• Prices 6
  • Audience 6
  • Interface 6
  • Safety 5
  • User-friendliness of the website 
  • Mobile app availability
  • Creating a profile is free of charge
  • 24/7 support team availability
  • Many useful features are expensive
  • Not all users are of Jewish descent 
  • Not enough search filters 
  • Not enough evidence that the app really works

Summary of Jdate

Overall, Jdate is quite a useful dating website that cares for its users’ privacy and security. In case you are looking forward to setting up an account on a dating website, you may, of course, consider Jdate. However, this website is far not the least expensive, and neither has it proven to be incredibly effective. Nonetheless, it is believed to be quite safe and accessible, as long as it has already existed for more than 20 years. And, due to the simplicity of its matchmaking tools, Jdate.com is still on track. 

How JDate works

JDate review

Creating a profile on Jdate is not a complicated task. First of all, in case you already have your Google or Facebook account, you may facilitate your workload and sign up via one of them. Joining via Facebook, for instance, decreases the time needed to set up an account to one minute only. Or, if you don’t have Facebook yet, just join through your email account.

JDate review

Once you click on the ‘email’ button, you shortly find yourself on the page, where you can begin indicating all the account details. What is indeed good about Jdate is that there is no need for you to report any personal information, and this makes you aware of your own safety. All you need to mention is just the city you live in to facilitate the process of finding yourself a good match. It is rather a plus, as long as you, as a person concerned about your own privacy, will most likely feel skeptical about providing personal details, such as home address.

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After you are done writing down the required formal details, you may select your profile photo. You do not need to limit yourself to choosing one photo since you are allowed to select up to 6-7 of them.

JDate review

To ensure that the matching function will work appropriately and accurately, you will need to indicate some of your preferences. Additionally, you may simply write down a few words about yourself and your expectations from this app.

What you need to outline at this point is your occupation, religion, education level, and attitude to creating a family and having kids. Additionally, you may indicate your height. All these details seem reasonable; nonetheless, these are apparently not enough for others to get a more comprehensive picture of you.

Indicating your interests by typing may be rather time-consuming. Thereby, Jdate has already created the list of possible preferences, so you may just select some of them. And even if some of your interests are not so far on the list, you may just type them on your own.

JDate review

Another step is mentioning your preferences regarding your future partner. All you can indicate is the preferred age and gender of your Israeli mail order bride. Jdate will later search for your match based on the personal information you provided beforehand.

After you are all finished, you will immediately get a confirmation email with a link. After you click the link, the app is at your disposal.

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After a few minutes of using the app, you will be offered some paid premium features. Jdate will strongly motivate you to get a paid subscription, as long as a free version is rather ineffective due to a multitude of restrictions. Thanks to the paid features, you will get an opportunity to text others and check if others read your messages. If you want, you may also activate the function of an anonymous search.

JDate review

If you still don’t want to pay for the app, you can still enjoy some free features. For instance, you may see the people whom you have already viewed, or see how many people liked you back.

How to Add, Delete or Edit Your Profile Photos on JDate.com


As one can easily conclude from the website’s name and its description, Jdate hosts the representatives of a Jewish community. Therefore, this dating site’s audience comprises Jewish males and females who are serious in their intention to find a perfect match. Additionally, Jdate is a dating app for both straight gay relationship seekers.

People of Jewish background live throughout the world these days. That is why Jdate has made an effort to function appropriately in almost every corner of the world: in Europe, Asia, Australia. Today, Jdate successfully operates in many countries and has yet influenced more than 50 percent of Jewish marriages. So, drawing a bottom line, Jdate has been successfully affecting Jewish weddings and shipping a multitude of couples, regardless of the partners’ distance that separated them from each other.

What is more, the purpose of Jdate is not solely limited to creating new couples. In essence, many people on Jdate are willing to find lifetime friends, and they can do this successfully on this dating website.

One necessary remark implies that currently, not only people from the Jewish community sign up for the website. In particular, many Asian and European users also create their accounts there, so Jdate has somewhat lost its status of a solely Jewish dating app. As for the person concerned about searching for a Jewish another half in terms of faith, it might be somewhat complicated to navigate and quickly fulfill the goal.


When it comes to choosing a dating website that corresponds to your particular purpose, a price is always a concern. Even though, ideally, people may bump into sites that offer free dating services, it happens rather seldom. While using the Jdate website, one needs to expect that the services will not be free of charge. More specifically, although you can join Jdate for free, you need to pay a fee to access premium features. As long as a basic free subscription is unlikely to be useful for dating purposes, buying a premium version is reasonable.

As for the price itself, you are expected to pay 36.99$ for a standard membership each month. However, Jdate offers you a chance to cut down on the amount of money you pay for the subscription provided that you pay a three-month membership at once. The latter will cost 71.97$. And, you can save up even more in case you pay for six months at one time. This will overall cost you 131.94$. The three plans above differ only in their price; all include an option to send messages and read forums and inboxes.

If you are not yet aware of which payment method is optimal for you, you may rely on the support hotline and directly consult the representatives.


It goes without saying that safety is the first thing to consider when registering on a dating website. Even though reputable and credible at first sight, the site might utilize the users’ data not in the safest way. According to official information that Jdate.com provides, this website has nothing to do with doubtful activities that might threaten its users.

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Most fundamentally, Jdate promises not to tolerate any scammers and fraudulent account activities, so it manages to moderate the latter and delete untrustworthy-looking accounts. This is apparently an advantage of Jdate, so you may stay certain that mail-order brides you text are real. Nevertheless, it is rather implicit how exactly this dating app detects scams and fake accounts. There is not enough evidence stating that Jdate successfully clears up its database and makes sure that every user is a real person with serious intentions.

Nevertheless, remember to stick to understandable and helpful tips, such as not sharing private information with others, sending money to other people, and avoiding communicating to people whose profiles seem unrealistic. By doing so, you will never get into trouble.


What is Jdate?

Jdate is a dating website that is established with an aim to bring people of Jewish origin together. Despite serving this purpose, Jdate has become a platform for also people of non-Jewish descent to communicate and date.

How much does Jdate cost?

Any user may create an account on Jdate without having to pay anything. Nevertheless, to get a more advanced option of Jdate, it is necessary to pay. If you want to get yourself a membership, you can pay for one month only, three months, or choose a one-time payment for six months in advance straight away.

Is Jdate a Scam?

Taking the website’s official statement as well as drawing on different Jdate reviews, the site has created an anti-scam policy. Fraudulent activity has no right to exist on Jdate as long as the customer support strives to make sure all users are protected.

Is Jdate Safe?

Jdate is believed to be a safe website. Nevertheless, as a user, you still need to be cautious, and this always applies, no matter which site you are surfing and what your goals are.

Who owns Jdate?

Spark Network, which is a well-established global dating organization, owns Jdate. Besides Jdate, it has a couple of other dating companies in its portfolio.

What security features does Jdate have?

The company participates in third-party data collection and uses different cookies. Besides, it allows you to link your devices to your account and thus prevent any doubtful activities.

Does Jdate have a mobile app?

Recently, the company has launched its mobile dating app to facilitate users’ navigation. From now on, it is possible to use the application on the tablet or your phone, what’s more convenient for you.

How do I delete my Jdate account?

It is not necessary to contact support representatives to delete your Jdate account. All you need to do is merely open a home page and look for the ‘account’ button. Afterward, you will notice the ‘remove my profile’ option. Click it to deactivate your profile.

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