• Prices 7
  • Audience 4
  • Interface 5
  • Safety 6
  • Most profiles seem to be realistic
  • Establishing an account is incredibly easy and not time-consuming
  • Proved reputation among analogous dating services
  • Visa support feature available
  • Apparently outdated design 
  • Ads and banners pop up every time you get redirected to another page or profile
  • Impossible to navigate the website from the mobile phone
  • One cannot indicate own preferences regarding the potential partner


Everyone deserves real, genuine love, so Cherry Blossoms makes an effort to make an individual input. Overall, Cherry blossoms is definitely not the worst dating website. Even though it is not incredibly easy to navigate and definitely not the most user-friendly one, it may be the right choice. In terms of security and the number of people you may meet via the app, Cherry Blossoms has a competitive edge. However, so far, some nuances make this app not capable of effectively catching-up with more advanced apps: you cannot use the app on your phone, and the website, in general, looks quite old-fashioned. In any case, if you feel like you are ready to find your eternal love - you may go for Cherry Blossoms.

How it works

Getting started with cherry blossoms does not require much time and effort, and that is undeniably a good thing about it. More specifically, creating an account takes only one-two minute and does not require any email confirmations. Right after having entered Cherry Blossoms’ website, you will immediately notice an option to create an account. Since finding a way to create an account via other dating apps is often challenging, Cherry Blossoms definitely has an advantage.

Cherry Blossoms review

You may sign up via Facebook, provided that you have a profile there. If not, or if you are just not really in a mood for using your Facebook data, you may create an account only by indicating your name, valid email, and, finally, coming up with a password.

How To Register For Free Guide @ Blossoms Dating
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Cherry Blossoms review

After you are finished with the initial step, you may proceed with indicating your location. Most likely, this step is obligatory just to make the matching function work better for you. But a slight drawback is that you must mention your city; otherwise, you cannot create an account. The latter is somewhat annoying for those who see no point in indicating such details, as long as mentioning a province or a state may also be sufficient. Anyway, the good thing about cherry blossoms is that there is no necessity in indicating your home address.

The next thing you will need to do is provide the rest of the personal details to find you the best match. What this app will ask you to mention implies your physical characteristics (hair color, body parameters) and more personal characteristics (nationality, religion, education, attitude to alcohol and smoking). Also, you need to provide at least a couple of words about yourself. Or, you can extend the description if you feel like creating a more comprehensive portrait of yourself.

Cherry Blossoms review

Afterward, you do not need to write anything about yourself, so you may merely proceed by consenting to the terms of use and policy if cherry blossoms. Therefore, your registration is completed.

Cherry Blossoms review

Shortly after your account is ready, you will notice a big banner that states the crucial information regarding the support representatives and the ways to contact them. As you may see straight away, you can always chat with support or call them whenever necessary.

Cherry Blossoms review

So, after you have read the information provided for the new users, you may freely begin to upload your photos to the gallery. Or, if you want to skip this step for a moment, you may directly go online and start using the features of cherry blossoms.

Website of the day: TheLuckyDate
star 9.5

If you opt for going online, you will instantly see the profiles of other people. However, at this point, it is rather vague how the matching algorithm works. Unlike the lion share of existing dating websites, cherry blossoms does not ask you for your preferences (preferred age of the partner, nationality, etc). So, it turns out like the matches you get to know are from 60-year-old males, even though you are a 20-year-old female, for one instance.

After you have found a man or a woman you like, you may either chat with him or her or just send an email. And finally, you can always see whether the person is online or not.


Cherryblossoms as one of the oldest dating websites hosts quite a lot of singles’ profiles. In essence, more than 50,000 people have an account on cherry blossoms. Mostly there are Asian females, and they make up for the majority of users on this website. What is goodis that most women have very detailed profile descriptions and multiple photos, making the site look as a reputable one, and not like a scam. What is also very interesting about the audience is that even though cherry blossoms comprises mostly people from Asia, all can speak English at least on a particular level. So, there is no need for you to pay for translator services.

More specifically, most women on Cherry Blossoms are of Thai, Philippines, or Vietnamese descent. Most of them are young, single, and with no kids. However, it is not a rare case when you come across the ladies who have kids already. The lion share of males and females are aged from 25 to 34, so it is not very surprising that they may already have kids.

Cherry Blossoms is suitable not only for straight people but also for those who seek LGBTQ partners. At the point of setting up your account, you may explicitly identify if you are a male or a female looking forward to a straight relationship, or you want to date the person of the same sex. Overall, it seems like the audience of Cherry Blossoms is quite big and diverse, so there are high chances of finding a partner on this site.


Just like the rest of similar dating websites, Cherry Blossoms is not totally free. As long as its general aim implies taking money and giving services for this money, it is not surprising. Of course, you can easily register and browse profiles without having to make any investments. However, the only free feature is smiling at the person you liked, and that’s it. To send messages and gain access to the chat function, you will need to buy a premium subscription. Also, a paid feature will allow you to boost your search functions, so you can increase the probability of finding a good match. Below are the pricing plans depending on the duration of the subscription you choose:

  • 1 month for $29.95
  • 3 months for $49.95
  • 6 months for $79.95
  • 12 months for $119.95

As you can see, paying for 12 months only with a single payment allows you to save a great deal of money: you spend $119.95 only instead of $359. Even though this is rather a plus, the prices are still too high. And, taking into account that some similar apps have way more advanced functions and communication options, such prices are far from being attractive.


Dating services and safety are the terms that should come together. First of all, there is enough evidence to deem Cherry Blossoms safe since it has existed for more than two decades now. As long as the number of new users is continuously growing, people have enough reasons to trust Cherry Blossoms.

Nevertheless, although the site claims to be 100% safe, it is somewhat unclear. It has an SSL certificate, but does this really indicate much safety? In any case, there are not enough reasons to distrust cherry blossoms. Most accounts are highly realistic, and there is no impression of a scammer website. Also, the website does not ask for personal information, meaning that it is rather unlikely that some of your private information will leak out.

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What is CherryBlossoms?

Cherry Blossoms is a dating app that is created with the purpose of bringing Asian females and males from all over the world together. Already mature in the market, it has proven to ship couples successfully.

How much does CherryBlossoms cost?

You can create an account for free, as well as look through other people’s profiles and send them ‘smiles’. But, to use more advanced options, you need to subscribe to a premium plan. One month will cost you  $29.95, and one year costs  $119.95.

Is CherryBlossoms a Scam?

Most likely, Cherry Blossoms is not a scam. As long as almost all of the mail order brides profiles seem to be real, there is a lack of evidence to claim that the site is a scam.

Is CherryBlossoms Safe?

This dating site is highly likely to be safe. The right indicator is that the website does not ask you to outline any too personal information, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

Who owns CherryBlossoms?

CB Mike is the owner of Cherry Blossoms. According to the evidence, CB Mike is an experienced and reputable company in the market.

What security features does CherryBlossoms have?

It has an SSL certificate, which should indicate the company’s safety. According to other cherry blossoms reviews, such a certificate is quite a reasonable security feature.

Does CherryBlossoms have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, this service has no mobile app, which is preferably a significant disadvantage. Hopefully, developers will shortly take care of this issue.

How do I delete my CherryBlossoms account?

To delete your account, you only have to go to your account settings. Just click on ‘my account’, and you will instantly find an option to deactivate your account.

Chief Editor
Alex Harvey
Having a 15-year experience of working as a relationship coach and dating expert in Asia, Alex knows how to draw the attention of Asian women. During his career, he managed to unite over 200 couples and gather a team of dating experts whom you can meet below.
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