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About Nepal

Where is Nepal? Is it challenging to get there? If you wonder how to get to this country for Nepali girls for marriage, we prepared some facts about Nepal for you. Keep reading to find this all out.

Nepal’s Geography and Climate

Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia. It’s surrounded by China and India. Interestingly enough, it lies within the Himalayas, the tallest mountain range in the world. The Chinese-Nepalese border lies across mount Everest.

So, is it cold there? It depends on the altitude. Some areas in Nepal lie within the tropical climate zone, offering jaw-dropping biodiversity of the local rainforests. But you can also hit the slopes on the mountain ranges there.

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What is the best time to visit this country for dating Nepali brides? You can aim for May-August as it’s warm in Nepal in summer.

Nepal Visa Policy

Pretty much everyone should obtain a visa to get to Nepal, except for Indians. But it’s not an issue because you can receive a visa on arrival. All you need to do is address the Nepalese authority at the airport after arrival. Note that you have to pay a small fee to obtain a visa.

Is It Safe to Go for Nepalese Women for Marriage?

Generally, Nepal is safe for dating Asian brides. You can walk along the Nepalese streets during the day and at night safely. The country’s crime index is 35.72, which is only a few points higher than China’s (30.17). So you may not expect anything criminal in this country. However, you should follow basic safety tips like notifying your family about your location.

How Much Does It Cost to Date Nepali Girls for Marriage?

Life is generally 60% cheaper in Nepal than it is in the United States. One person can spend no more than $500-600 per month including rent.

Even if you double this price, you will still date Nepali women for marriage without straining your budget.

Note that a large Nepalese family’s living expenses don’t surpass $1,500. So it’s a super-cheap country, assuming that people earn no more than $300 per month on average.

What Makes Nepali Women so Popular?

nepali brides

There are not so many Nepali brides. Why? Nepal is not a heavily populated country that has remained closed for a long time. Today, more and more local women can join dating sites so that Western men have a great opportunity to discover their extraordinary qualities. Here are just some facts about Nepali women you should know.

  • They are family-oriented. Nepali women grow up in a conservative environment where they learn their household duties. In Nepal, old-fashioned traditions are still there. Even though women obtain academic degrees and build up successful careers, they still have to deal with households as their primary duty. Thus, your Nepali girlfriend or bride will most likely see you as a breadwinner, and herself — as the keeper of the house.
  • They are excellent cooks. Nepali cuisine is a combination of Indian, Chinese, and European tastes filled with local charm. While most of the recipes are passed from mother to daughter, your Nepali bride will definitely know how to cook traditional meals. Believe it or not but you definitely have not tasted anything like it in your life.
  • They are smart and curious. The value of Nepali women is not limited to pretty faces. These beauties are also intelligent and well-educated, even though their education is a bit different from the one we’re used to. While the old tradition of arranged marriages is still widely practiced in the country, more and more local women are trying to leave it behind. This process has not been fully completed. But Nepali women can already consider the idea of dating online as the most progressive ladies in their country.
  • They are romantic. When you see a Nepali chick for the first time, you may think about how naive she looks. Well, it is not always the case. Do not forget that Nepal is not so westernized. Local people know about Western culture from the movies and the Internet. Thus, you cannot expect them to be open-minded and even frivolous. What looks silly at first may actually turn into something sweet. Hot Nepalese women may have strange considerations about dating in terms of gestures, compliments, and gifts. While it may sound like high maintenance, it is actually Nepalese loyalty.
  • They are modest and beautiful. Even though your potential partner will expect grand gestures from you, it doesn’t mean that she’s looking for benefits only. On the contrary, Nepali women are very modest and reserved — and you can easily see that by the way they talk and behave. These women use just a little makeup and dress decently. In addition, they always avoid bright colors and too open clothes. The Western style is not something they follow in their casual outfits. So, even though these women have a distinctly Asian look, they can hardly remind you of ethnic beauty contests.
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What is the Image of Nepali Brides?

Apart from attractive appearances, Nepali women also have amazing personalities. They make perfect spouses while they have become up in a main-stream culture. Let’s see the real and ethical traits that Nepali women are known for.

  • They stay devoted to one man. They always remain devoted to one man because they respect their choice. You could hardly hear some stories where a Nepali woman cheated on her partner. In fact, local women take marriage seriously, so they always dream about someone special to settle down with. Despite the old tradition of arranged marriages, love remains the major value for most Nepali ladies.
  • They become loving partners. Nepali girls learn how to become good wives and mothers from early childhood. Thus, a family becomes a major priority for them. Your Nepali girlfriend or bride will always show you much care and support by keeping your house clean, cooking delicious meals, and arranging some free-time activities for you.
  • They know how to keep things under control. There is nothing bad in their desire to be attentive to every aspect of their life. Thus, they always know how to succeed in job duties, how to deal with household routines, where to buy the necessary stuff, and how to fix this or that device.
  • They have a good sense of style. Thanks to a good sense of fashion, they know how to dress very well. Even though they do not always have sufficient money to buy new clothes, they can always think of new combinations of those things available in their wardrobe.
  • They set the balance between family and career. Thanks to good time management, Nepali women know how to find time for family, friends, and careers. Meanwhile, Western women are struggling to sort out this difficult dilemma.

Where Can You Encounter Nepali Brides?

nepali brides

If you think where you can meet your soulmate, you should consider visiting Nepal as the surest way of fulfilling your dream. But this will cost you pretty much time and money. Luckily, the Internet has made dating easier. You just need to sign up on one of the many dating sites and start your love search there. No matter how strange it sounds, but the reviews of happily married couples who met online will take all your doubts away. As soon as you find a reliable dating site, feel free to start a conversation with Nepalese girls. While you may not be lucky to find the perfect match immediately, you should be patient as good things come easy at least.

How to Recognize the Right Nepali Dating Website?

The best way to find Nepal brides is to find a trustworthy Asian dating site that works specifically with women from this region. Of course, making sure that the site has female members in Nepal is not enough to rely on it. If you want to arrange your private life without spending a fortune, just take some simple steps:

  • Be careful with the final choice. Instead of joining the first random dating platform, you should analyze a few options.
  • Look through the profiles to find out whether there are potential candidates you may fall for.
  • Check the pricing policy to make sure that there are no extra costs and the prices are reasonable.
  • Compare the variety of features such as video chat, fun games to play, gift delivery options, and so on.
  • Check the privacy policy to make sure that your personal data is totally hidden from others.

So if you search for a Nepali bride, you should definitely give online dating a try. The main point is to realize that it’s what you really need.

How to Avoid Online Dating Scams?

Searching for Nepalese brides online remains the best option, but you may also follow essential online dating safety tips to avoid online scams:

Use Video Chats

If you only exchange text messages, how do you know you’re chatting with real Nepalese women for marriage? Pictures are not reliable either because theoretically, one can steal pics from any dating profile and pretend to be that person. On the contrary, video chatting is a proven method for telling whether Nepalese brides are real because you can see your partner’s face in real-time.

Don’t Give Money to Nepal Mail-Order Brides

You may want to provide your future Nepal wife with financial aid or “buy” her love by sending her tons of cash. Don’t do this unless you know what a person she is.

Make sure you date for a couple of months in real life before sending money to Nepal mail-order brides directly. Until then, you can send gifts to your girlfriend if you want to impress her.

How to Seduce a Nepali Girl?

nepali brides

In the process of communication with Nepali women, you should not forget that they come from completely different cultural backgrounds. Obviously, you will have to apply a specific approach to become attractive to them. The minimum you can do is to follow this simple set of rules:

  • Be honest. Whether you are interested in a serious relationship or just looking for an online fling, you should make your intentions clear from the very beginning. If you are not sure about your plans, never take serious steps like meeting her parents or visiting her country. Due to strong family values, messing around with someone irresponsible is the last thing Nepali mail-order brides want.
  • Be polite. You should respect her personality, country, and culture. Also, you should behave like a gentleman without screaming, swearing, and arguing. Once you disappoint her, you lose her respect forever.
  • Be patient. Local women are not so good at self-expression. Thus, it usually takes some time for them to get used to you and feel comfortable next to you. Forget about sex topics, vulgar words, or anything like that at the beginning of your relationship as she won’t like it for sure. Don’t forget that she comes from a completely different culture, so her vision of dating is completely different from yours.
  • Be respectful to her family and relatives. Her family’s opinion is crucial to her. If you want to make a good impression on your Nepali bride, establish a good relationship with her parents and relatives. If you consider visiting her in Nepal, it also won’t hurt to bring small gifts for them. This may increase your chances of having a successful acquaintance.


Having a Nepali mail order bride is one of the best choices you can possibly make in your life. She will be a super loving wife to you and a caring mother to your kids. She will do everything in the interests of her beloved family members. Eventually, she will make you happier than you have ever been to!


Do Nepali Brides Like American Men?

In Nepali, it is common when parents make their daughters marry men at a young age. Obviously, such marriages are unhappy, leading to conflicts and even tragedies. To avoid this, Nepali women try to find American partners who will love and take care of them.

Do the Nepali Brides Speak English?

While Nepal is quite a closed country, learning foreign languages used to be unnecessary. Now, the situation has started to change. More and more Nepali women have at least some basic English skills. Meanwhile, those who register at dating sites usually speak English at a considerably high level.

What Is the Best Site To Meet Nepali Brides?

While there is a great number of dating sites on the Internet, not all of them offer Nepali brides. Ideally, you check Asian platforms such as AsiaMe or Asiandate.com with a great catalog of local beauties. Anyway, always check the reviews left by other users on the independent sources to estimate the credibility of this or that dating site.

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