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About Laos

Laos is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia. It borders Myanmar, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

Like most of the surrounding countries, Laos is a warm and humid land with plenty of rainforests. There are rainy (summer) and dry seasons (winter) in Laos. Sitting tight in the hotel room while it is raining outside is quite dull. Consequently, you may want to visit this country in September-April, if you wish to enjoy the local scenery and date gorgeous Asian brides.

It’s comfortable in the country from November to February, with average temperatures reaching 20-30°C. Combined with low humidity, these months become a perfect traveling time frame.

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Laos Traveling Requirements

If you wish to date Laos brides in the country in the first place, you should obtain a 30-day visa on arrival. Plus, you have to do a PCR COVID-19 test before entering the country.

So you would want to choose from Laos mail order brides before you cross the country borders. You will hardly find a woman of your dreams in roughly a month by picking up girls in the local bars and clubs.

Laos Travel Costs Explained

The good news is that you can travel to Laos on quite a limited budget. Everything, from bus tickets and food to accommodation, costs nothing for an average Western person. You can spend no more than $1,500 per month for a couple in Laos. Your average salary is a jaw-dropping amount of money most locals have never earned in their lives (sadly, though).

What Are the Secrets of Laos Womens’ Identities?

laos brides

Men from all over the world adore Laos women for their exceptional features. Here are some secrets hiding behind their beauty:

  • Mesmerizing Asian appearance: It is hard to deny the fact that Laos women are some of the most beautiful ones in the Asian region. Lao people make up almost 50% of the local population, while the other 50% involve people of other nationalities. This genetic mix can do nothing but make local women extremely attractive. They have gentle facial features such as porcelain-like skin, small noses, dark eyes, and sensual lips. Thanks to their slim yet curvy shapes, they look very feminine. Seeing this beauty next to you every day will be the best thing that has ever happened to you.
  • Hardworking: Laos women are interested in financial independence. Hanging on your shoulder is the very last thing they want. Most of them have a full-time job due to their incredible intelligence and extensive skills. So when it comes to work duties, they turn into competent employees. Maybe that’s how they know the value of money. When you decide to do the shopping together, you will see only the necessary things on her list. A hardworking Laos bride will contribute to your family budget while you can have more opportunities to increase your income and maintain financial stability.
  • Perfect housewives: Laos women are used to doing household duties. Even if they have a full-time job, they don’t forget about their housework. They become not only loving wives but also caring mothers who treat their families as real treasures. But guess how tiresome her double work can be. So, it won’t hurt if you help her lighten the stress she has to go through every day.
  • Hospitable to foreigners: Laos has been rated as the third most hospitable country in the world. No wonder local people are very friendly to each other and to foreigners visiting their country. It is not a problem for Laos women to tie the knot with Western men. In fact, they are super excited to have a relationship abroad.
  • Having family-oriented values: The Laos society follows traditional gender roles with a man as a breadwinner and a woman as a homemaker. In the Laos culture, a man should be a family leader due to his masculinity and courage, and a woman should follow his lead by being obedient and supportive.
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What Is so Special about Laos Brides?

If you consider dating or even marrying a sexy Laos woman, here are some things you should know about them. Discover why these beauties are such desirable candidates for starting a serious relationship with:

  • They are conservative and religious: Most people in Laos are Buddhists. Laos religion affects the nature and behavior of local women. For instance, you are not allowed to touch the heads of local ladies because it will be viewed as an attempt to hurt them. Laos women follow local beliefs in their everyday lives, so they won’t change them for you. At the same time, they will never force you to abide by their faith.
  • They have a bright appearance. If you dream about a tall supermodel, Laos is not the right place to start your search. Although women in Laos are short, they like wearing high heels daily. Also, they have a hot and exotic appearance marked with long, thick black hair and deep, dark eyes. They don’t need much makeup because they are naturally beautiful and have flawless white skin. So you can be sure that Laos ladies won’t make you wait for them by putting on tons of cosmetics.
  • They are open-minded and easy-going. If you are looking for a sociable and open-minded woman, don’t hesitate to visit Laos. Apart from the bright and hot appearance, local ladies are also easy-going and always smiling. Occasionally, it may seem that they are a bit careless, but they just try to take all the life challenges easily.

The Best Cities to Date Laos Brides

Okay, you have thousands of Laos mail order brides on the screen, but what cities should they be from? We wouldn’t advise you to date Laos girls from rural areas or small towns. The chances are girls from those locations speak poor English. We would recommend you find a Laos girl for marriage from the following locations instead:


Vientiane is the capital and the largest city of Laos and home to over 900,000 people. First and foremost, it simply has many more women to choose from. Hence, more girls from Vientiane speak English.

Second, it offers plenty of romantic and active pastime opportunities, from the Buddha Park and the Patuxai monument to over 20 nightclubs.


Savannakhet is the second-largest city in Laos, with over 125,000 people living there.

It might become a spicy dating arena due to mixed populations. Thus, you may find girls with Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai roots there. After all, this city sits on the shore of the Mekong River and is only a couple of miles from the Thailand border.

As for some notable destinations, this city offers four temples and a dinosaur museum. So you can try to kill two birds with one stone – meet both Laos mail order brides and Thai women living near Savannakhet.

The Place to Meet Laos Brides

laos brides

Although there are lots of foreigners visiting Laos annually, Laos mail-order brides get used to meeting Western men on the Internet. Luckily, there are plenty of online dating sites hosting millions of active users. To find the perfect candidate, you need to create an account on one of such dating platforms. By adjusting the settings to your needs and preferences, you will make your search results more precise and more efficient. To get the maximum benefit from using a dating site, you will most likely have to purchase a subscription plan.

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How to Detect a Reliable Laos Dating Website?

Dating Laotian women can turn into a successful affair if you use a reliable platform. But how can you get to the nice dating site? Before making the final choice, here are the features you should pay attention to:

  • It looks good. You should check the design and usability of the website. A successful legit platform usually features a modern design that can be easily navigated by users.
  • It has a long operational background. Dating websites operating for more than 5 years belong to the priority list. A fraudulent website cannot be the top one in Google or any other search engine by definition.
  • It has realistic reviews. Do not ignore testimonials left by other users. You can easily recognize fake comments and reviews for their overly positive character and generic meaning. Genuine reviews contain specific details and appear frequently. Also, you should look through the negative reviews because they contain the truth most of the time.
  • It applies anti-scam measures. When it comes to dating sites, scam and fraud cannot be excluded completely. Reliable websites strictly monitor and moderate user activity by revealing suspicious behavior and banning fraudulent activities. In the best-case scenario, the developers equip their dating sites with anti-virus software to create a safe environment for online communication.

Where can you find all the above-mentioned details? Forums, review pages, and review articles are the best sources of objective information. Also, remember to check the terms and conditions page on the dating site you are going to use.

Attracting a Laos Girl Online

laos brides

To start dating a Laos girl, you should learn how to attract her first. Here’s how you can make your love mission successful:

  • Complete your dating profile diligently. A profile is a vital thing in online dating. If you complete it in the right way, your chances of meeting someone nice will get really high. Thus, it is better to specify your physique, interests, marital status, and other details correctly in order to attract the right woman and get a higher ranking.
  • Be attentive and polite to her words and actions. While you are having a conversation with the woman you like, make sure you listen attentively to what she is saying. Also, never mention you have a chat with other women on the website to your bride. It can ruin your relationship before it even gets serious. Your Laos mail order bride should feel unique.
  • Show respect to her and her country. Take her cultural, political, and social beliefs seriously, even if they are different from yours. Many local women suffer from disrespect. So, your Laos beauty will want you to be different. Show your pure intentions towards her. Never argue with her.


Laos is a top-rated destination among foreign travelers. Apart from its fascinating nature, ancient history and traditions, more and more men visit this country to find a beautiful and reliable wife. Laos brides are caring, intelligent, and easy-going. So whenever you decide to visit a Laos dating platform, you will remember this adventure for the rest of your life.


Do Laos Brides Like American Men?

Due to difficult economic circumstances in Laos, local women are interested in Western men as potential husbands. That way, they want to improve their social status and financial capabilities. One more reason to choose foreigners for a serious relationship is the attitude they have towards women.

Do the Laos Brides Speak English?

Most people think that Laos brides don’t know English at all, so they cannot communicate with men on dating sites properly. This stereotype is only partially true. In Laos, a very small part of the local population can speak English well. At the same time, Laos women are considered to be the most intelligent and accomplished members of the local community because they usually study English in schools and universities.

What Is the Best Site To Meet Laos Brides?

As there are lots of dating websites on the Internet, it will be easy to get lost. The major leaders in this industry are AsiaMe, AsianMelodies, AsianFeels, and VictoriaHearts. All of them feature good design, easy navigation, affordable prices, and nice-looking profiles. So if you feel like getting into a serious relationship, you are sure to find many Laos brides online.

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