career opportunities, the rural environment limits them drastically. Villages are much more traditional, and sometimes women are not allowed to work or even leave their homes without permission. It forces young girls to move to cities and dream of getting to the Western world.

We mentioned that infidelity is unacceptable for Malaysians. It is, however, applicable only to women in some cases. Islamic Malaysian men are allowed to have up to four wives. On the contrary, a woman cannot connect her life with one more partner. Most of Malaysia girls suffer in a polygamous marriage and cannot accept sharing their husband with another woman. For a Western person, having two or more spouses is something extraordinarily weird or even ugly. That is why lots of Malaysian women prefer dating foreigners, including Americans.

Where can you Meet Malaysian Women for Marriage?

malaysian brides

You may not even need to move to Malaysia to meet wonderful girls. More than 1,700 Malaysians live abroad, with about 77,000 in the US alone. Around 170,000 reside in Australia, and more than 20,000 live in Canada. So you can try to look for the Malaysian bride in your state.

Yet, Malaysian girls living in western countries do not differ from the local women, except for the appearance. If you seek unique dating experience and value the Malaysian culture, you should try getting to the Malay Peninsula and Borneo.

In Malaysia

Malaysia itself is a beautiful country and a worthwhile tourist destination. A warm climate and tropical rainforests combined with modern architecture make this country a magnet for tourists. So why not kill two birds with one stone? Besides, meeting a girl would make your vacation truly unbelievable.

A trip to Malaysia will cost you around $500 per week, including transportation, meals, accommodation, and entertainment. So if you plan to pick up girls, you will have to spend a bit more or even double the travel budget.

On the Web

It is no secret that online dating is one of the most efficient ways of meeting new people. Malaysia is more than 9,000 miles away from North America. Flying back and forth will drain your budget in a flash, and you may not even meet any girl.

So, online dating can become a perfect solution for picking up a Malaysian goddess before visiting the country. You can register on niche websites to find Malaysian mail-order brides. Generally, signing up on a dating website takes a couple of minutes. Then, you can browse and chat with hundreds of women.

How to Browse Malaysian Women on the Web Safely?

Online dating brings impressive results, but you need to find a trustworthy platform for this. Check these tips on selecting a secure dating website:

  • Evaluate the dating profiles. On a reliable dating website, profile pictures look quite authentic and sometimes have an awkward background. On the other side, if you see many photos that seem to be taken from the internet, you need to avoid such platforms.
  • Check for testimonials and reviews on the web. It is a fast way of deciding whether a certain platform suits you or not. Former users share their real opinion and often describe the pros and cons of using a particular dating site.
  • Learn about the dating site’s safety measures. It should display a digital security badge, have a valid SSL certificate, and apply anti-fraud policies.
  • Compare the prices to find the best quality-price ratio.

How to Avoid Online Dating Scams?

Sometimes, finding a reliable website for dating Malaysian women for marriage is not enough. You may meet dating scammers anyway. These people might create legit profiles, but they will follow malicious intentions. So check these red flags of online dating scams:

Asian Brides Ask for Money Beforehand

In the Asian world, men pay for their women, however, with measure. You can pay the restaurant check and buy a bunch of flowers for your girlfriend at the beginning of your relationship. But if a woman you barely know asks you to take heavy financial burdens of hers, like loans, medical treatments, or anything like that, you should raise a red flag. It’s not okay when Malaysian mail order brides ask strangers for thousands of dollars.

Your Relationship Develops at a Lightning-Fast Speed

Well, you might want to get laid quickly by dating an easy obedient woman. But the harsh reality might shatter your sweet dreams in a flash. If your online girlfriend falls in love with you too quickly, she is probably into your money in the first place. Be aware of a doormat woman since her obedience might turn out to be a trick to grab your money and vanish as if she never existed in your life.

Malaysian Brides Refuse to Show Themselves

Video calls are the only way to ensure you chat with real Malaysian mail order brides. But if your girlfriend is refusing to initiate video chat all the time, she might not appear the person she pretends to be.

How to Pick Up a Malaysian Girl?

malaysian brides

1. Go Online

Both Malaysian men and women tend to text online before meeting in real life. If you approach a woman on the street or in the club, she will likely find your pick up lines insulting. More than 35% of women say no to strangers on the streets. So meeting a girl online and texting her for some time until she becomes comfortable with you is a safe bet.

Malaysians develop relationships much slower than Americans, so you may chat with a girl for a couple of weeks before she wants to go out.

2. Chivalry Matters

Splitting the bills may insult a Malaysian girl. She will consider you a reliable person if you pay for her. A dating culture requires this, and Malaysian men are used to covering the dating expenses. So, it does not matter how long you know each other because you need to pay for your woman anyway.

3. Don’t Expect Intimacy to Happen Soon

Malaysians may seem too conservative. Indeed, premarital sex is very uncommon for them. Most of the time, love-making happens after marriage or when your girl ultimately trusts you. Sex is incredibly intimate to Malaysians. It is the climax of genuine love rather than lust. Therefore, you will have to apply much effort to get your girl into bed.

4. Look Attractive

Putting sandals overs socks is a crime regardless of where you are and whom you date. Women also evaluate men by their appearance at the first meeting. Therefore, you have to always look appealing and tidy. Put on a stylish outfit, apply a light perfume, smile, and be confident.

The same thing touches your dating profile. You should upload a couple of appealing pictures and complete profile questionnaires.

5. Consider Parents

A Malaysian mail order bride may discuss you with her parents right after you add her to your friend list. Malaysians are authoritative about their children, so you have to get along with your girlfriend’s parents.

Wrapping up

Despite old-fashioned dating traditions, Malaysian girls become the best wives. They are some of the most loyal women you will ever meet. Most of them prefer long-lasting relationships and consider men the family rulers. These women are devoted and obedient, which is ideal for a healthy marriage. Therefore, if you believe a Malaysian lady can make you happy, you should start searching for your love without hesitation.


Do Malaysian Girls Like Americans?

If you are a US citizen, a Malaysian girl will date you as long as you are a nice person and treat her with love, care, and respect. Many women prefer foreigners, including Americans, due to their Western mentality and a more respectful attitude towards women.

Do Malaysian Women Speak English?

Over 90% of the Malaysian people have enough English skills to interact with foreigners comfortably. Moreover, about 50% of the Malaysian population is fluent in English, so you will have no trouble communicating with the local girls.

What is the Best Malaysian Dating Site?

Finding the best dating site is relatively easy. Note that a trustworthy dating platform applies a reasonable pricing policy and hosts a safe environment for its users.

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