• Safety 5
  • Interface 7
  • Audience 4
  • Prices 4
  • The platform has a splendid design
  • There are multiple payment options
  • You will always find active users
  • The credit system is expensive
  • The platform has no mobile app
  • Safety is an issue 


Ultimately, Asian Feels is a decent website with thorough security measures. However, phishing and other forms of fraud are still major causes for concern on the platform. The website is easy to use on desktop and mobile, but there is no official app. Moreover, you have to pay for every service using credits. Most importantly, there is no solid guarantee that you will find your soulmate on this website.

How AsianFeels works

Before using Asian feels to find your crush, you need a quick primer on the website’s operations. But first, let’s provide background info for more context.

Asianfeels is a niche dating site that caters primarily to Asian singles and other foreigners interested in dating people from Asia. This dating site has thousands of active users, mostly from Asia or Western countries.

Now, let’s look at how the dating site works.

Setting up an account

The first thing you have to do once you log on to the site is complete the membership form.

Sidebar: the website design is excellent. The fonts are legible and complementary of the pink and white color scheme. This design is suitable for a dating site. You won’t have to look for the ‘Login’ and ‘Register’ buttons.

asianfeels review

After completing the membership form with your data, accept the Terms and Conditions, and click on ‘Register’ to proceed. Note that you cannot register on Asian feels if you provide an invalid email.

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The next stage will feature several questionnaires about your preferences and appearance. You can complete them immediately or after the registration. This ends the initial account creation stage.

With your account set up, you can visit your profile to finalize the registration. You can add photos to your profile and upload a ‘selfie’ avatar. If the picture is not a selfie, it might get rejected. You can also include your bio and other necessary information to make your profile more convincing.

After the registration, you will obtain 20 credits for browsing the site. This number of credits seems enough, but you will find out they are not worth much later on.

Browsing profiles

You can only access the user database with a complete profile. You don’t need to input your billing information or even spend any credits.

asianfeels review

The user profiles feature Asian mail order brides mostly, but you can reset the filters to your preference. If you are looking for a mail-order bride with specific traits, you can adjust the age, country of origin, and habits. You can also use advanced filters to narrow the search results and spend less time scouring the page.


After you find a perfect match, you can text or call them. Unfortunately, you are in for a rude awakening: every action taken on the dating site will cost you credits. By the time you send a few texts or drop a few comments on your crush’s profile, you will receive a notification to buy more credits.

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You can also use advanced communication options like video chat. These will cost you extra credits. Unfortunately, Asianfeels does not have any translators. This is a major oversight since only a few of the Asian hotties can speak English. Consequently, you will really struggle when chatting with someone.

Who signs up to Asian Feels?

The female users on Asian Feels are mostly Asians from China, Vietnam, Japan, and others. The male users are mostly Asians and Westerners.

As for the number of registered users, the specific data is difficult to determine because many people are leaving or joining the platform in droves.

asianfeels review

At Asianfeels.com, you can meet singles interested in casual or serious relationships. The uniting factor is an appreciation of Asian hotties.

Also, you can only become a member if you are 18 or above the legal age of consent in your native country. Moreover, most active users are between 18 and 39, which accounts for the vibrant atmosphere on the website.

Asian Feels Pricing Policy

At Asian feels, the pricing system is ‘pay as you go’. There are no subscription plans or platinum memberships. This credit system is an excellent idea since it helps you monitor your spending on the site. However, the credits are costly since every action taken on the website costs you money.

Here is the price list of credit packages at AsianFeels:

  • 20 credits will cost you $2.99
  • 50 credits will cost you $19.99
  • 125 credits will cost you $44.99
  • 250 credits will cost you $69.99
  • 750 credits will cost you $149.99

asianfeels review

Take a look at the cost of every service on Asian Feels:

  • Two credits per minute for Live Chat
  • Ten credits to send photos in chats
  • 50 credits to receive and send videos in-chat
  • Two credits to leave a comment someone’s photo
  • Ten credits to open a photo in mails
  • 25 credits to view another member’s profile video
  • 100 credits to deliver a gift (+ the original cost of the item)
  • 625 credits to request a meeting (travel expenses and translation services are excluded).

For example, Asian Feels reviews confirm that if you send five photos to someone, it will cost you $19.99 (50 credits). That is extremely expensive. The subscription-based system would do just fine. At least, you would enjoy unlimited communication for the duration of the subscription.

Also, it is important to note that your credits will be replenished due to the ‘Automatic Top-Up’ feature. If this is inconvenient for you, you can easily turn it off by visiting your profile and using the Automatic Top-Up ON/OFF switch.

How safe is Asian Feels?

Before you start using Asian Feels, it is advisable to go through their terms of service. The company has quite a detailed Privacy policy focused on protecting user’s anonymity and personal data.

Here are some of the conditions:

  1. Members are not allowed to offer monetary compensation or transfer funds.
  2. Any form of harassment will lead to an immediate ban.
  3. Duplicate accounts are not allowed on the platform.
  4. All personal information will be verified.
  5. The company collects cookies for improving user experience.
  6. Inactive accounts can be deactivated periodically.
  7. Users cannot use their profiles for commercial purposes.

For your safety, Asian Feels discourages sharing information with other members. Also, you should not click on any external links to avoid phishing attacks. Don’t disclose your login details to anyone, not even the customer service members.

asianfeels review

You can also report any cases of harassment or suspicious activity by contacting customer service or using the ‘Report Abuse’ feature.

In essence, your safety remains in your hands despite the multiple security protocols available at AsianFeels.

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What is Asian Feels?

Asian Feels is a niche dating site that provides a platform for westerners to meet Asian hotties. Although the dating site is relatively new, they have thousands of active users.

How much does AsianFeels cost?

AsianFeels does not use subscription plans. You have to buy credits to use any communication feature.

Is Asian Feels a Scam?

Asian Feels is not a scam. The dating platform has privacy and cookie policies. However, you cannot get refunds on your credits after you have completed the purchase. And there are no guarantees that you will find your crush after spending so much.

Is Asian Feels Safe?

Yes, the dating site is relatively safe. But there are complaints of scams and fraudulent schemes from users. So, be careful with whom you share your information.

Who owns Asian Feels?

The owner of Asian Feels is unknown.

What security features does Asian Feels have?

Your data is safe from third-parties. All user communication is encrypted using a 128-bit encryption protocol. All validated members have a badge under their profile name.

Does AsianFeels have a mobile app?

No, the dating platform does not have a mobile application. You can only use the mobile version on your mobile devices.

How do I delete my Asian Feels account?

If you want to leave the dating platform permanently, you can visit your dashboard and click on the ‘Deactivate Profile’ option.

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