• Interface 5
  • Safety 7
  • Prices 4
  • Audience 7
  • Mobile application for iOs and Android
  • Low subscription costs
  • High-quality profiles
  • Limited free-based features
  • No English language
  • Exclusively for Vietnamese and Japanese

Summary of YmeetMe

Concluding our YmeetMe review, we can say that it is a good dating platform, and you can definitely use it to find an Asian mail order bride. Despite being designed exclusively for Vietnamese and Japanese, this site comes in handy for you if you aim at dating Asian girls. This platform is cheap, has a broad community, and, most importantly, provides a safe environment for communication.

How it Works

The YmeetMe website is straightforward and informative, with intuitive navigation. But there is one trick. Before accessing the YmeetMe website, you will have to adjust some browser settings. The problem is that this site does not have any language options except for Vietnamese, so you will need to switch on webpage translation in your browser. If you use Google Chrome, take these steps:

  1. Go to advanced settings and choose Language.
  2. Add Vietnamese.
  3. Enable translation for the pages in Vietnamese.
  4. You have overcome the language barrier!

After getting the English version of this site, you can proceed to sign-up.

How to use ymeetme


Take the following steps to create an account on this platform:

  1. Go to the homepage and press one of the three Sign Up buttons. If you register with Facebook or Google, the service will use your profile information, including your phone number, thumbnail picture, and other info, so take it into account.ymeetme
  2. As you see, this service will gain access to your email address. Therefore, it is better to create a new email. If you used your business address, you would receive junk emails. It is better not to turn your business email into a mess.
  3. Afterward, you will have to indicate your date of birth, gender, and upload an avatar (optionally).
  4. In the next stage, you need to fill in the basic profile information, such as height, employment, and dating expectations. Interestingly, YmeetMe pays lots of attention to your profession. Besides, since this platform is exclusively designed for Vietnamese and Japanese, you can only select these nations. Fortunately, you can skip these questions.
  5. After completing a short questionnaire, you will proceed to your account.
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Control Panel

While entering your account, you will get to the profile management menu by default. As for the control panel design, it is quite awkward. There is much free space on the corners of the page. The account management menu will appear on the left side when you click on your avatar. The main website sections are placed in the center of the page. All the action will take place in this area.

The design is very unusual, and it will take time for you to get accustomed to it. At least, it is minimalistic and pleasant to the eye due to a well-chosen color scheme that calms your eyes.


Filling out a Dating Profile

The good thing about YmeetMe is that you can fill all the questionnaires and upload photos on a single scrollable page. You can start filling out your profile right after registration. The profile editing page includes the following sections:

  • Self-introduction.
  • A 20-question survey designed to determine your personality.
  • Basic information. This section is quite funny and allows you to understand how different the Asian mentality is. For instance, you can indicate the number of Facebook friends and your blood group. Why? Just because!
  • Education and Career. Besides educational background and occupation, you can also include your monthly income.
  • Family questions. In this section, you can indicate marital status and related info.
  • Lifestyle questions. Here you can mention whether you are ready to pay for the first date, how many day-offs you have, etc.

All in all, the profile survey contains questions very unusual for a Western person. You would prefer not to answer most of them. Nevertheless, meeting someone with these questionnaires completed will help you understand whether they match your expectations.

Website Search

At first sight, there is no website search section. You should proceed to the “Half” section (it is a machine English translation, not the real name of this website element). Afterward, the Search section will appear.

The basic search allows you to filter only age and country (Vietnam or Japan). Unlike other dating platforms, this one allows only premium website members to benefit from advanced search. At this point, it is clear that free website features are quite limited.

Messaging Options

Starting a conversation on YmeetMe is not that simple compared to other dating platforms. To chat with someone, you need to like them first. When a person likes you in return, you can initiate a chat. Therefore, people can interact with each other only if they share sympathy, which makes sense. However, if you still want to make the first move, you can pay for the first message.

At this point, you have to upload engaging photos and complete a profile to attract someone and start a chat afterward.

Mobile Application

Mobile dating allows you to keep in touch with your sweetheart wherever you are. YmeetMe provides a convenient mobile application for this purpose. It is well-designed and has quite an intuitive interface. At the same time, it will be in Vietnamese by default. Fortunately, it has an English version, and you need to find the language settings to choose English.

The app is available for both iOS and Android users for free. You can download it from the YmeetMe website or find it in the App Store and Google Play. Customers deservedly rate it 4.1/5. As for performance, the app works smoothly on any device and requires only 34.22 MB of memory. Thus, you can conveniently chat with your Vietnamese bride via your smartphone and tablet.

Customer Support

Compared to other dating platforms, you can reach the support team on YmeetMe most conveniently. There is an expandable chat window on the bottom left side, where you can send a query to the support staff. However, since YmeetMe is a Vietnamese service, its support team does not speak English. Thus, you will need to use a translation tool if you need to resolve any issues.

You can also proceed to the Help section in your account management menu. It is worth mentioning that FAQ is pretty comprehensive and covers all the service aspects, from chatting and purchasing premium features to deleting your account.

The instructions are incredibly detailed, and some mobile-related answers even contain screenshots. Thus, you will probably never address the support team directly since website instructions are clear and understandable. Still, it would be better if the service featured English.


The YmeetMe community consists of Vietnamese and Japanese exclusively. It is also worth mentioning that this platform has more than two million members. As for women, girls in their 20s and 30s comprise a significant part of the audience. You can scroll the results page for like 20 minutes without a break and still see no end. Thus, you will browse literally thousands of hot Vietnamese and Japanese girls.

You will also notice that Asian girls on this site are incredibly beautiful, with very delicate facial features and curvy bodies. No wonder so many Western guys are obsessed with Vietnamese and Japanese mail-order brides.

Quality of Profiles

You will notice that YmeetMe users post appealing pictures indeed. Most of them have several natural-looking photos in their profiles. As for profile descriptions, YmeetMe members usually fill in the necessary information.


Are there Fantasy Profiles?

Some dating agencies use robots as part of their service. These programmed profiles are designed to entertain the platform members. In reality, they are used to trick people and make them spend money on meaningless conversations.

Sure, you may not want to spend money on communication with a robot. What about YmeetMe? The agency’s messaging policy assumes that you can only chat with a person when you like each other. YmeetMe does not use fantasy profiles, which means that you will interact with real members.

Can you Meet Fakes?

Fake profiles are seldom on this platform, but still, you need to be careful. The agency does not bear responsibility for unverified users and the accuracy of their profile information. Therefore, you should prioritize people who submitted identity proof.


YmeetMe uses both the credit system and subscription model. You can buy coins or order one of the packages to use premium services unlimitedly. As mentioned before, the free features are limited. With a free account, you can manage your profile, use basic search, and send up to 100 likes. Chatting with other people requires spending credits. Once the person likes you back, you need to unlock the chat, and it will cost you 125 coins. Fortunately, messaging itself is free and unlimited.

The premium membership allows you to:

  • Chat with paired people
  • Use the advanced website search
  • Send unlimited likes
  • Chat with people without pairing
  • Be featured in search results
  • Send welcome messages to increase response chances

The membership prices are displayed in VND (Vietnamese Dong):

  • 119,000 VND ($5.14) per week+three random pairings and one quick match
  • 199,000 VND ($8.59) per month+two quick matches
  • 447,000 VND ($19.30) per three months+six quick matches
  • 594,000 VND ($25.64) per six months+12 quick matches

The prices in USD are accurate at the time of review completion and may vary due to changing currency rates.

You can buy coins separately from the premium membership at the following prices:

  • 70,000 VND ($3.02) per 180c
  • 100,000 VND ($4.32) per 450c
  • 200,000 VND ($8.63) per 1,200c
  • 300,000 VND ($12.95) per 2,000c

As you see, the premium services are several times cheaper compared to other dating platforms. Besides, you can earn a certain number of coins by sending likes, completing your profile, verifying your account, etc. Thus, despite limited free features, the YmeetMe pricing policy is one of the friendliest in the dating industry. The membership costs are literally three and sometimes four times cheaper.

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Referral Program

You can receive additional coins by inviting people to the platform. Once a referred person creates an account and makes the first purchase, you will receive 165 coins. The invited person will receive up to 245 coins for buying premium services.

Refund Policy

Premium membership is non-refundable. But, if you spend coins on unlocking a chat with a person but receive no reply, you can return the paid coins.

Payment Options

YmeetMe offers a wide range of payment means, from credit cards to bank transfers. You can purchase the membership without trouble. Nevertheless, this agency does not support PayPal, so you will have to switch to other options.



From the digital security perspective, YmeetMe is a reliable platform. Its website has a valid SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt. Thus, your data will be stored privately and securely.

As for anti-fraud measures, this agency reviews content and applies identity verification (optional). To verify their accounts, users need to submit identity proof, approve their phone number and employment. After successful validation, an approval badge will appear on your profile. Besides, YmeetMe prevents married people from registering a dating account. If you disclose that you are married, your profile will be terminated without notice.

As for reputation, you will mostly find positive YmeetMe reviews on the internet. People don’t mention scams or hidden payments. Generally, the customers are satisfied with the service.


Concluding our YmeetMe review, we can say that it is a good dating platform, and you can definitely use it to find an Asian mail order bride. Despite being designed exclusively for Vietnamese and Japanese, this site comes in handy for you if you aim at dating Asian girls. This platform is cheap, has a broad community, and, most importantly, provides a safe environment for communication.

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What is YmeetMe?

YmeetMe is a matchmaking agency designed for Vietnamese and Japanese singles.

How much does YmeetMe Cost?

You can purchase a monthly membership for as low as $8.59. Thus, YmeetMe is one of the cheapest dating services in the industry.

Is YmeetMe a Scam?

YmeetMe is a legal service. It does not show scam signs, such as fantasy profiles, hidden payments, etc.

Is YmeetMe Safe?

The YmeetMe website is encrypted, which means your data will be stored safely. Also, the service applies anti-fraud measures to prevent scammers from entering the website. Still, you may meet fakes on this platform occasionally.

Who owns YmeetMe?

YmeetMe is operated by Game Changer Ltd, a dating software provider.

What Security Features does YmeetMe have?

YmeetMe applies the following security and anti-fraud measures:
– SSL data encryption
– Identity verification
– Content moderation

Does YmeetMe have a Mobile App?

YmeetMe features a free mobile application for Android and iOS mobile devices.

How do I Delete my YmeetMe Account?

Take these steps to delete your account:
– Proceed to your account settings.
– Locate the account deletion section.
– Select the reason for account removal.
– Delete your account.

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