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About Armenia

Armenia is a landlocked country in Western Asia. It borders Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Iran.

Armenia is a mountainous country with a dry climate. Like the rest of the region, Armenia experiences drastic temperature changes across the year, with cold winters and hot summers. So if you want to meet Armenian women on the streets and enjoy romantic walks, you should visit this county in spring and late summer.

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Armenia Visa Policy

Armenia attracts tourists due to its magnificent nature, majestic architecture, and progressive visa requirements. Thus, Americans can stay in the country for 180 days without a visa.

Canadians have to either obtain a visa on arrival or get an online visa, but they can also stay in the country for almost half a year. So it will be easy for you to date Armenia girl.

Is It Safe to Date Armenia Girl?

Armenia is by far the safest country in Asia (except for Japan). You can travel to this country without risking your money. This country ranks eleventh in the global safety index. So you can enjoy vivid Armenian nightlife as well. Picking up Armenian brides in nightclubs will be generally safe.

How Much Does It Cost to Meet Armenian Girls?

Online dating doesn’t cost more than $40-50 per month on average. But you would want to know how much a trip to Armenia costs. The good news is that Armenia is a cheap destination. You can comfortably spend around $500-600 per month living in this country alone. But if you aim to meet Armenian girls, you will spend about $1,000 per month for a couple or $2,000 for a luxurious trip.

Top Reasons for The Armenian Women Popularity

Men from all over the globe prefer Armenian mail-order brides over the other Asian brides due to the following reasons.

Gorgeous appearance

The first and the most obvious reasons why foreigners and Armenian men admire local women is their stunning looks. Armenian women usually have dark brown or black hair and dark hazel eyes. Their skin shade is often olive or slightly tanned. They have oval faces, thin eyebrows, and amazingly long lashes. The natural beauty of Armenian mail-order brides is so bright and memorable that they do not even need to put makeup on to get compliments regarding their appearance. The only drawback you can find in their looks is that they are mostly short. However, their bodies are usually tiny with notable breasts and booties. Does it sound like your perfect type of woman? If it does, hurry up to get to know an Armenian woman.

Obedience to the husband

The Armenian culture and family traditions presuppose that a woman is obedient to her husband and supports him in all his decisions. Armenian women never rarely argue with their loved ones. Instead, they prefer to listen to them more and try to understand their points of view. This is because a man is the main breadwinner for the family, while a woman is a housekeeper and mother to the kids. Such a division of responsibilities allows men to influence other family members and choose the direction of family life.


Armenian women are also very smart. From a young age, they get the best education available in their area. They read a lot, learn to play musical instruments, draw, and dance. Armenian parents do that to rise well-developed personalities out of their daughters. Have you ever thought of having a wife who would have a knowledge of art, music, and literature? An Armenian woman knows it all.

Features of Armenian Brides

They are stylish

Nowadays, women from Armenia devote a lot of time to their looks and following fashion trends. As we noticed earlier, they do not apply a lot of makeup, but they like to emphasize their beauty with stylish clothes and accessories. Armenian women have a special love for jewelry and adore getting it as a gift. Keep it in mind when choosing a present for your Armenian mail-order brides.

They are hard-working

Armenian girls love getting new knowledge and applying it in their jobs. They are not afraid of working a lot to get the best results in their pursuit of higher education or career. Their attitude towards housekeeping is the same: they spend a lot of time cleaning their apartment until it is neat and tidy. So if you would like to have a wife who takes up any work with responsibility, choose Armenian women for marriage.

They are self-confident

Armenian brides are aware of their beauty and intelligence, that’s why they are always self-confident. They know their worth and will not let anyone take them down. If you are thinking that it makes them arrogant, you are mistaken. Armenian mail-order brides never put themselves above others. However, they expect others to treat them the way they treat everyone.

They are modest

It may sound weird to you but Armenian women for marriage are kind and modest despite their self-confidence and self-sufficiency. They may be even shy in the company of people whom they don’t know well. Therefore, do not rush to introduce your Armenian woman to all your friends and family too quickly. Let her get used to your company and then go on to inviting her to your parents and friends.

They have a good sense of humor

Armenian brides know a lot of jokes and anecdotes and like to tell one or two in a company. They also enjoy watching comedy shows and stand-ups from time to time. This feature opens a lot of doors in front of them: new jobs, friends, and even lovers.

Meeting Armenian Brides: Top Spots

There are a few places where you can meet Armenian women for marriage:

  • Your home country. If you live in a state with a large Armenian diaspora, you may meet your future wife there. It may happen in your company, at the bar, etc. However, you should keep in mind that you need to be extremely lucky to meet her offline in your city;
  • Armenia. If you often travel to this country, you have more chances to meet an Armenian girl for marriage of your dreams there. Still, you need to have a lot of free time to notice women around you, so it is not a way to go when you are busy;
  • Online dating site. This is the cheapest and the most convenient way to find Armenian brides. Here, you can meet ladies who are interested in dating so it will not be hard to seduce them. You also do not need to travel anywhere and spend a lot of money on dates until you decide to meet offline. All you have to do is to chat with women that you like when you have the desire and free time. As you can see, this method is the most thought-out and easy to realize.

Check It If You Want To Date Armenian Women Online

If the idea of dating Armenian women online looks tempting to you, you need to do some preparation for it. First, you need to find a reliable website for dating. Please take a look at the important things to check before registering on any dating platform:

  1. Reviews. The customers’ testimonials can give you everything you need to know about the dating spot: its prices, drawbacks, and benefits. Hence, take your time and read as many of them as possible.
  2. Quality of profiles. If you have already registered on the dating website and started getting a lot of similar messages or saw a lot of empty profiles, it means the website is fake. Do not proceed with it and delete your profile immediately.
  3. Women to men ratio. It is important to check it in reviews before you sign up because the more men are registered on the website, the fewer chances that you will get lucky and meet a girl there.
  4. Customer Support. It should be available anytime to help you with your requests. If it is working limited hours, do not trust such a website. Probably, they will not be able to handle all the questions on time.
  5. Prices and services. There should be a lot of prepaid services on the website, and the prices should be reasonable. If you see that your monthly subscription costs half of your salary, avoid this service. It is highly likely to be a scam.
  6. General usability. A dating platform should work fast and be convenient. If you cannot understand all the buttons and tabs or they crash all the time, you will not have any pleasant experience here.

How to Date Real Armenian Brides?

Online dating is cost-effective and safe. However, even the safest online dating platform might host some scammers. So check these simple tips to meet real Armenian women for marriage:

Ask Your Woman for Videos and Photos

It doesn’t matter how much time you exchange flirty messages with an Armenian girl for marriage. You can’t be sure she is real until you initiate a video call or receive plenty of authentic pictures from her. So you have to establish visual contact as soon as possible. If a girl doesn’t want to show herself for a long time, she might be tricking you.

Be Suspicious about Fast-Developing Relationships

Beware of Armenian mail-order brides who believe in love at first sight (message). If your girl declares her feelings after a week of online dating, she is either ridiculously immature or tries to deceive you. Online scammers usually try to worm their way to their victims’ hearts as soon as possible.

Your Girl Tries to Make You Feel Sorry for Her

As a rule, online dating scammers attempt to play drama to rip you off. Here are the common red flags:

  • Your girl’s parents are seriously ill, and she struggles to get money for medical treatment. If only someone sent her some money.
  • Your girl has serious debts, and she would be grateful if you helped her.
  • Someone robbed your online bride, and she needs a new phone/laptop because she works remotely or something like that.

Seducing Armenian Women: The Basics

If you want to attract Armenian brides and make them want you, follow the tips below:

  • Be gentleman. It is easier to do when you are dating offline. You can open the door in front of her, help her to take off her jacket, give her a hand to get out of the car, etc. All these small gestures will demonstrate that you know how to treat women right;
  • Don’t be pushy. Armenian women admire decisive men but do not overact. Do not tell her what to do and do not be rude in your desire to show your masculinity. Treat her with respect and understanding that she is not your slave but your girlfriend;
  • Respect her parents. Armenian society is conservative, so you will not make a mistake if you express your desire to get to know her parents. Remember to show them that you are reliable and serious about their daughter so that they can trust you and let her date you;
  • Pay attention to her interests and hobbies. It will help you to get to know her better. Ask her why she is fond of those things and what she likes the most about her hobbies. Then, organize a thematic date for her. Trust us, she will not forget it.


What Do Armenian Brides Think About American Men?

Armenian women think that American men are the best husband material for them. They also believe that American men are more modern and less demanding than Armenian ones.

Are Armenian Brides Fluent In English?

Yes, they are. A lot of them have a good education, so they can speak English well.

What Is The Best Place To Meet Armenian Brides?

An online dating website is the best place to start communication with Armenian brides.

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