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Why Do Cambodian Mail Order Brides Stand Out?

cambodian brides

Cambodian brides are some of the finest Asian women for marriage, but there are 48 countries in Asia and each of them has a very attractive female population. But what exactly places Cambodian mail order brides among the most popular brides in Asia? These are just a few of the things you will love about your Cambodian mail-order bride.

They are gorgeously exotic

On one hand, Cambodian girls look like most of the women from their neighboring countries. On the other hand, they have enough unique features to let you see a Cambodian woman from a distance. The majority of them have caramel skin and thick black hair that looks good in any hairstyle. The facial features of Cambodian brides are strong and distinctively Asian, but with a more exotic twist. As for the bodies of beautiful Cambodian women, we can say that they are rather petite, but not without some lovely curves. Cambodian girls mostly dress modestly, but they know how to put their best features forward without being vulgar.

They are modest and respectful

Cambodian girls may seem reserved and shy at first, but that’s only because they are taught to be extremely polite with strangers. A Cambodian woman won’t reject your advancements or refuse to answer your questions, but she will do it in the most respectful way possible and you won’t know if she sees you as simply a good acquaintance or as a potential boyfriend. And even as your relationship progresses, your Cambodian mail order bride will definitely warm up to you, but she will retain her respectful and modest demeanor.

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They have little to no romantic experience

When you meet a young Cambodian bride, there is a good chance that you are her first ever serious partner. Many Cambodian women believe in preserving themselves until marriage and they are in no rush to get as much dating experience as possible before finding a future husband. You may think that it means you will need to spend years teaching her how to be in a relationship, but the truth is that Cambodian girls are very quick learners and act completely natural when they are truly in love.

They are flexible and easily adaptable

Unless your Cambodian mail order bride was born into a very wealthy family, she has probably had to go through ups and downs even at her young age. Cambodian women experience numerous challenges when growing up, but those challenges only make them stronger and more adaptable. After going through some hardships in her childhood and teen years, a Cambodian bride is ready for anything life has in store for you, so getting used to living in a foreign country as a mail order wife is not a big deal to her.

They are ready to settle down

Unlike many Western women, Cambodian girls don’t want to wait until their late twenties or even thirties before settling down with the man they love. They dream of a quiet, loving, domestic life ever since they become teens, and nothing makes them happier than meeting a good man to marry when they are around 20 years old. No matter how long you stay married, a Cambodian woman will never regret missing out on years of dating and partying — it’s simply not in her nature.

5 Reasons To Consider Marriage To A Cambodian Bride

cambodian brides

You can experience many of the best things about Cambodian mail order brides when in a relationship with one of them. However, some of their most prominent features only become clear when you are married to a Cambodian wife. Here are just five reasons why marrying a Cambodian mail order bride may be the best decision you’ve ever made.

She will be a great mother to your kids

Cambodian wives excel at so many different things, but motherhood seems to be their true calling and passion. A Cambodian woman will only have children with the man she loves and will see them as the best proof of that love there can be. Cambodian women will fully devote themselves to being mothers and won’t stop even after the kids turn 18. And we don’t just mean the children you will have with your Cambodian wife — if you have any kids from an older marriage, they will get the most affectionate and kind step-mother on Earth.

She knows her way around the kitchen

When your Cambodian wife has nothing particularly urgent to do, you will probably find her in the kitchen, working on another fantastic treat for the whole family. The cooking skills of Cambodian wives are very diverse. First, they study the ins and outs of Cambodian cuisine from the older women in their families. Second, they learn how to make a whole meal for the family with the very least of ingredients. Third, they never stop developing their culinary skills and will constantly find new ways to surprise you in the kitchen.

She is not afraid of sacrifices

With a Western woman, you will have to try very hard to get her to give up anything she loves, such as work or hobbies, for the sake of her family. Luckily, that is not a problem with a Cambodian wife. She understands that a successful marriage is a series of compromises and sacrifices, and she is prepared to do her part to make her loved ones happy. If that means giving up work or a time-consuming interest to spend more time with the family, she won’t hesitate to make the right decision.

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She will cherish your side of the family

The important thing to know about Cambodian wives is that their families accept their foreign sons-in-law as their own. However, your own Cambodian mail order bride will do the same with your side of the family. Whether you will live with your parents or they will live in a different part of the country, she will develop a close and respectful relationship with them, as well as your siblings, cousins, and even your friends, who will definitely praise you for making a great choice of a wife.

She will be smart with finances

One of the surprising features of Cambodian wives is their ability to efficiently manage the family’s finances. You can make your Cambodian wife responsible for shopping, budgeting, and saving, and you will be impressed by the results. Cambodian wives always know the best deals, genius ways to save money, and know how to make your household achieve its financial goals such as buying a new house or a family car. Even if your Cambodian wife will be a stay-at-home mother, her financial skills will not go anywhere.

Why Do Cambodian Mail Order Brides Want To Marry Foreigners?

You don’t need to be a geopolitical expert to know that Cambodia isn’t the most peaceful and prospering country not just in the world, but also in Asia. Some Cambodians are doing relatively well, but millions of them are struggling both financially and personally. Many Cambodian women from humble beginnings endure disrespect, limited career and education chances, infidelity, and even violence every day, and for most of them, marriage to a foreign man seems to be the only option.

However, the decision to marry a Western guy is not purely practical for a Cambodian bride. She also believes that a foreign husband will appreciate her for who she is and accept her. She wants a marriage built on love and mutual respect. If you give her protection and equal treatment, she will be forever grateful, and her gratitude will come in the form of eternal loyalty and adoration.

Where And How To Date A Cambodian Mail Order Bride

cambodian brides

If you live in the US, Canada, or Western Europe, getting to Cambodia may take you longer than you expect. And even when you get there, your expectations of meeting your ideal Cambodian wife at once may not come true at all. You can end up spending weeks in Cambodia and meet some wonderful women, but none of them will want to marry you. The reason for that is simple — regular girls in Cambodia are not ready to leave their native country and will therefore never see you as more than a friend.

When you want to make your search effective, the best way to do it is to use a special foreign dating site. Those sites are created with just one specific purpose of letting Western men easily find foreign women for marriage — in that case, it’s Cambodian mail order brides. These women are already very motivated to marry a foreign guy and will also want the relationship to succeed. They will work as hard as you to get the marriage stage as soon as possible, but first, there comes a dating period. Here is how to make it work in your favor.

  • Show your real self. Many Cambodian mail order brides lack the formal education of Western women, but they more than make up for it with their natural wisdom and perceptiveness. A Cambodian lady can always see when you are pretending to be better than you really are, and her opinion of you will be definitely tarnished.
  • Make big gestures. In a way, Cambodian women are old-school romantics. They love romance movies and books, and they will love it even more when something romantic happens in their own life. Whether it’s a surprise romantic vacation or a hot air balloon experience, she will cherish those memories forever.
  • Ask her to show you Cambodia. You can visit Cambodia as a tourist a number of times, but you will never experience it in full unless you are guided by a local. A Cambodian mail order bride will take you to the most secret spots and will give you a look at the real Cambodia that is not available to tourists.
  • Romantic gifts never hurt. You already know that Cambodian girls love romantic gestures, but what they love even more is romantic memorabilia. Teddy bears, plush hearts, mugs and T-shirts with your couple’s photo, and lovely postcards will make a Cambodian bride truly happy.
  • Prepare for PDA. Unlike some other Asian countries, Cambodia doesn’t have any strict rules regarding public displays of affection, and Cambodian girls use this freedom to their advantage. When they are in love, they become very physical with the man and constantly want to hold hands, hug, and kiss.
  • Talk about your future plans. You can have all the fun in the world while dating your Cambodian mail order bride, but you both need to know that the relationship is going somewhere. It doesn’t need to be a very serious discussion, but you can mention your plans here and there in a regular conversation.
  • Ask to meet her parents. If you want to marry your Cambodian bride, you will meet her parents at her invitation sooner or later. However, it will look much better coming from you. Volunteering to meet your future Cambodian in-laws shows your serious nature, commitment, and desire to get closer to your woman.

Where to meet Cambodian girls for marriage

Since you have shown interest in having a wife, you need to know where to meet Cambodian women. If you travel to the country, nightclubs, discos, and bars are fantastic places to see local Cambodian girls for marriage. But you’d need to get her out of her friends’ secure grip. Cambodian women love to be with their friends when they hang out. If you make eye contact with her and she smiles back at you, you can offer her a dance or a drink.


The capital city Phnom Penh has an exciting nightlife. When you travel to the islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem, there are beach bars to relax and hang out. Some of the nightclubs in Phnom Penh never close, and others close late. That allows you to find Cambodian women for marriage. There are pub streets close to the Mekong river. Meet Cambodian women in nightclubs like:

Club Love

Heart Of Darkness

Pontoon Club

Daily spots

During the day, the hub for meeting young people in Phnom Penh is the Sisovat embankment. It is common to find youths around this location every evening. People also frequent Riverside because there are a lot of bars, cafes, and restaurants. If you visit Riverside, you can find Cambodian girls for marriage. Here are some cool spots:

La Croisette Bar

Le Moon Bar

Riverhouse Lounge

Online Dating

Apart from visiting Cambodia, you can also find Cambodian women for marriage on dating platforms. The ladies register on marriage platforms because they’re in search of foreign husbands. Using dating platforms connects you to lots of women from Cambodia without stress. All you need to do is join a reliable marriage platform and make your choice from the many female profiles available.

How to choose Reliable Cambodia Dating Website

If you decide to use dating websites, then you need to know how to choose trustworthy sites. These are some features to look out for:


Good Cambodian dating websites have many users and a good reputation. The reviews are mostly positive and clearly outlines the advantages of using them. The negative reviews for a good dating platform should not be plenty. Also, there should be no traces of them being involved in scams. If the dating platform you want to register on does not have good reviews, it may be disastrous to go ahead and use it.

Company History

The dating website should have a strong background and have been in use for years up to a decade. Do more research to find success stories of people who have used the platform. Genuine websites must have people who got married after using the website.

Customer support

Choose only websites that provide different forms of contact support like email, phone calls, and chat. Also, ensure they’re always available.  If they only offer email customer care services, it might not be the best decision to register on such a dating platform as issues you encounter will not be resolved quickly.

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Final Thoughts

Despite the distance between you and a Cambodian bride, as well as the difference in your upbringing, social status, and cultural background, we are convinced that Cambodian mail-order brides have everything it takes to make you a happy man. They give their all to love and will stop at nothing to achieve marital bliss for the two of you. If you are ready to welcome a loving, caring, and loyal Cambodian bride into your life, we have all the resources and knowledge you need to succeed!


Do Cambodian Girls Like Americans?

American guys are held in high esteem by Cambodian brides, as they are considered smarter, kinder, and much more handsome than the local men. Due to the low standard of living in the country, Cambodian women use every opportunity to move to another country for work or marry a foreigner.

Do These Women Speak English Well?

Today, young Cambodian girls speak much better English than you can expect. It saves you the trouble of learning their language or inviting an interpreter to a meeting. The older generation still remembers the French language, since this country was a French colony.

What Are The Best Websites for Meeting a Cambodian Bride?

It is more a matter of taste and personal preferences. Here are some trustworthy online resources, using which you can chat, have fun, and know better Cambodian mail order brides — AsiaMe, Asian Feels, Asia Charm, Asian Date Net, Asian Dating, and Cambodian Dating.

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