• Interface 6
  • Safety 6
  • Pricing 4
  • Audience 5
  • Rich opportunities for user interaction
  • Open for people of all social statuses
  • The membership base is immense
  • Premium subscription to use all features
  • The service has interface glitches
  • Some profiles do not seem real

Summary of AsiaFriendFinder

Summing up, we have a neutral impression about this dating service, which has its flaws and benefits at the same time. The service has a large audience and the number of active users increasing every month. Face the fact that Asia Friend Finder will stay with us for a while because it doesn’t show the signs of fading out from the market. However, Asian dating services, and international ones in general, either have the same problems. The chances of being scammed or blackmailed are high for inexperienced users who are too trustworthy to others around. If you’re an experienced foreign online dating player, then a service like this one might be a nice spot to find new social ties that might last. 

Compared to other AsiaFriendFinder reviews, we’re going to focus on the quality of service from the points of user experience, safety, and affordability. Generally, we want to find out whether this service allows you to find new people for all sorts of relationships, from friendship and casual dating to serious affairs that will last for 1 year and more.

How AsiaFriendFinder Work

asiafriendfinder review

The journey on this Asian mail order bride service begins from the start screen. Here, you have to choose several options to begin the registration that takes a few steps. To meet and date Asian singles, all you have to do is choose:

  • Who you are, man or woman
  • Who are you looking for, woman or man
  • Age range, starting from 18+

As you can see, the main screen has simple and understandable registration. The website is focused on young people in the mid-20s. The website has a large user base looking for intimate diversities and relationships. When you’ll be ready to continue, press the Search or Find Asian Singles button to go to the next step.

asiafriendfinder review

The next step of registration on this mail order bride’s service account creation is to choose your preferences. Strangely, it’s the same as on the main page. They ask to provide the same info about your gender attribution and search preferences. When you’re ready, press the Next button.

asiafriendfinder review
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star 9.5

The second step is about choosing your age and location to get a better look at people open for dating in Asia. You’ll have to fill in the following fields:

  • Your birthdate
  • Country of current residence
  • County (if asked)
  • Closest city to you

That’s it when it comes to geographical preferences. When you’re ready, press the Next button once more.

asiafriendfinder review

The third step is based on giving your email, creating a username, and password. It’s all necessary to create the foundation to your future profile and its verification. The service will then send you a verification link or restore your account in case you forget the password. When ready, press the Next button to move along.

asiafriendfinder review

The fourth step is dedicated to choosing a little more information about you. That’s to achieve a better selection of users. You’ll have to give the following details that describe who you are:

  • Your race
  • Body type
  • Sexual orientation
  • Marital status

When you’re fine with all those details, hit the Next button.

asiafriendfinder review

The final step is all about your creativity and self-knowledge. At this stage, your goal is to create the introduction title that will work like a call to action for other people to contact you. The next step is to tell other people about who you are. Basically, you need to write a short bio. That’s it, so when you are ready to get access to your profile, press the Done button.

Website of the day: TheLuckyDate
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The audience of the service mostly includes people 25+ who are interested in serious relationships. This isn’t a hookup product where young users look for random casual encounters. No, Asia Friend Finder is the dating website for adult people who know what they want from relationships in the long run. The website has a large number of monthly visitors, most of those who use the service all the time. The number of active weekly users also deserves appraisal because it counts hundreds of thousands of unique people coming here to find love and relationships. As with many other Asian dating websites, the bulk of the users are males. The proportion is around 60 to 40 percent, that’s to say the least. Most of the female users are from China since this is the biggest country in Asia. However, you can always choose a geographic location and filter out people from China to communicate with Thai or Japanese girls. All those things are possible on Asia Friend Finder thanks to its search and filtering systems.

Asia Friend Finder a place for singles to meet professional people join for FREE


The service starts with a free model for all new users. Yet, there is still the premium subscription model that unlocks bonus features not available for free users. Below is the comparison chart between free and premium subscriptions.

Free Model

  • Photo uploading for your avatar and gallery
  • Creation of the hotlist with the users who appeal to you
  • Sending likes and adding photos of other people to your favorites
  • Access to chats and forums
  • Commenting on blogs and creation of your threads

Premium Subscription

  • Flirting with other people who use Asia Friend Finder
  • Viewing the full versions of the profiles
  • Opening full-sized images of users who add them to their profiles
  • Watching videos
  • Starting contact with other people
  • Adding other users to friends

Gold Subscription

  • 1 Month. Costs 18.88 USD in total
  • 3 Months. Costs 48.88 USD in total
  • 12 Months. Costs 98.88 USD in total

Silver Subscription

  • 1 Month. Costs 14.88 USD in total
  • 3 Months. Costs 28.88 USD in total
  • 12 Months. Costs 68.88 USD in total

Silver and Gold subscriptions do not differ that much. The key difference is that using a Gold subscription, you get unlimited access to the site’s features, yet silver provides limited access to those premium sub-services.


Only you can guarantee your safety using services like Asia Friend Finder. Safe behavior is the key to not having any problems when using dating services like this one. Scam risks are indeed high on international brides and relationships services. Yes, Asia Friend Finder has scam reports present on some dating forums. To forget about any risks, we advise you to follow the next behavior rules being a member of this dating community:

  • Do not leave the chatting space of Asia Friend Finder to soon
  • It’s dangerous to send credit card data or sharing your social profiles with strangers who ask for that
  • Displaying of personal information might lead fraudsters right to you in real life
  • Always contact support in case you notice that someone behaves suspiciously
Website of the day: TheLuckyDate
star 9.5


What is AsianFriendFinder?

AsianFriendFinder is an international dating website where you can meet women all across the Asian region. The top countries are China, Japan, and Thailand with the portion of users being the most numerous compared to other nations.

How much does AsianFriendFinder cost?

Gold Subscription

  • 1 Month. Costs 18.88 USD in total
  • 3 Months. Costs 48.88 USD in total
  • 12 Months. Costs 98.88 USD in total

Silver Subscription

  • 1 Month. Costs 14.88 USD in total
  • 3 Months. Costs 28.88 USD in total
  • 12 Months. Costs 68.88 USD in total

Is AsianFriendFinder a Scam?

No, Asia Friend Finder isn’t a scam service itself. Nevertheless, you can be endangered by scammers who operate in every international dating community like this one. What’s different is that Asia Friend Finder seems to have a moderate percentage of scammers in contrast to the number of users in total.

Is AsianFriendFinder Safe?

We advise you to follow secure online behavior tips to enjoy Asian Finder Experience as safe and relaxing.

Who owns AsianFriendFinder?

The website is owned by the American company, FriendFinder California Inc belonging to the media product family.

What security features does AsianFriendFinder have?

The service bundles security features like SSL payment protocol, password recovery, and extra opting-in via email.

Does AsianFriendFinder have a mobile app?

Yes, the website has a dating application working on iOS and Android

How do I delete my AsianFriendFinder account?

  1. Visit the following link: https://asiafriendfinder.com/ban.html
  2. Find the inscription that says “To permanently delete your entire account please login below”
  3. Log into your account and perform the steps to delete the account for always
Chief Editor
Alex Harvey
Having a 15-year experience of working as a relationship coach and dating expert in Asia, Alex knows how to draw the attention of Asian women. During his career, he managed to unite over 200 couples and gather a team of dating experts whom you can meet below.
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