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Why are Indonesian Brides So Desirable?

indonesian brides

Indonesian women for marriage have a few essential secrets that force men all around the world to lose their minds. Keep reading to find out why they are so attractive.

Indonesian brides have seductive bodies

Nice figures are the key advantage of all Indonesian women. These ladies can hardly be named skinny or slender. However, these are their shapes that seduce all the guys no matter their age and status. Voluptuous and curvy, these girls know about all their advantages and clearly understand how to use them to charm any man.

You can hardly find as least one Indonesian woman who wears make-up. These ladies have amazingly healthy and clean skin, so they don’t have to apply tons of powder or foundation to look gorgeous. The same simplicity is preserved when it comes to clothes. Indonesia brides don’t like to spend a fortune on exquisite dresses or high-heeled shoes. Just a pair of jeans and a plain T-shirt are enough to make these girls look perfect and not distract the main focus from their natural beauty.

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Indonesian Brides are submissive

Despite a strong personalities and explosive behavior, these girls seek a man who would dominate and control their life. They don’t like to play a leading role in relationships, especially when everything is getting pretty serious, and we are talking about the future family. Raised up in a very conservative environment, Indonesian mail-order brides want to create a traditional family where a woman is taking care of the house and kids, and the man is the wage earner. Every guy would be more than happy to have a wife who will take care of his comfort and treat him like a king. So, this is another reason why Indonesian women are so popular.

Indonesian women for marriage support traditional values

As has already been mentioned, every Indonesian woman is dreaming of having her own family and kids. Emancipation hasn’t affected these ladies, so they will definitely choose a family instead of a career. Despite such priorities, Indonesian brides are smart and well-educated, as they know how important it is to be a good interlocutor and support any conversation. So, in addition to the gorgeous and obedient wife, you will get an interesting person you will never be boring to spend your time with.

Indonesian brides like to have fun

In spite of their strict parenting, Indonesian women like and know how to have fun. They adore nightclubs and are fond of all kinds of extremes. Sometimes they arrange home parties and stay there till the sun comes up. However, such a lifestyle is appropriate only until they have kids. But even the status of a mom doesn’t prevent an Indonesian woman from being a little crazy. They continue traveling a lot, having fun, and partying with other moms at their kids’ birthdays.

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What is so Special About Indonesian Brides?

indonesian brides

In Indonesia, people marry at a very young age. The legal minimum age for marriage is sixteen, although in some provinces it is possible to create a family even earlier. Despite the fact that the majority of the Indonesian people are Muslims, the local men rarely have more than one wife.

The quality of the education of the Indonesian girls depends on the financial situation of the family. Some ladies finish their studies right after school, and some are lucky to graduate from prestigious universities in Australia, the USA, and Europe. Many Indonesian mail order brides know English and can speak it quite well.

Upon returning home from abroad, those girls who have been lucky to get a good education, usually work for their parents’ business or launch one on their own. After marriage, an Indonesian woman usually stops working and prefers to stay at home. Representatives of the middle class continue working at the banks, government offices, schools, and hospitals. Indonesian women with no education work as cooks, cleaning ladies, etc.

An Indonesian woman who is sitting at home and taking care of the family nest, raising kids, and controlling servants, is usually completely absorbed with these processes. Therefore, she is not very interested in her husband’s work or business. That is why the situations when during some family holidays the ladies sit at one table and the men occupy the other are quite frequent. Of course, Sharia law also contributes to such gender segregation.

As for their free time, Indonesian women spend it mostly with their girlfriends, gathering at someone’s place. They prepare traditional dishes, share the news and, of course, sing. Many Indonesian ladies are fond of folk dances too.

Indonesian girls love sports. Aerobics and yoga are the most popular sports activities. Indonesian brides take a large part in the life of Christian communities. They not only help during the service, but also travel with missionaries to the provinces, assist in distributing humanitarian aid to those in need, conduct Sunday schools for children, and lead choirs.

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Places To Meet Indonesian Women

Indonesia is a magnificent country, and lately, it has become a super popular tourist destination. If meeting an Indonesian woman is a dream of your life, you can book flight tickets and go in search of your exotic love.

Besides, Indonesian women for marriage just love traveling. So, you have all chances to meet your soulmate in any country in Europe or Asia. However, this is quite a matter of chance.

To be 100% sure you won’t miss your Indonesian beauty, it is recommended to start looking for her online. Fortunately, nowadays, there are a lot of dating websites designed for Indonesian mail-order brides. All you need to do is choose the web page that would completely meet your requirements. Read a few tips on how to make the right choice.

How to Easily Find Reliable Indonesian Dating Websites

Pay attention to the interface

Right after accessing the dating website, you will find yourself at its homepage. Decent and reliable dating platforms always have a very elegant and neat design, logical placement of the content blocks, and intuitive navigation. The photos of the Indonesian mail order brides should be professional but realistic. You should be totally sure you are to communicate with a real person, not a fake with a photo of the supermodel in her profile.

Check the variety of Indonesian mail order brides

The more Indonesian brides are presented on the website, the more chances you have to meet your one and only. In case the platform features a very limited number of Indonesian beauties, it is better to look for some other option. You cannot allow yourself to lose your precious time.

Verify safety

Safety issues are the most important ones when it comes to choosing a reliable dating website. Check the licenses the dating platform owns, read all the terms and conditions of website usage, study the payment policy, and find out what to do in case you face some problem or have emergency situations. Anyway, a legit dating web page always has a decent customer support service to help you solve the issue of any type and complexity.

Effective Tips on How to Attract an Indonesian Girl

indonesian brides

In order to make any Indonesian woman fall in love with you, you should follow a few simple principles:

  • Be masculine. Indonesian women want their men to dominate and control the situation. You may be an extremely romantic person and gentle lover, but you should demonstrate you are a leader in your relationship and the right to take the final decision should belong to you.
  • Be a gentleman. Indonesian mail-order brides will be happy to meet someone who treats them with respect, listens to them, and tries to satisfy their wishes. Let your lady feel she is a real princess who deserves to be happy and loved unconditionally.
  • Don’t rush things up. Despite their explosive temper, Indonesian brides have been raised up in traditional families. These ladies are not ready to proceed to intimate relationships on your first date. It is highly recommended to take this into account in order not to mess things up.

Essential Facts About Indonesian Brides

An Indonesian mail-order bride is fascinating to be with. Before dating Indonesian women, however, you need to know some of the things that work for them and those that don’t. Having an idea of what makes your girlfriend happy is the first step to making a good relationship. Here is essential information about Indonesian brides.


The average Indonesian bride is Muslim because it is the major religion in the country. However, that would not be a significant problem when you meet Indonesian women. The people are not very conservative, although sex before marriage is taboo here.

Many Indonesian women stay virgins until they marry, and some do not. However, if you want to marry an Indonesian bride, there is no need to convert to Islam. Yes, you can keep your religion when marrying from here.

Public kisses

Even though the people are not so conservative, some restrictions and prohibitions are in place, considering it’s a Muslim country. Do not expect to kiss in public when you meet Indonesian women. In the confines of your room, Indonesian mail-order brides will hug you but not in public. Chances are there won’t be holding hands too.


Do not be deterred from going after your Indonesian bride because you believe there will be language barrier issues. The language barrier between Indonesians and westerners is not so bad. In Indonesia, English is one of the common languages, and a large number of the population can speak it. That means you won’t have trouble communicating with your Indonesian bride.

Age gap

Western countries emphasize a lot of age in relationships. But Indonesians do not care about that. Here, you find older foreign men from first-world countries dating Indonesian women. The women are comfortable with such arrangements.

Why Indonesian Women Want to Marry Foreigners

Before you search for Indonesian ladies, ensure you know why they prefer to marry foreign men. Here are two strong reasons:


“Bule” is a name used to refer to white people in Indonesia. The women are fascinated by them because they think white guys are more romantic, handsome, and fun to be with than their local guys. Also, some of them secretly want white kids. Because of the “Bule effect,” white men do not have trouble finding Indonesian mail-order brides to marry. Also, the country does not have many foreigners, making the women see foreign men as exotic beings.

Economic improvement

Although Indonesia has a fair economy compared to other countries in Southeast Asia, living standards are much lower than those living in the US and other western countries.

It is part of the reasons why the Indonesian mail-order bride wants to marry a foreigner. The desire to live in a better society and raise their children in the developed world makes them accept proposals from foreign men. Anyway, the women still prefer love over everything and will only marry a foreigner if they genuinely fall in love with that person.

Wrapping up

Indonesian women are born to become perfect wives and mothers. They are beautiful, kind, patient, and know how to make any man happy. In order to meet one, you only need to find a reliable dating website that helps Indonesian women for marriage find their soulmate. Who knows, maybe one day you will be happy to become a husband to some gorgeous Indonesian woman.


Do Indonesian Brides Like American Men?

Indonesian women just love American guys. These men behave like real gentlemen. They are kind, generous, and respectful. Any Indonesian woman will be more than happy to meet one and become his wife.

Do the Indonesian Brides Speak English?

The majority of Indonesian ladies speak English perfectly. As a rule, the girls get an excellent education with a special focus on foreign language skills.

What Is The Best Site To Meet Indonesian Brides?

There are a lot of places where you can meet Indonesian brides. However, the best option will be to find a reliable online dating website that will help you meet your perfect Indonesian match.

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