• Interface 6
  • Prices 5
  • Safety 5
  • Audience 4
  • Free Membership
  • Not the bad choice for dating in the Asian region
  • Mostly right for people interested in serious relationships
  • Only for Asian countries
  • Free membership drops user quality
  • Not big user database in some regions

Summary of FindMate

Generally, we’ve been left with moderate impressions about this dating app. It works well both on desktops and mobile devices, yet the service lacks some obvious features compared to mainstream competitors. At the same time, the service is the sacred land for those interested in Asian dating. It adopts the popular features of mainstream dating apps, not losing the benefits of being portable and used on the go. We liked that before registering, the service takes into account some of your personal preferences to tailor the user experience better. Overall, we can only recommend the app for those who want to date Asians precisely, not for any other person who randomly finds it to date in the mainstream setting. 

findmate review

In this review, we’ll try to focus on the story behind the success of this service. What has made it so popular? Does it deserve your attention? Find out later on in this review.

How it works

Shaadi review

The service greets you with the first registration screen after pressing Join Now on the main page of this dating app for Asia. Then, you move further to the several-step registration process that begins with a Signup. Most Asian mail-order brides applications have quite a long registration, but this is only partially true about FindMate. To get started with registration, press the Signup button.

findmate review

The next step requires your email verification to continue. All you have to do is to provide the valid email where you’ll receive the account approval link. Once having typed the email into the field called Email Address, press the button called Send Email Verification.

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findmate review

To verify the email, you have to open the inbox first of all. There, you’ll receive the code like on the screenshot above. This code is 100% necessary if you want to continue the registration. Without it, you won’t be able to move to the next steps. Once having that code and inserting it into the number fields, press the button with the text Verify Email.

findmate review

But, you also need to enable your geolocation to allow the app to find people nearby you. It’s dead simple and can be done inside the browser. You have to provide the permissions in the popup that will appear once you press the Enable Location Permission button.

findmate review

Once done, you’ll have to tell the service a bit about yourself. The service asks the following details about you:

  • Your Date of Birth (Year, Day, Month)
  • Your gender (Man, Woman, Ladyboy)

When you have chosen all of that, press the Next button.

findmate review

What about telling whom you want to meet on FindMate? During this pre-final step, the service needs the following from you:

  • Select the gender of a person you want to meet (Man, Woman, Ladyboy)
  • Choose the location where you want to meet people. You can choose between global and local placements.
  • Pick the desired age range of other users

Press Next once ready

findmate review

Finally, all that remains is to choose the neat photo to use on the profile page. The service asks for real photos that show your face clearly. We tried to upload photos several times, but it worked only on the fourth time. The service has a face detection and analysis system, so the photo must not appear somewhere on the Internet, only to be uploaded to FindMate.

Filipina Dating App – Findmate – Using the app in 2021
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The audience of the service is very diverse. Of course, the best features that FindMate could offer are portability and usage on the go. It’s relevant to the users who are fans of Android and iOS for the most part. Still, PC fans will also have access to the desktop version that works in all browsers. Compared to other dating services, you’re not required to relieve the matchmaking process to contact users. Here, you can skip that stage and chat with people who seem interesting to you. Users are not obliged to match each other to send messages. The service has features like Chat and Interested to notify other users about your desire to contact and text with them.

The bulk of the users you’re going to meet here are interested in serious relationships. Long-term commitment is the most frequently met profile status that you’re going to discover on this dating app. That’s why the more details you put into your profile, the more people will react when seeing you online. Give yourself the best chance and give as many details as possible about who you are and what is your ultimate relationship goal. To communicate effectively with other people, the service includes the following features:

  • Video Profile
  • Chatting
  • Interested Labeling

Using the above features, it’s clear that you can communicate in different ways on FindMate. From our experience, we admit that the Video Profile works really well and becomes the quickest way to find a date in real life.


Findmate is distributed via free model initially. It’s rather common for the dating sites, and especially apps to start as free services and have internal monetization to make you bring up the cash. However, most users with free membership hardly enjoy the experience with the basic features FindMate has to offer. Vital features like messaging are severely limited when using the free version of the profile. If you’re not satisfied with this functionality bundle, then your next stop would be paid membership FindMate also has as many other dating apps.

The service has only one subscription plan. We were surprised to discover that app creators didn’t bother in this department. Other mobile applications have quite advanced monetization in contrast. We won’t judge FindMate’s decision, by all means, it’s great for those who want to experience the maximum from the service by paying only one extra price. It unlocks everything not available for free members, from instant messages to video chats.

  • Plan: One Month
  • Price: $9.99
  • Per Month: $9.99
  • Annual Savings: None


Speaking of safety, the app won’t be an easy answer from such a point. Here, we always tell our readers to choose the dating apps carefully when registering for the first time. The thing is, there are more threats in this area of online life than it may seem. This service offers a handful of safety promises. They have social network verification if you don’t want to register on your own, that’s a plus. Yet, it could be minus at the same time because scammers could take your photos and detect your Facebook profile. We met several strange users here who were too polite to be true right after we registered. In case you’re being abused by someone, always report the support managers who are responsible for your safety.

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What is FindMate?

FindMate is the online dating application created for people who want to become a part of the Asian dating experience popular among other dating niches in 2020

How much does FindMate cost?

Along with free membership that doesn’t cost you anything, the pricing net is the following:

  • Plan: One Month
  • Price: $9.99
  • Per Month: $9.99
  • Annual Savings: None

Is FindMate a Scam?

No, FindMate isn’t a scam because it doesn’t threaten your personal information or tries to steal your money. The service is free to join, but there is a minor chance of meeting scammers here like in any other dating service

Is FindMate Safe?

FindMate is safe until you behave safely online as we’ve mentioned in this review before

Who owns FindMate?

We weren’t able to trace the owners of this dating application since their interface doesn’t have any mentions of the company that found it

What security features does FindMate have?

Among the security features, you’ll find:

  • Stealth Mode
  • Private Photos
  • Live Support Chat
  • Help Center to Respond Actions of Scammers

Does FindMate have a mobile app?

Yes, the service was initially launched as a mobile application

How do I delete my FindMate account?

Go to Settings – Press three dots in the right upper corner – Hit Delete My Account

Chief Editor
Alex Harvey
Having a 15-year experience of working as a relationship coach and dating expert in Asia, Alex knows how to draw the attention of Asian women. During his career, he managed to unite over 200 couples and gather a team of dating experts whom you can meet below.
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