• Interface 6
  • Audience 7
  • Prices 6
  • Safety 6
  • Easy to use
  • Hassle-free and fast registration
  • Welcome bonus credits
  • Professional support online
  • A feature of dark mode
  • Informative profiles
  • Not all services for free
  • Lack of a mobile app


When it comes to top Asian dating sites, The Lucky Date is really the one you need to try. It offers everything you need to meet hot Asian singles. So why not start using it right now to find your perfect match among Asian women for marriage?

TheLuckyDate.Com: A Great Platform To Meet Asian Ladies

The Lucky Date Overview

You should know 3 things about this dating site and theluckydate review. First, it’s a legitimate and trustworthy place where you can meet hot ladies. Secondly, you’ll get access to myriads of Asian women’s profiles. Finally, thanks to great tools, your dating experience will be incredible. This is what I ensure if you plan to date on this site. When preparing this review, I was pleased to reveal that there are still great sites like this. Why not discover more?

My experience of using The Lucky Date

There’s nothing unusual when you get online on this site. I started with signup, and several minutes later, I browsed profiles of appealing ladies. It was smooth and easy to use. No problem could disturb me. What’s more, I didn’t expect it to be so clear and pragmatic. So, my first impression was quite cool, and I felt this site was great.

Although the site looks humble, don’t be deceived, as there are plenty of features you’ll discover when you start communicating with ladies online. On this platform, I discovered many interesting things, and I recommend The Lucky Date website to anyone interested in dating real women, meeting Asian women, and accessing reasonable services. What’s more, I find the following quite useful:

  • Informative profiles. Unlike some local dating apps, this international website offers a detailed profile of any lady you can be interested in. That’s not all. Besides providing important info about your potential partner, you can also look through some cool photo galleries.
  • Myriads of ladies. Who comes to your mind when thinking of Asian women? For some, they’re ladies from China or Korea. Others might think about Indians or Japanese. The site is really cool in terms of offering ladies from almost every Asian country you can find on the map.
  • Dark mode option. Nowadays, it’s trendy to offer an option of changing the color of the interface, and the dark theme is the most popular one. The same thing can be found on this platform. You can shift to the dark mode with just one click, giving a more pleasant look.
  • Responsive support team. You might want to ask for help online, and there’s a professional support team. You can easily write to [email protected]. The response won’t make you wait quite a long time.

How Does The Lucky Date Work?

There’s no complicated thing about this website. It’s designed in such a simple manner that a novice can understand where to click. But its user-friendly interface isn’t the only thing to mention. When online, you’ll be offered ladies at random. While you think that ladies are random, this isn’t completely true. The site uses a matchmaking system to ensure that you’ll be offered ladies who can suit you more.

The good thing about this site is that it offers a swipe function. It makes it easy to choose the right partner. But it also offers a simple search tool to narrow down possible matches. Thanks to various tools, there’s nothing complicated when it comes to getting in touch with Asian women online. Spending your time on this site will be a cool experience for sure.

Sign-Up Process

Now it’s time to consider how you can become an official member of the site after you visit https:/theluckydate.com. Signing up is quite easy, and you should know there’s no required payment to get registered. To start the sign-up process, you must visit The Lucky Date’s official website. Then, you should stick to the following steps:

  • Application form. You’ll notice a registration form. You’ll provide the basic information from your gender to your email address there. Don’t forget to create a reliable password. The site also offers a chance to register with your Gmail account.
  • Question form. The next step will entail some questions. These questions will be about you and your interests. Then, there’ll be general questions about women of your preferences. The good point of this question form is that you can skip them.
  • Verification. It’s important to get your account verified. There are 2 reasons for that. First, it’s about the extra credits you’ll get upon verifying your account. Secondly, there are some features you can use only if you’re a verified member.
  • Profile page. Don’t forget that only informative profiles can be appealing to ladies online. Thus, dedicate some time to creating a good profile. Try to include real information. What’s more, be sure to add some photos of yours.

Members & Messaging

When I was online, I rushed to find advanced searching filters. Alas, I didn’t find them. But I figured out that the site works with great matchmaking algorithms. It does everything on your behalf so that you can find the right person you can be interested in. But that’s not all you can do on this site. Here are things you might find useful to know:

  • Swiping. There’s a feature like swiping profiles offered by the site. It’s an interesting and cool feature. You can use it to find members who can be appealing to you. Swipe until you find an Asian woman who can tickle your interest.
  • Search tool. Although it’s not advanced, you can still benefit from 2 parameters of this tool. First, you can focus on a particular country. Then, you can set the age range of the lady you’re interested in meeting. How about finding a woman from Thailand who’ll be between the ages of 20 and 30?
  • Inbox. Never forget to check your inbox. Ladies can also show interest in you, and they may send mails. Thus, always check your inbox. Or you can benefit from the notification feature. They’ll allow you to inform you when someone is interested in you.
  • Matches. This is another section where you can meet ladies of your interest. The site will offer ladies based on your online experience. Thus, you better not skip the chance to visit the section of matches where you might find a perfect match.

Let’s say you meet a person who’s ideal for you. You can easily get in touch with her with buttons you can find below the profile of that particular lady. If interests are mutual, you’ll start chatting online.

Safety & Security

Much attention is given to ensuring complete safety on The Lucky Date. Besides offering an impressive quality of Asian profiles, various software tools are abundant. Among them, you can find MasterCard ID check, Norton, McAfee, and the like. Besides, there’s an SSL encryption technology enhancing security online.


You’ll spend lots of time online communicating and discovering Asian women. Thus, there are myriads of features allowing you to do so hassle-free. Here are some features to mention:

  • Online chat. When dating online, you’ll spend most of your time chatting with sexy Asian women. There’s a text chat option with many features to benefit from.
  • Virtual gifts. How do you show that you’re interested in a lady you’re communicating with? Simply by showing your generosity. This is possible with the feature of sending virtual gifts.
  • Favorites. When browsing profiles, focusing on a single lady at first can be hard. So, you can add several ladies to the list of favorite women.
  • Personal gallery. As was mentioned, profiles are quite informative on this site. What’s more, there’s an option to access a personal gallery. You can look through some spicy content of your future partners.

Pricing on The Lucky Date

Now that you might be interested in starting to date on this website, you should consider how much you’ll have to spend. Thankfully, The Lucky Date is considered an affordable place for dating. You can get 2,000 credits in exchange for $2.99. Credits are needed for online chatting, emoticons, animations, and other features.


What is The Lucky Date Dating Site?

The Lucky Date is an official dating platform offering a wide range of services and ladies you can be interested in. But, thanks to its user-friendly interface, the site offers a more pragmatic and convenient way of meeting Asian women online.

How Much Does it Cost?

When it comes to prices, you should know that how much you’ll spend depends on what you buy online. This dating site offers a credit-based system where you fill up your account with credits and spend them. There’s a feature of the automatic top-up. The minimum price starts at $2.99.

Is The Lucky Date safe?

Myriads of security measures are taken to ensure that TheLuckyDate.Com will be a safe place for your dating. But the quality of profiles is the most appealing side of this site that makes you feel safe. You can be sure you’ll be dating real ladies online on this platform. This shows by theluckydate reviews. 

Is The Lucky Date a scam?

There’s no reason to think that it’s a scam platform. First of all, it ensures complete safety. Secondly, it offers clear policies regarding safety. What’s more, it has tools to ensure security online. Besides, it’s one of the most prestigious places to meet hot and sexy Asian women. Simply put, it’s a real and professional dating site.

Who owns The Lucky Date?

There’s no section where you can learn about the site’s owners. But it’s clear that a team of professionals behind such a platform manages to gather myriads of ladies for dating and marriage. But if you have questions, you can always ask them to the professional support team online, working round the clock.

What security features does The Lucky Date have?

Besides offering an impressive quality profile, the site offers other software tools. They ensure that you’ll be safe while dating online. Besides, advanced encryption technology will protect your financial data online.

Does The Lucky Date have a mobile app?

For now, this site doesn’t offer any downloadable mobile app. Still, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy dating on the go. Instead, a good mobile site version of The Lucky Date offers a really cool experience for you.

How do I delete my The Lucky Date account?

If you once decide to leave this site, there’s an easy way of deleting your account. First, go to your profile page, where you can find the section on settings. There, you’ll find the option of disabling your account. It’s quite a simple and fast procedure.

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