• Prices 6
  • Audience 6
  • Interface 7
  • Safety 5
  • you can immediately become a member without paying a fee
  • options like virtual kisses and gifts are available 
  • you may come across not only women’s but also men’s and ladyboys’ profiles
  • advanced search features available
  • there is no mobile version of Thai flirting yet 
  • plenty of grammatical mistakes on the website’s homepage might be an indicator of poor quality
  • the authenticity of all the profiles remains a top concern
  • the demand for mail order brides tends to grow faster than the supply

Summary of Thaiflirting

All in all, Thaiflirting is a standard dating website with the goal of bringing singles together. The developers and the support team are trying hard to ensure that users can find their perfect match, regardless of their sexual orientation and a broad spectrum of preferences. What distinguishes it from competitors is the price: it is way smaller than the price that competitors set. Besides, one may use a site for free, enjoying the same functions that other app users pay a lot of money for. However, we couldn't find enough evidence for the website's safety and trustworthiness. Additionally, the quantity of profiles is yet not enough to satisfy the growing demand for mail order brides. But overall, you may give Thaiflirting a try.

How it works

If you intend to create an account on Thaiflirting, you need to search for a ‘sign up now’ option. The latter is usually located on the top of the screen. To proceed with setting up an account, click it and fill a registration form. If you want to finish registration as fast as possible, you may immediately sign up via Twitter, Facebook, or Google account. But if you don’t have any or just want to fill in the data manually, you may do so.

If you don’t have an email account, just indicate your mobile phone number instead. You need to indicate either your number or an email so that you receive a confirmation and manage to use your account.

ThaiFlirting Review

After you click ‘continue’, Thaiflirting will offer you a lot of more fields to fill with information. Namely, you can indicate the country and the city of your residence so that matching functions work more precisely for you. Finally, you will need to come up with a password at this point.

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The registration process commences with selecting an avatar. Choosing an appropriate avatar is highly recommended by Thaiflirting, as doing so, according to them, increases your chances of finding a perfect Thai mail order bride. Simply upload a picture of yourself or just postpone this stage for later.

ThaiFlirting Review

The third step implies uploading a couple of pictures of yourself. After having successfully uploaded a photo, you can write a description of this photo. Or, if you don’t have any photos yet, Thaiflirting makes it possible to create one via a webcam. Make sure you comply with all the rules of Thaiflirting while uploading all the pictures you find relevant. Or, just like with the second step, you may skip this recommendation and attach some photos later.

ThaiFlirting Review

Now, after you have selected a few pictures and indicated some necessary information about yourself, it’s time to provide some details. First and foremost, you may write anything that describes your personality in the ‘personal headline’ field. Afterward, proceed with some standard information, such as nationality, body measures, hair, and other parameters. You may also indicate your attitude to smoking, drinking alcohol, your bad habits, and so on.

ThaiFlirting Review

If you feel like the information you outlined at the fourth step isn’t enough to give an idea of the person you are, proceed with the fifth step. At this point, you will be able to write as much information about yourself as you want. Just tell a bit about your personality and the things you like.

ThaiFlirting Review

In the sixth step, you can demonstrate your attitude to different fields of interest. You will be given three options for each category: I like it, maybe, and I don’t like it.

ThaiFlirting Review

The last step in the registration process is to mention what you want to find in your future partner. Just write as much as you want, and don’t be scared to outline your real preferences, And, of course, you will have a chance to indicate some preferred physical characteristics and body measures.

ThaiFlirting Review

Congratulations, you are done with registering your Thaiflirting account. The last thing you are required to do is to confirm your account. If you mentioned an email address at the beginning, you will receive a confirmation letter. All you’ll need to do is just to click a confirmation link. If you indicated a mobile phone number at the beginning of the registration, you will either get a call or an SMS.

ThaiFlirting Review


Thaiflirting is a company with headquarters in Thailand. Since it is based in Thailand, the service focuses on bringing Thai singles together, regardless of their sex and sexual orientation. Indeed, a good thing about Thaiflirting is that it allows LGBTQ singles to find their perfect match. Besides, a new category that you will most likely never find in the rest of the dating apps is a ladyboy. Therefore, the audience of Thaiflirting mostly comprises Thai males, females, and ladyboys.

Thaiflirting does not limit itself to helping only Thai singles to meet. As a matter of fact, a lot of men from all around the world have been successfully using Thaiflirting on the purpose of finding an Asian mail order bride. Ladies on Thaiflirting have a chance to post videos on their accounts, which makes the communication between them and their potential men much more accessible and joyful.


You can set up a Thaiflirting account and begin using the website without paying anything for the service. Of course, not all the features are free of charge, just like it is with the rest of similar apps. However, you do not need to pay in order to chat with ladies and to browse available profiles. Indeed, most dating apps allow you to create an account for free. But later, you still need to pay for a matching function to work and have an opportunity to send text messages. An advantage of Thaiflirting is that you shouldn’t necessarily make membership contributions.

Some functions are not free of charge. Namely, you may buy a premium membership if you want. In particular, three options are available:

  • One month and 100 coins – 10$
  • Three months and 250 coins – 25$
  • Six months and 400 coins – 40$

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The ‘coins’ are the virtual money that you buy. To buy 100 coins, you’ll pay 10$. You may later use the coins to purchase virtual gifts and send kisses. For this money, you also get translation services, improve your rank, and block the ads. And, of course, you get an opportunity to send as many messages as you wish.


Safety is, most likely, one of the weakest spots of Thaiflirting. Yet, there is no reliable, relevant information on the company’s website. But according to the multiple Thaiflirting reviews available all around the web, we can conclude that this site is not safe enough. Women’s accounts look somewhat fake, and it isn’t very easy to check their authenticity. There is evidence of fraud and crimes that undermine that website’s safety and questions users’ security.


What is Thaiflirting?

Thaiflirting is a dating app that helps men, women, and ladyboys to find their match.

How much does Thaiflirting cost?

The app is free of charge. If you want to browse users’ profiles and chat with them, you don’t need to pay extra. But to use advanced features, you will need to pay 10$ per month.

Is Thaiflirting a Scam?

It is complicated to check the authenticity of users’ profiles. There have been cases of crime, and users detected fake accounts previously.

Is Thaiflirting Safe?

Thaiflirting might not be the safest dating app ever. But to protect yourself from crimes, never give your personal information, such as home address and bank account details to strangers.

Who owns Thaiflirting?

AimDate LLC, a US-based company, is the owner of Thaiflirting.

What security features does Thaiflirting have?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find substantial evidence that admits that Thaiflirting has particular security features. The only security feature that should potentially work is a required email confirmation.

Does Thaiflirting have a mobile app?

Thaiflirting does not have a mobile app at the moment. You can use the service from a laptop only.

How do I delete my Thaiflirting account?

To delete an account, you need to find a ‘membership termination’ option. Doing so will delete your account forever. But if you want to disable an account temporarily, go to ‘disable my profile.’ This will make sure that your data is saved and stored in the database.

Chief Editor
Alex Harvey
Having a 15-year experience of working as a relationship coach and dating expert in Asia, Alex knows how to draw the attention of Asian women. During his career, he managed to unite over 200 couples and gather a team of dating experts whom you can meet below.
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